How Much is this 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 worth?

How Much is this 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 worth?

Hello! Welcome to Haas VBLOGS This is a 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 How much do you guy think this Mercedes Benz is worth? It has 90,000 miles on its Odometer The exterior paint is in very good condition The interior is in very good condition the upholstery is very good It need some minor fix The breaks pads need to be replaced The coolant need to be flush And I think that’s it I’m thinking this Mercedes Benz is worth somewhere between $7000-$8000 But according to KBB.COM, it’s worth about $4500-$5000 I think that’s a little low. Ahh please comment below and let me know what you guy think it’s worth Again, the owner is asking for $11,000 It does not have a screen or back up amera But it does have Bluetooth for cell phone And multi CD changer It has the Sunshades on the back and rear windows it’s a pretty nice car! there is dual climate control it’s grey color Has dual sunroofs. Beautiful! Looking Mercedes Benz! I’m thinking if the price is right, I buy this car but let’s see if the owner is willing to lower the price 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 Sport! The car came from California, so there is no under body rust or corrosion on the frames as you can see here odometer reading ahh, it has close to almost 90,000 miles actually, it is 89,000 miles plus change it’s a beautiful car! ah, it’s has the outside temperature display and it’s has dual climate control It has passenger and driver side airbag it has the “”SOS”” it’s a beautiful car! here is under the hood it’s a V8 Sound [engine] Sound [Engine] Here is the interior of the car is still in good condtion as you can see here here is the walk around of this 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 It’s a V8 There is no dent or damage to the exterior but the car does needs some work The breaks pads need to be changed The coolant need to be flush The oil need to be changed The left low beam headlight bulb need to be replaced also, the left marker need to be replaced other than that, the car is in very good shape it’s 14 years old there is some wear and tear as you can see but other than that, it is in good condition it has dual sunroofs One on the front and one on the back it has the sunshades the back windows is lightly tinted and here is the quick walk around the car the car come from California, so there is no under body corrosion or anything like that I test drive it it drive nice it has plenty of power I think it’s a good car for going out for dinner or just go to StarBucks or go to the movie every day use, it sucks a lot of gas Thank You for Watching!

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  1. They're generally cheaper then the price you've been given. You can probably get an e500 for less from other sellers. The car itself is something you'll love if you're into fast luxury cars with good handling making it a steal in my opinion. If you did buy it how much did you get it for?

  2. The E500 is a beautiful car in general, especially with the sports package. The woman was asking too much for the condition of that one. You can find a very mint, clean condition one for under $8,000. The average price of a w211 E500 is around $4,000-$7,000 these days.

  3. I had just purchased a 2003 E 500 from a private owner. I am now having no radio, nav, and cd . Power goes on but nothing else works. I have checked all fuses on dash and in trunk and can't find the problem. If this is not fixable I like to know how much a used unit would cost.

  4. I have a 2003 e500 , black in and out,new up-grade audio/ back up cam, needs nothing 158K miles, asking 5000$ call/text 516.491.0227 car has clean title/history..Glen Cove NY steve

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