How Fabio Wibmer Overcomes Fear | Wheel of Gnar

How Fabio Wibmer Overcomes Fear | Wheel of Gnar

(upbeat electronic music) ♪ Wheel Of Gnar ♪ – I am excited for today’s guest. Last night I spent probably two hours looking up his YouTube videos, and the whole time I was
watching him I was like, I just found myself going what! What! What! What! How does he do that? – [Jason] What? – I think he’s super human, I
dunno how he does this stuff. I dunno how he comes up with the stuff. He has almost 2 million subscribers, he’s new to mountain biking. I’m super excited for Fabio Wibmer. (enthusiastic cheering) (clapping) – Thank you guys, thank you. Yeah, it’s good to be
here, thanks for having me. – How you doing?
– Dude we feel super fortunate to be able to interview you. – Oh yeah, it’s good,
first time in Canada, first time in Whistler for me, I couldn’t be more happier. – Is Canada what you expected,
different than you expected? – Pretty much, I was really surprised how friendly all the people are. We’ve been to Coast Gravity
Park, and we were riding there and then we came to
Whistler, just mind blowing. It’s funny seeing it in real life, not just in YouTube videos, so yeah. – Excited. – What was your impression
of Canada before you came? – I’m always super spontaneous, so I don’t really think
about stuff that much. It was pretty much like
how it is actually, when you see the videos,
everyone’s super stoked, everyone’s super hyped, and
that’s how it is actually. – So we wanna take it back, we wanna take it back
to when you were a kid. Because like I said, we were blown away by some of the things you do in these videos. A lot of these videos have
like 10 million plus views, I think one of them has 30 million, – Yeah. – and every video, one after
another is just mind blowing. – Thank you. When you were a kid, when did you realize that you were an extraordinary athlete? – I don’t really know,
I was riding Motocross, I started riding Motocross
when I was, I think six. And besides riding Motocross
I was riding my bike, building jumps in the
woods with my friends, and just having a good time on the bike. Then it was kinda hard
because riding Motocross in Austria is super difficult, there’s not many tracks, you
barely can’t ride anywhere. I think it was 2009 when
I saw Danny MacAskill’s edit, his first proper
edit, which went viral, and I just wanted to
have a bike like he had, and do the tricks like he did. And then I got a bike for Christmas, and since that day I was pretty much spending all my free time
on my bike after school, two, three hours every
single day on a Trials bike. I always liked making videos,
I think my first video I ever put on YouTube was one where I was jumping into snow, doing
flips and stuff like that. Always loved doing flips,
especially double flips on a trampoline or front flips,
side flips, stuff like that. I kept on making Trials biking edits, really wanted to make it like Danny did. Danny was definitely a big role model, and then I got a Downer bike when I was probably 17 or 18, so pretty late, I always wanted to have one,
but we couldn’t afford one. – You’re only 23, you had
got your Downhill bike when you were 17, so you’ve
only been on Downhill bikes for five years. – Yeah, I know, it’s pretty crazy, but I guess my Motocross
background definitely helped me a lot. – What bike do you find
yourself riding the most? – I dunno, it’s hard to
say, but I guess it would be the Trials bike, but if I had to choose one bike for the rest of my life, it was probably be the
Stumpjumper, specialized Stumper, because it’s actually in
between all the bikes, you can pretty much do everything with it, you can ride Trials with it, you can hit some big staircases, or just hit some big
jumps, ride some trails, that’s probably the best bike ever for me. – What was your first bike? – It was just a very cheap one, a super cheap one actually,
and I always broke it. I was always breaking my rims, and then I think I
borrowed my mother’s bike, and I completely broke it, I think after, I dunno, two days or so. So I was definitely sending
it when I was a kid for sure. – Did you get your mom a new bike? – No, no, but she was alright with it. – What do your parents
this of what you do now? – They love it, my father is supporting me as much as he can, I mean
he always supported me even when I was riding Motocross, without him I would definitely
not be where I am today. So I’m really thankful
for that, also my mother, she’s definitely sometimes really scared when I do these tricks,
but I try to keep it, I try to not tell her what I’m doing, just show her the videos afterwards. She’s sometimes pretty
scared, but it’s alright. It’s good that I’m not getting
injured that often, luckily. – We’re all have a
collective knock on wood. – I mean I broke my collar bone once, but that’s pretty much it. – Not bad for the things that you do. – Yeah, I got lucky. – We’ve seen some crash reels too. – Oh yeah, I had some
pretty narly crashes, I’m stoked that I walked away from that. – [Matt] Well you get back
up and you just keep going. Let alone your mother having to manage her fear of what you’re doing, how do you manage the fear
in these stunts that you do? – I try to avoid thinking about too much, like getting injured or
about the bad consequences of when I’m doing a trick, so I always think about the good feeling when you do something, for
example when you think about the good feeling of doing
a double flip on snow, – Relatable.
