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  1. I wish i could find a way my ex girlfriend “automatically returned” to me every time instead of the bloody steering wheel.

  2. My car's steering wheel is not returning make a video on what's the issue and how to fix it … Please.

  3. Centripetal force is the object or in the case car wanting to move in a linear motion not inwards at the center of a circle. The frictional force that is acting upon it is what’s going in the opposite direction not the centripetal

  4. Jump to the conclusion. Worst and most booring ed video i have ever watched. I am so pissed and i dont even know why…

  5. Very simple, it's because of the power and weight that pushes or pulls the car straight forward. Just pull up while the wheels are turned. You will feel that the car doesn't pull up as powerful as when you hold the wheels straight forward.

  6. you will make it easier to understand if you compare it to a wheel chair front wheels , it has the same idea.

  7. In drifting, if I turn left and release the steering wheel, how come the steering wheel automatically goes to the right, but not central position ?

  8. ReturnS or ReturN?.
    Its like someone got caught up with the title and thought initially:
    "How [A] Steering Wheel Automatically ReturnS to Center."
    "How DOES a Steering Wheel Automatically ReturN to Center." Lol

  9. Goodness forever…The . the technical info.u give r the most useful. for. those who know English…l request u please use Urdu language so tha5 maximum number of people could learn preciou8 technics

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  11. bende dönmüyor, turkcell fiber in çukuruna girdim ve ne kadar para harcarsam harcayım dönmüyor artık, yani biraz dönüyor tam ortalamıyor

  12. One small addition to the excellent illustration, the car with zero castor angle will still have some steering return or self aligning torque due to the pneumatic trail in the tire. As point of application of the net lateral force is a bit behind the tire contact patch. Hence the pneumatic trail will add to the steering self return.

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