How Much Money Does Scotty Kilmer Have

How Much Money Does Scotty Kilmer Have

rev up your engines,
oj code says Scotty you should set up stream lines so we can donate money with
questions, I’m already a million I don’t need anyone to donate me any money, I’m here
helping people in the world, I’m having good karma, I like doing it for free,
yeah I don’t need this donate money things it’s kind of silly when
somebody’s rich and they have people donate them money, that makes no sense at
all, I mean yeah there’s greed in this world but hey I’m not one of those
people, I’m just here to help everybody out, you don’t need to donate me anything,
just ask your questions and I’ll pick out the good ones and answer them,
Christopher Rentschler says Scotty is the leaf the best vehicle Nissan makes,
okay well the leaf is an electric car, I have two customers with them and they were
totally happy with them, they got a limited range
and all that stuff, but didn’t have any problems with them, I’ll give them that it’s
an all-electric car, and so it doesn’t have any
head gasket problems, it doesn’t have the automatic
transmission problems that other nissans have cuz it doesn’t have a head gasket
and doesn’t have an automatic transmission, it’s
electric motor drive and I have to say it may be one of the best vehicles that
they presently make, if you want an electric car, just realizes the pluses and
minuses, there’s no backup power system, you run out
of power it stops and won’t go anywhere,
it’s not like the BMW electric car that when it runs out of power, then a little
two cylinder BMW motorcycle engine turns on, and then that runs the electric
motors, with the leaf you run out of power you don’t go anywhere,
classical music forever five says, hey Scotty do you think driving a manual solves
most reliability problems with modern cars, well not all of them but it solves
an awful lot of them, because today cars are so complex, the computers let the
transmissions talk to the engine the engine talk to the transmission, I’ve had
cars towed over here that other mechanics couldn’t figure out if the
problem was in the transmission or the engine or what it was, if you have a
standard transmission, then you can totally rule out the transmission as
being a problem, because you’re shifting it yourself by hand, so if it isn’t
running right you know it’s an engine related problem and not a transmission,
it does make them more reliable and easier to fix there’s no arguing that,
Lopez says hey Scotty got an 00 2000 Chevy Silverado it has 230,000 miles,
single cab short bed, should I keep investing in it or sell it, 20 years ago car
models, cuz the 2020s are out now, they were made than they are today, if it doesn’t
burn much oil and still shifts okay I’d just keep taking care of it if I were you, but
if you want a trouble-free thing that you don’t to think about for a long time
I’d get rid of it and I buy a Toyota pickup truck, and then not have to think about
it for a really long time, it’s your call there but they were better made
definitely do not go buy another a new Chevy truck, because they don’t hold up
like those older ones did at all, dos says what do you think about
low-profile tires and run flat tires, I’m not a fan either to tell you the truth
the run flat tires to begin with, they can run at a certain speed like 50 miles
an hour for a certain amount of mileage, but they’re not gonna last forever when
you do have a problem with them, generally it’s the end of the tire, you got
to buy another tire, and they cost a small fortune per tire, low-profile tires they
corner well because of their design, because of that design a low profile
they generally ride a lot rougher, you’re taller tires, as you hit bumps the rubber
flexes and absorbs a lot of the energy when you’re driving down the road, so they’ll
ride that well, and of course the real stinker is, if you live in a place like I
do Houston a big city full of a billion potholes, and you got a low profile
tire on the fancy rim, you hit a big pothole a lot of times it’s not enough
flex so then it destroys your expensive rim, so ah
not a fan, I’m not a fan of either of them really, normal tires work perfectly fine
js says can I use RTV to replace a valve cover gasket, well you can if it’s
thick enough, the problem is most valve cover gaskets are pretty thick, if you
want to use something to seal them, there is a sealer if you don’t want to buy a
gasket, made by a company called Permatex, and it’s called Permatex the right stuff
just like the movie, it’s super thick stuff it comes in a can and you put it
all around the valve cover top, and it’s thick so it stays there, and advantage of
it is, the right stuff is so well made that once you squirt it on, put it on and
put the bolts on, you can actually just drive it, because it seals so quickly now
it’s very expensive stuff, cost you like 20 bills for one of the little bottles
but that stuff does work, anytime you want some
sealed, it needs to be sealed with a regular gasket, it’s great, of course you can’t use
it for head gasket that’s got metal and stuff in it,
but for valve cover gaskets, water pump gaskets, the right stop is fantastic it’s
not cheap stuff but it really does work well, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Not enough to buy dress pants, said some dingbat reporter when scotty was on tv Saturday mornings in houston.