– Yeah. – Yeah, it’s just when I think
about it, it’s so much fun. I mean fear is still a little
bit somewhere in your head, but I think as soon as fear
is too big in your head it gets you, it puts
you down a little bit, your maybe a little bit
not really 100% sure if you’re gonna really send it, if you’re really gonna do it. – It gets really–
– Overwhelming. – Yeah, exactly. – So in other words, you
have to respect the send. – That’s it, yeah, that’s it. – When was the last time that you found yourself overwhelmed with fear? – You know if I’ve got
something in my head, I really wanna do it, and
if I can see it in my head how it goes, then I’m
100% sure I can do it, I mean sometimes it doesn’t
really work for sure, but most of the time
it’s actually working. Probably the most challenging
stunt I’ve ever done was maybe the double
flip on a Downer bike. I’ve never done a double
flip on a Downer bike before, so it was actually the first one, I did two double flips
on my Trials bike before, one on an airbag and then one to dirt, and that was actually
my third in the snow, third double flip, so I was
super scared of doing it, but I kinda saw it in my
head how it’s gonna be, and then I got it first
try, so that was cool. – Are you the master mind
behind all these stunts? Are you like I wanna go
and hang off a Chairlift and ride it off backwards? – Pretty much, yeah, pretty much. I mean I get inspired by a lot of things, maybe just watching others,
like skiers or snowboarders or even skaters, whatever. I really like to watch
these videos and then try to put them into mountain biking. – What inspires you from daily life? – Music definitely gets me pumped up, and definitely motivates
for doing more stuff. Also seeing other guys sending it, and other guys making crazy things. – What are a couple of songs on your playlist right now, your go to? – For sure I Only Ride Park. (hard laughing) (“I Only Ride Park” by IFHT) – That’s like the best song ever made. – Oh wow!
– Wow. – I’m such a big fan of it. – I’ma pull up my socks.
– Yeah. (laughing) – That’s so good, every time
we’re riding in the car, we’re listening to it,
it’s such a good time. Because everyone knows the song, you know, everyone sings it. – Available, on itunes. – Did you ever watch the series Jackass? – Oh yeah, I was actually
a super big fan of Jackass. – Okay, because what you’re doing– – I was also in the
cinema, watching Jackass. – Would you say you’re
inspired by stunts like that? – A little bit, I mean I
like the stuff they did. Some of the stunts they did were definitely a little bit stupid for sure, pretty much all of them,
but yeah I kinda like it. I like to watch stuff like this, especially for example Nitro Circus. I’m a big fan of Nitro Circus, and they’re really pushing the limits. – So you think that some of the things that they did on Jackass were stupid. Now it made me immediately
think of the video where I watched you balance the
railing on the side of a dam, do you think that there’s
anything that you do that could be considered stupid? – Yeah, but it’s more calculated, these guys, they’re just doing it, they don’t really think
about what could happen, they just do it, I think
they’re not really thinking about what they do, they just send it, like
everything they do. I’m definitely a person
who’s more calculated, I’m not doing stunts in
which I can’t see my head, or where I think this might
work or might not work, so if I’m not sure, I’m not gonna do it. (gentle elevator music) – Sip up, enjoy it.
– Yeah. – Thank you. (laughing) – Have a sip and tell us what you taste. – I taste the taste of sending it. (laughing) – That’s a good taste. If you could make a
Fabio Wibmer starter kit, what would you put into it? – Fabio Wibmer starter kit. Okay, so probably some good
shoes, specialized shoes, then for sure, some good protection, because that’s probably a part of why I’m not getting injured that often, because I’m really wearing
protection all the time, especially when I’m
riding on the big bike. Gear, Clover bike gear, nice and clean. Maybe a speaker for music, definitely. Maybe a camera to make the YouTube videos. – Probably a camera.
