How much does it cost to repair an OLD BUS

How much does it cost to repair an OLD BUS

Today I will do a little repair of my old
Volkswagen T3 transporter bus. I bought parts worth $ 100. These are the parts. In one of these boxes shock absorbers, and
I will start by installing them. In the first cases, I will remove the protection. After I clean everything with high pressure. Quickly take off the wheel. Now I have access to the rear shock absorber. I unscrew these bolts. It is good that I remembered to put support. On this side, I replaced the shock absorber,
now I will change the shock absorber to the opposite side. There is a problem at this point. The bolt is overgrown and does not exit the
seal. The heating of the bolt also could not solve
the problems. I took the tool, problem solver! I found a new bolt and continued repair. Two rear shock absorbers are replaced. I painted a little rust on the frame,
and screwed the guard and wheel back into place. This shock absorber is not old, but it needs
to be replaced. An interesting design of the lower bolt for
attaching the shock absorber. He is wearing such a tapered sleeve with a
slot. As I will bolt the shock absorber, this sleeve,
thanks to this cone and slot, will sit very tightly in the hole and
 presses the shock absorber except for the smallest backlash. I removed this shock absorber, and it needs
to be replaced since it is too hard. For example, here is the last shock absorber
and it is noticeably thinner. This big shock absorber was in the catalog
for this bus, but the suspension does not have time to work
with it, so I took another pair of shock absorbers and I hope the suspension will work with them
right. I replaced all four shock absorbers, but I
still had the spare parts to replace. There was a pump problem in this bus, here
it is. A huge knock was formed in the pulley, a rumble
was heard with the engine running, but to the surprise the pump did not spray the juice,
 and antifreeze has not leaked. I will not change the entire pump, but only
replace the front part with the shaft. But first you need to drain all the antifreeze,
and in this engine it is 15 liters, so I would not want to spill it. I looked around a bit to decide which nozzles
to unscrew, and decided to unscrew the largest nozzles,
they go to the radiator and are the lowest. While the last drops merge, I will unscrew
the fasteners. Adjusting washers for belt tension. This pulley makes it difficult to remove the
pump, and this cover prevents the pulley from removing. Now unscrew the pump. Now, to put on a new belt, you need to put
the crankshaft along the first cylinder to the top dead point. We put the camshaft mark in a horizontal position. On the pump, we also combine the labels. Now I put on a new belt and tension pulley. So friends, I finished the repair, changed
all the spare parts I bought. I didn’t need this antifreeze,
I managed to gently drain the antifreeze from the engine and I poured it back. That’s how much money I paid for these parts,
do you think it is a lot or not. Write in the comments. In the end I will leave a video on how the
suspension works. Also, do not forget to subscribe to the channel,
and put likes. I hope I made you laugh with my pronunciation Good mood to all, see you soon!

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  1. It's not all that hard to keep most vehicles running if you study a little and can get the parts. Good work and thank you for sharing.

  2. 101$ is very low in parts in the usa, Your skills and time are about 350$ to 450$. i think the $ is well spent. i can understand you english just fine and pronunciation is good and plain. lot of fun to watch but not fun doing!! take it easy and peace.

  3. Я смотрел все твои фильмы сейчас и наслаждаюсь каждой секундой. Большое спасибо за то, что поделились с нами. 
    I will subscribe!

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