How Do You Make Captain America’s Electromagnet Shield?

How Do You Make Captain America’s Electromagnet Shield?

On this episode of Make It Real, we’re going to make Captain Americas electromagnet shield. All right so originally we were going to make our own electro magnets using a microwave oven transformer like this and they’re really powerful but we decided to go with a more professional solution and we used the commercially available electro magnet instead and these guys are strong, at just 12 volts this will produce about 120 kilograms of lifting force and we’re planning on running at a much higher voltage which means it will be even more powerful. Let’s start building. It’s pretty strong! Ooh, what if I let go? Now we’re running these electromagnets at 66 volts each, which means they’re actually going to be producing 660 kilograms of lifting force per electromagnet. Now despite that we’re still not going to be able to attract the shield from the same kind of distance as shown in the Avengers. Now the reason that won’t work is because magnetic force decreases exponentially over distance which means the amount of power you’d need to tract the shield from that kind of distance would be astronomical. You’d probably need an arc reactor just to power those electromagnets, so even though we have over a thousand kilograms of lifting force at the magnet at a few feet away it drops off to almost nothing Now that’s just a plastic shield so we reached out to Machina props and they made us a real replica. Take a look. Isn’t that awesome? Now to be Captain America you don’t just need a shield, you need a jacket too so sleekhides helped us out. To learn more about either of these products, there are links in the description. They are awesome! Well that’s how we made it. Subscribe to see the next video where we test this thing to its limits. yes Dude you even bounced it off the walls that was some straight up cap attack

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  1. Se que nadie leera esto porque todos hablan ingles y yo español asique
    El chico que ase esto es geniel yo quisiera tener todo lo que ase para mi todo lo que hace es de creatividad o tecnologia asique

  2. If he takes like 3 years of tykindo don't know how to spell that he left actually be a super hero no cap

  3. Can you do something more in depth on how to actually "make" the shield. I am very impressed and wanna do this myself but need the correct directions

  4. So Hacksmith, BIG FAN and I also enjoy your work immensely. I remember you talked about needing something as powerful as an arc reactor, well couldn't you connect your electro magnet to you arc reactor then you'd be able to pull the shield to you from a longer distance

  5. Can you please make an in-depth tutorial? I don’t know how to wire up the magnets to the battery and the switch 🙁

  6. Power the captain America shield with your arc reactor you made like you suggested in this video
    It probably won’t be as strong as suggested in the video but it probably will be an improvement

    Also try making the infinity gauntlet infinity war/endgame

  7. Awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😃😃

  8. How can I get those things and how do we make electro magnet how many power do it have you are awesome reply for me ??!!?!??

  9. Most of the stuff is now outdated. I’m trying to recreate one myself, but I need to know how you increased the magnetic force and how you assembled the arm brace and how th magnets on the shield are as well

  10. How did you make the battery pack? Tring to make one that looks good with the suit and compact. I also want to try and make one that can withstand +80mph winds. (Motorcycle)

  11. I don't think you guys exactly realize what you accomplished just with the first phase. If you make two you can go up metal walls and on ceilings.

  12. how did you get the electromagnets on to the arm guard thing or whatever you used. Also i think it would be really helpful if you made a quick vid diving in on the actual arm guards and how you put the electromagnets on them and putting the switch on and all that stuff.

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