– For sure, yeah. – I think there’s a computer in there. – Yeah computer as well, for sure, a good computer actually, so you don’t have problems
while rendering it, the videos. – Speaking of which, you
edit all your videos? – Yeah, most of them,
pretty much all of them. – How do you find the time? – I know it’s hard, it’s tough, it’s actually really tough,
especially when you do weekly videos, it sucks sometimes. I tried to find someone for my videos, but it’s actually really
hard to find someone that can put your vision into reality, and make it like you want to have it. – So is this a public call for an editor? – Maybe.
– Are you asking the internet for an editor? – Can please someone edit my videos? (Jason laughing) – What are some projects you’re proud of? You have a lot. – I have a lot, but probably
the last one in the snow, that was definitely the
biggest project I’ve ever done. We were there for, we
were filming for 25 days, and it took us, I dunno the
whole process took about four or five months,
it was actually crazy. And I was scared so many times, so that was probably the
biggest video I’ve ever done, and the one which I’m most proud of. – When I saw a 10 minute
video I was thinking wow this is gonna be long. What’s gonna happen, is it
gonna be some sort of story? But no, it’s just you sending
it over and over and over again, and didn’t stop,
there was no time to breathe, and be like what! – The problem was that I had so many ideas that I wanted to do, and then I ended up
having so much content, and it was actually way
longer in the beginning, so I really tried to really cut it down. I don’t know, I think as
long as it’s entertaining it doesn’t really matter how long it is. – Who would win in a game of
bike, you or Danny MacAskill? – (laughs) There are so many people asking about making a
video together with him or a game of bike with him. But, I dunno, it depends
on which we’ll play, if we maybe play it on a Enduro bike, on a Trials bike, I’d have maybe some chances of doing well. But if we were doing it on a Downer bike I’m pretty sure I would get it, but on the trials he’s such a beast still. He’s way older than me but
still so good on a bike, it’s really impressive, he’s
also riding a lot of the time. – How’s it being inspired by him, and now you’re a teammate with him, and you go on the tour
with him, how’s that? – Yeah, it’s so crazy,
Danny’s such a nice man, he’s probably the coolest
rider out there of all of them, so I’m actually still a big fan of him, and riding together with him and doing shows together
with him is just amazing, and definitely a dream for sure, definitely living the dream. He’s doing a great job also
with his Drop and Roll tour, and with the guys we’re riding with Ali and Duncan Shaw also, it’s good to be surrounded by such good riders. – What goes through your mind when you’re up on the railing at
the dam before you drop in? You don’t even drop in, I don’t even know how
you start on that thing. I watched that video and I’m getting sick, sick to my stomach, it’s stressing me out just laying in the comfort of my bed. – Yeah, it was actually scary. The hardest part was
definitely getting up there, because it was kinda of like a sign, where there were some details of the dam. – Yeah the sign that says do not ride your bike on the railing. – Yeah, that too. I was pretty much just
jumping on the sign, and then from the sign onto the rail. That was kinda the hardest
part, especially also riding 250 meters long, or 300 meters. So that was really hard to stay focused, and because there was
also a little bit of wind coming from the side, it was
actually super cold as well. Actually icy, there was snow. We were there a week before and then a guy came up to us and said we can’t do it, we
can’t ride the bike here. Because we didn’t really–
– You say why not? – We didn’t really have
the permission to do it, and so after the week
or after the weekend, I pretty much just texted
a guy from the dam, who’s responsible for all the dam stuff, and I was asking if I could ride my bike there and just take some photos, stuff like that, so pretty chilled. But he didn’t really know
what I was going to do. He said he was fine with
that, so we came a week later. It was actually the last try out of, I think seven or eight tries, before my GoPro battery
died, I just had one battery, one GoPro battery, so
I was definitely lucky. – What trick took you the most amount of time to land, most amount of tries? – Probably a front flip on my Trials bike, which I did, I think like four years ago. It was actually one of
my first bigger videos, what I did was call it
Osttirol Is My Playground, there was only a Trials bike I was doing a front flip step down,
in front of the castle, super nice view, it was super tough, I trashed I think on the first go, and then I injured my neck, it still hurts from that crash. And then I came back
there, I think two months after the crash, and I did
it over and over again, I think I crashed like 10 times, super hard crashes, really hard impact, and then I landed it, I
think after all these tries, and that was probably one of
the coolest things, for sure. – How do you describe that feeling when you land something
after so many tries? – It’s hard to describe, I
dunno, it’s just so addictive, if you felt it once, you
just get addicted to it, and you wanna get the
feeling over and over again, it feels like you’re
the king of the world. Just overwhelming and such a good feeling, positive vibes are everywhere. – When was the last time you had a feeling like that off the bike? – Off the bike? I’m pretty much just riding bikes. (laughing) I like to do some double flips on cliffs, that’s pretty cool as well, and that gives me a good feeling too. But the feeling on the bike, I don’t really get it
when I’m off the bike. – We have a question
from our Instagram fans. – It’s an important question.
