How to Afford a Lamborghini (or Supercar) STEP by STEP!

How to Afford a Lamborghini (or Supercar) STEP by STEP!

– In this video I’m gonna teach you how to get an exotic, or
supercar, step by step without having rich parents,
without having a trust fund, without being a YouTuber
or having YouTube money. Basically the way that most
average people afford it. So just some background,
I own both of these cars. None of them are leased,
rented, any of that crap. I have videos on my channel picking up both of these cars from
the showroom floor. The Porsche is from Porsche Marin up in the Bay area by San Francisco. The Lamborghini was picked up at the number one Lamborghini
dealership, Newport Beach. I got it right off the showroom floor, I actually bought it in cash,
so here’s the keys to the Lamb and we’re gonna hop in right now. We’re gonna hop in so I
can give you guys a talk. Just hoppin’ in here. As you guys can see this thing is mean. The entire door is carbon
fiber, the wing, carbon fiber, engine bonnet, carbon fiber,
diffuser, carbon fiber. So let me just hop in real quick. Oh, wooh, getting into this thing is, (sighing) it’s tricky. Alright so now that we’re
here in the Superleggera let’s talk step by step
on how to get a super car, and I have experience in this field. I have two supercars, the
Superleggera I’m sitting in and the 911 Turbo, you can almost
see the intake right there. Alright so step one to
getting your supercar is you need to get a credit
score above 740 if you can. So in order to get a
credit score above 740, now the reason we’re doing this is because the strategy that we’re
gonna be following, is something called financing. And if you guys are
unfamiliar with financing, basically what you do is
we’re taking out a loan in order to purchase the car right now, but we’ll be paying off that
loan in monthly increments, monthly payments, which is
the way that most people, well average people who aren’t super rich, can afford these cars, exotic
cars, supercars, whatever. So basically, we’re going after financing, and in order to secure financing we need to have a high credit score. That’s just the number one rule of thumb. If you have a low credit
score, if you have bad credit, it’s gonna be extremely
hard to secure financing, especially for cars
that cost over $100,000. So basically, the goal right now is you want to at least get a
credit score above 740 generally. I think if you’re above 720
then chances are you’re good, but 740 is just, you know, a safe bet. But this is just the first step. So how do you get a
credit score like that, or do you have a credit score right now? So if you don’t have any credit, you don’t have a credit card, you’ve never taken out a loan before, you don’t have a mortgage, chances are you don’t have a credit score. So what you need to do
is you need, first step, is to get a credit card like yesterday. To get a credit card, I recommend if it’s your first credit card, let’s say you’re a college
student, you’re younger, you’re in high school, go
for a Discover it card, which is my favorite starter
credit card for beginners because it’s a card
that’s actually very good in terms of its cashback rewards
and having no annual fee. However at the same time, it’s a card that’s decently easy to acquire because you have to
apply for a credit card, so you know, you don’t wanna
apply for a credit card like, let’s say a Chase Sapphire Reserve, where they need you to have at least $5,000 in credit already. You have zero dollars in credit and you’re gonna get denied for that. You don’t want to be
applying for cards which you’re gonna get denied from,
’cause it’s a waste of time, it’s inquiries on your
account so it looks bad, and you know, it decreases
your credit score. So you wanna go for something that’s kind of a sure bet, you know what I mean? So Discover it, get that card
if you don’t have it already, and what you’re gonna do with this card is you’re going to just spend 10% or less of your entire like, available credit. So let’s say for example they give you a $2,000 credit limit. You actually wanna spend less than $200. You wanna keep that utilization below 10% because that’s going to yield
you the highest credit score and if you don’t have a
credit score right now, you get a credit card today, in six months you will get a credit score, and if you keep your
utilization below that 10%, chances are you will have
over a 700 credit score to begin with, which is really not bad. That’s a really great start. So get that credit score because that’s the number one thing. If you have a bad credit score you’re gonna get denied right off the bat. So if you have anything below 680, chances are you’re just
gonna get flat out denied. And the way that the loan works again, is you pay off in monthly increments, but the next step is you
have to pay a down payment in order to secure the financing. Now some loans and stuff are like, zero percent down and then you
just pay a monthly payment, but honestly in my experience, for cars like this you have to put somewhere around 10% to 20% down. Now that’s actually a pretty good deal because think about it, so let’s say a car costs
$200,000 and you know, you put down let’s say just 10%, which means you’re only putting
down $20,000 in order to get a car that costs hundreds
of thousands of dollars. Same thing with you know, a $100,000 car. You only put down $10,000, $20,000, but you’re getting a $100,000 car today, that’s an amazing deal. ‘Cause I mean, $20,000, what can you buy with $20,000 today, you know what I mean? You can barely buy like, a Toyota Camry with that kind of money, but instead you’re getting an exotic car. Now the catch is you
have to secure financing, you have to get approved for it, and that’s why step number one is getting your credit score up. Now step number two, after
getting your credit score, you know 720, 740 and above, you need to get something
called comparable auto credit or comparable auto loan. So what this means is, generally banks will only
