How to Adjust the Emergency Parking Brake on a Toyota Tacoma 2005

How to Adjust the Emergency Parking Brake on a Toyota Tacoma 2005

I’m Vince Roca and this is how to adjust
the emergency brake on a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. Should work for 2006 20077 and 2008. First step is to gain access into the center console. If your console looks
like this, you just grab it and pull it up. Inside of here is a contraption that
looks like this. If I release the ebrake. All we really need to do is pull some
of the slack, you can see it’s kind of, kind of loose, pull some of the slack out
of this right here. So we want to take two Crescent wrenches, little ones, and
grab on to this bolt on both sides. It’s two nuts sandwich down on each other. So we just loosen them to break their lock. So the lock bolt is now loose. Now we
have this much slack here. We take this bolt and just tighten it up. You don’t
want to tighten it so much that you’re pulling on the brakes all the time. You
just want to make it snug and now this nut gets tighten back down on to it. Nice and snug. I hope you found this video useful on how to tighten your emergency brake on your Toyota Tacoma. If you did, please hit like and subscribe. Subscribe particularly because we’re trying to get up to a hundred thousand subscribers so youtube will send us a
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  1. It's amazing how simple it is to work on vehicles, if you try. Thanks for the video Vince. Any form of entertainment will suffice right now. I was stung by a bee, used my EpiPen, and was transported to the ER last week. On loads of meds, and I will live. Just have to stay put for a while. See ya soon. God bless.

  2. I would love you see more of the two of you doing stuff together if you are doing stuff together that is. Not sure if you go do quick local things like go to parks or stuff like that. Or maybe you just want to keep that stuff your your selves that's cool. I like these diy things but it seems like you guys have a lot of fun together and those are my favorite videos.

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