– Super important. How does Fabio like his eggs? – What? Like his eggs? – Yeah, how do you cook em?
– Yeah. – Oh, I cook them until
they’re done. (laughs) Yeah that’s how I do it,
that’s how we do it in Austria. – The fans ask the questions
that matter, for sure. Would you like to play a game? – Yeah, I’m up for it. – Fortunately for us
the game doesn’t involve going upside down in the air on a bike, so all we have to do is remain seated. – Right. – We’re gonna play a quick
game here, fill in the blanks. – Fill in the blanks? – We got 30 seconds on the clock, I’m gonna say the
beginning of an expression and you finish it off. – 3, 2, 1, go. – Shred the. – Trails. Park. – Sick. – Series. – Ride or. – Die. – No dig no. – Ride. – Ferda. – Next. – Drop to. – Drop to? – Drop to. – Sending that drop to, I’ma send that, yo Fabio I’ma send that drop to. – I don’t get it.
– Pass. – Send or be. – Send your bee? – Send or be. – Send or be not cool. (laughing) – Samurai pizza. – Sorry? Samurai pizza. – Oh shit. – Samurai pizza? It’s a cat!
– It’s my first time here! – Fabio it’s a cat, How
did you not know this? Samurai pizza cat. Well done.
– Sorry, how many did I get? – I dunno we’ll have to–
– you got three. – Yes! – Alright Fabio, our
wheel is a bit blown out from the sun here, maybe
just put on your helmet, you’re pretty good with
that GoPro I guess, and might have a better light on there. We have one open red slice of doom for you to put whatever you’d like. – Whatever I like? – Whatever you’d like.
– Anything. – Oh god.
(Jason laughing) (Matt laughing) – Is that really okay? – Yeah man, sounds good.
– Give her a spin. – Nice, alright, are you ready? – [Matt] I’m ready. You’re gonna have to teach us
though, if you land a new one, I hope that you’re a good teacher. – Oh god!
– Whoa Fabio! Oh god, cut, cut! Oh god, you sent it too hard! (all laughing) – Of course he’d send it too hard. – Sorry guys. – Sorry for the technical difficulties. Fabio please, we know you send, but maybe just go a
half send on the wheel. – Oh okay, I understand. (wheel rattling) – [Jason] Still intact. – [Matt] Oh god. – Alright, here we go. – Come on. – Oh, man it’s still
going, it’s still going! – Come on, lets go, lets go! (all cheering) – It’s still going.
– It’s still going! – Come on, one more! – Earth Circus. Oh god–
– You dodged a bullet. – the most anxious minute of my life. – So close. (laughing) – Alright, I guess we’re
gonna go ride burns. – In Creekside. – Yeah, in Creekside. Wanna go for a ride? – Yeah, lets go! – Lets go. (laughing) – How you gonna warm up,
how does Fabio warm up? (Matt laughing) (grunting) – [Matt] Wake up. – Yep. (“Everyday” by Smle) – Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors. – Yes! – Well done, buddy. – Five. – Ready?
– Yeah. – [Jason] Send. – Here we go! – [Jason] Whoa! (Matt laughs) – [Matt] Those are really nice burns. – Oh, that was sick. – [Jason] Dude, good job. (laughs) – [Matt] Ready to drop in? – [Matt] We have to have at
least one hungover person, on every season, so thank
you for being that man. First time on Earth Circus, here we go. (“Everyday” by Smle) – [Matt] Wow, It’s dusty! – [Jason] Oh my god. – [Matt] Yeah boys! – Yeah! – [Matt] Phew! – [Jason] Good job everybody. (“Everyday” by Smle)

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