How much weight can cheap lifting bar handle?

How much weight can cheap lifting bar handle?

[Intro music] Welcome to the Beyond the Press channel. Today we have an experiment where we are going to find out how much this cheap weightlifting bar can handle. I got this free from one cross training gym and the bearings are broken and the end caps are smashed in so I cannot fix this easily so we decided to test it’s limits. The setup is that kind: We have a crane that can lift five tonnes; a scale which is able to measure up to ten tonnes; then we have some lifting stuff here… And I have my remote control which operates the crane so I don’t have to be here if the part breaks. And of course we could life all of this by ourselves but then we couldn’t apply the scale to the mix so we are using the crane: that’s why. Otherwise we could lift everything because we are so fucking strong. [Anni laughs] And what is Anni’s prediction on the weight; how much the bar can handle? “Hmm, three hundred” Anni says 300, I say 540. Yeah, let’s see. So, now everything is ready. There should be 280kg on the bar, and the scale is calibrated, and the lifting straps are, about, in those places you would grab the bar if you are lifting deadlift. So, let’s see. Yeah! Two seventy says our… 270. [Laughing] I wouldn’t lift that! It looks quite bad… Yeah, we have to get something ‘more’. And now we have everything ready. There are some heavy ass weights on the bar… and now we are going to see: will the bar hold? [Laughing] There is now 550kg! [Laughing] That doesn’t look good but we have to add even more. Yeah… At this moment I am again forced to say don’t try this shit at home! This is quite stupid and dangerous… I think we have now probably something like 700kg or 800kg on the bar – and around it… Let’s fucking see. This, urgh… [Anni laughs hysterically] Get Anni in protection! It’s going to be – bad. Urgh. Nooo! We have to load the bar again… We changed to better locks on the end of the bar to prevent that happening again and… Let’s see! About 700kg on the bar and Denmark is lifting! Five hundred… Six hundred… (Wooah) Six hundred and sixty And there- fucking Urgh, there is a bit more on the ground I’m afraid…a bit of my…[indistinct] Seven hundred! If that breaks now my door is… broken… I think that you cannot load enough weight on that bar with this method so we are going to go outside and find something really big, and attach this to that and try lifting… Yeah, we were forced to change our setup and with the forklift we cannot- With the forklift we cannot use our scale but the smaller of those steel parts is about half a tonne and the heavier is heavier… So there is over one tonne and I’m quite sure that the bar cannot handle this. So, I am going to lift it now. [From the forklift] What the?! What the fuck was that?! [Anni laughs] I have to see that! Well, we were forced to add even more weight… Now there is probably, like, 600kg on the right side of the bar, looking from here, and the other one is heavier. And, because the bar bent last time quite well, I’m quite sure that this will be our last lift. [Laughing] I think the bar is ready now! And our forklift pallet also… God damn that is one tough bar! So, we did some math and the larger piece is over one tonne and this about 600kg at the moment. So, there was over one tonne on this cheap bar and it didn’t even break, it just bent so it is quite tough. And now we have cool special bar to squat with! I’m not sure- how good exercise this is. Yeah, I think that is all for today. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day!

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  1. I've seen bars bend when somebody does upright rows and drops the loaded bar onto a narrow bench. It depends on pressure per area and also speed at which the bar is dropped.

  2. If you're just a conventional lifter (or even a serious one), just go with the cheap bar. For bench press it literally doesn't matter what kind of bar you use. For squat, 99% of the time the bar you use won't matter. Only thing is, if you deadlift like 600 lbs, it might help to get a longer, more flexible bar; not for safety reasons, but it helps you lift more.

    That's pretty much it. Only professional powerlifters should be looking into expensive bars, and not because they lift so much weight, but because they maxed out all their natural potential and are still looking for ways to add a few pounds to their lifts

  3. What was the weight capacity of the bar according to the manufacturer? Without knowing that this becomes a video of little boy simply destroying stuff for fun….and, therefore, a useless experiment.

  4. I don't understand what kind of cheap bar this is. I have seen videos of people loading up the bar with several 45lb plates and bending the bar while doing 1/8 squats.

  5. this experiment is useless. The weight was added to the wrong location. all weight must be added to the sleeves to the end of the bar.

  6. Hahaha yeah, the definition of a cheap bar here is totally different from the expensive junk we have available in some places in the world… That is one high quality affordable bar o suppose. Great video!

  7. I need a stronger bar than that when I lift…

    I once had a competition with my neighbours Caterpillar, I heard that it's still at the shop getting welding done.

  8. To get a snap normally requires an old well used bar. Cheap ones may bend easier but a fresh one is unlikely to snap

  9. Ok I REALLY want to live in your house because I like to masturbate while hanging in a zipline harness and wearing women's coveralls.

  10. You can load about 700 kg on the bar with flat full steel plates (not available almost everywhere).

  11. Ive often wondered…and worried! I have a 30$ Bed bath beyond bar..but before that A 3 piece wal mart bar..held together by tiny metal rivets ya hammer in that always began slipping out!! I got that bastard for forearm twist now.

  12. I have been extending my wood turning business into metal working slowly over the year getting my first metal lathe soon. Your channels have been a great source of education and fun. This video has a crazy outcome I would have thought the bar would have bent sooner than it did. What is the max safe lifting weight of the forklift?

  13. I said 3000lbs. Leftover bent bar = make a giant boomerang over a field or the frozen lake. Slinging/throwing machine would be the big challenge. Or any giant boomerang material.

  14. Should test various bars. I've permanently bent cheap bars with less than 600lbs. I'd like to know what maker made that "cheap bar"

  15. Why oh why didn't you move the left-hand (from camera point of view) strap a little more to the side! That uneven lift made me crazy :X

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