  3. Be careful Scotty, don’t let the New Democrats know you worked your backside off to become a millionaire. They’ll want to redistribute your money! Thanks, you solved my engine problem.😃

  4. Why do I feel I've seen this title before lol ….I mean he IS actually…dang lol I think ol Scotty is the OY YouTube channel that doesn't flex anything really…and that's really cool and refreshing but it is kinda funny that I've definitely seen this title or at least something really close to it

  5. If anyone is doubting this man is a millionaire. They need to read the book (The Millionaire Next Door) and then they will understand why he drives those cars.

  6. Scotty – You rock ! Can't stop watching your videos….any chance you could take on tournament ski boats and snowmobiles?

  7. Scotty seems like he's would be cool to drink with. Coolest dude ever. Thx for the game an jewels u drop every video man. Salute!!!

  8. Scotty, non-car related question for you sir! Hope you are doing well! 🙂
    Have you ever tried Transition lenses for your prescription glasses? Why/Why Not? I'm 26, work on computers at my job, attend online university (WGU) and have astigmatisms – just trying to get used to my new lenses. Thanks!

  9. By the way…. scotty has around 7 million and its insane how money hasn't still rides his 1990s toyota celica

  10. Hey Scotty I have an issue with my 2017 chevy cruze lt, I wanna get the HP up but don't know how to go about it. Any suggestions?

  11. Lol free mammograms sign when explaining that you do this for fun. I've had to explain the random chuckles twice now.

  12. ***Scotty I love the fact you're still frugal yet have money. That why many rich people ARE wealthy. I wish that young people could learn that It's not always what you make, It's also a what you save!

  13. What a "humble" person you are, mr Scotty Kilmer.
    Thanks for sharing all your automotive "expertise" with us, (practically the entire world). God bless!!

  14. Someone suggests we donate money to him.

    Scotty-Level 100 Boss: I'm already a millionaire I don't need your money, I like doing this for free.

    A true gentleman.

  15. We love you scotty. You have developed a channel that many people utilize, and truly appreciate. A lot of people want to work on their cars themselves, they just don't know how and don't want to make things worse. You've probably saved all of us viewers a total of over 6 figures in overpriced repairs. And for that, we are very grateful!

  16. Hey Scotty i own a 1983 Ford E150 302 engine automatic. It idols well but once you put it in gear it dies what could contribute to that?

  17. i have the ultimate fair housing scheme
    iv developed building code legal housing for only $12 a square foot!
    at $25 it includes the land and utilities. grows food too.
    i have some land to build it on but if i could get it into real development it could change even save america. im even relatives and friends with king county building code engineers who could help.
    i really just need money for prototype materials. and maybe huge tracts of land to put people on.
    what do you think?
    i can answer any questions.

  18. How much does it cost to make a long bed Chevy Silverado to a 4×4 and how? It’s a family passed truck so I can’t sell it

  19. Scotty I just bought a new Hyundai 2018 I watch ur channel and I did do research ..did I make the right choice if so how long do you think it will last

  20. Always get great information from you! Love the little images to punctuate the point. The seal cracked me up once I figured it out.

  21. Hey Scotty. I’ve heard from a car salesman (a close and trusted friend of my dad) that the celica is one of Toyota’s most problematic cars. Is this actually true, or are there just a lot of people out there who ruin them by trying to squeeze out more horsepower? This is an important question for me because I’m thinking of buying a celica.

    PS: Love the channel. Keep it up.

  22. Awesome.that you share your knowledge on vehicles,and brands of cerrwin automobile products..
    We need more people ( genuine) like yourself Scotty!
    Bryan Tyler refrigeration

  23. Hey scotty, I have a 2006 chevy trailblazer ext ls. It has 189,000 miles and is running decent. The only thing mechanically wrong is the fuel guage constantly reading epmpty. Could you give your opinion on chevy trailblazers?

  24. Thank you Scotty for speaking the truth about GM. Garbage Motors is pure trash and I wish people would wise up and stop buying Chevy just because their father and grandfather drove 30's, 40's, and 50's Chevy's. Those were different times, Toyota has showed the world that a car can make it 1 million miles. This is unthinkable with a GM, and FCA product.

    Thanks Scotty, I have a 2004 4Runner with 500k miles. Only had to change the alternator oil, brake pads, and tires. It is bulletproof!

  25. Real millionaires don’t wear Gucci belts and new year cars, they wear $5 shirts and drive Toyota Celicas.

  26. “He’s got money in the bank, he’s got gas in the tank, I’ve got news for you baby…you’re looking at the man”.

  27. Scotty I have a 00 Infiniti i30t I have done a full tune up and changed the power steering high pressure line also I have done the IAC and tps plus I cleaned the throttle body and plate I have done everything I can think of butttttt the car still runs rich really rich and hesitates when the gas pedal is pressed can you please tell me what to do I'm at my wit's end thank I eagerly await your response (Matt)

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