finance you up to 30% larger than your highest loan amount previous. So what this means is,
let’s say my first loan, you know I got something like a Toyota, and I ended up borrowing $20,000. Now my next loan, can
actually only be 30% higher than that $20,000 that I
borrowed from that first loan. So basically what this
means is, you can’t just, your first loan be $80,000,
$100,000 borrowing. You actually have to have a
loan before that was quite high and then you can jump
up to a higher level. So basically this step is you need to build up your
comparable auto loan credit in order to show banks
that you are capable of borrowing large amounts of money. So the best way to do
this, the best way by far, is to finance a car
from one of these marks. So there’s BMW, there’s
Audi, there’s Mercedes, and possibly Porsche, but
generally I’d like to stick with BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, maybe even Lexus. But basically, the reason
why you wanna do this, is because these brands,
they have in house financing. Now what does that mean? It means that instead of
a bank taking up the loan, they can actually pick
up loans themselves. So basically, you know, what
this really means is that it’s easier to get approved
for a loan from these brands. So something like Mercedes,
something like BMW, they love giving out loans to people who can’t really afford
them, and that actually works in your favor
because this allows you, let’s say your credit isn’t that good, or you don’t have a
lengthy credit history, or you don’t have that comparable
auto credit, or auto loan, then easy, you go into
BMW, you go to Audi, you go to the Mercedes, and as long as you have
a decent credit score and you have enough for a down payment, let’s say 20%, they’re
gonna give you a car. Basically, okay? Obviously I’m not them, I’m not the bank. You know I can’t guarantee
anything for you but generally if you can put 20% down on let’s say, you know a Mercedes E-Class, or a C-Class, or something like that,
you’re gonna get the car. They’re gonna approve you because they’re gonna pick up the loan. They’re gonna say, hey this is worth it. They may give you a high interest rate, now interest is basically the
percentage that is added on to your monthly payments,
or the entire loan amount, because when you borrow
money it’s not just for free. It’s not just like, oh you’re
paying off exactly $100,000. You’re actually paying interest. So if interest is something like 2%, you actually, over the length of the time, you’re paying $102,000 because you’re paying an extra 2% on that, that’s how they make money. They don’t make money by you know, just giving you this car now and then having you pay the same amount. They have you pay a higher
amount over the long run. So basically, steps one and two. One is to get your credit
score up, get it to over 740. Two is to get your comparable
auto loan credit up and to get a loan that is, you know, generally a higher amount, let’s say $40,000, $50,000, $60,000, that way your next loan can
be $70,000, $80,000, $90,000. So you get those two up alright? Now the next step is basically, you need to just build
up that credit history. You need to just get length of credit. So one of the factors, you know, aside from your utilization,
your credit score, and aside from having that
comparable auto credit, it’s just length of time. Usually people, the reason they get denied from loans on these cars, is because they don’t have
a lengthy credit history. Let’s say they’ve only had
a credit card for two years. Honestly that’s not really enough time for banks to have confidence
in picking up your loan. Instead you wanna have at least five years of credit history, five years. So if you have five
years of credit history and you have a credit score
of, you know, above 740, and your previous auto loan
was somewhere around, you know, is 30% less than what
you’re trying to borrow for the exotic car, that
right there, ding, ding, ding, that is how you get approved
for exotic car financing. So basically, those are the
main factors that are like, kinda defensive in my point, because my strategy is you
play offense and defense. So the offensive side of the ball is you need to make money,
you need to have income because no matter what
your credit score is, no matter how much you
budget and this and that, you have to have enough money
to pay for the down payment, and you have to have enough
money to prove that you can pay, that you make more than the
amount you’re borrowing. So what does this mean? Basically, what banks do is that they generally don’t approve people who don’t make more than the
amount they’re borrowing. So if you make $45,000 a year but you’re trying to
get a loan for $80,000, let’s say the car is $100,000,
you’re putting $20,000 down, but the loan is $80,000,
but you only make $45,000, you’re not gonna get approved for that. You’re not gonna get that because you don’t even make that in a single year. So generally, so let’s
say you make $45,000, generally you’re gonna
have to put $60,000 down and then you can borrow $40,000. But even then, that’s
cutting it way too close. $40,000 loan, but you make $45,000 a year and that’s before taxes,
expenses, and everything; then chances are they’re
not gonna like that and you’re not gonna
get approved for that. So that’s the other side of the ball, you have to make money,
it’s as simple as that. Whether you buy these
cars through financing, whether you buy through cash like I bought this Lamborghini in cash, basically you’re gonna
have to make money okay? And there’s no like, you know,
there’s no way around it. There’s no shortcut, like
you have to be making a lot of money to afford an exotic car. Now a lot of money is subjective. Honestly if you have a job where you get paid $80,000
a year, which is very good, then you can afford these cars over time. It just takes time, you know what I mean? ‘Cause you have to save
up for the down payment. Let’s say the car costs $100,000 and then you have to
put 20% down, $20,000. You have to save up for that
$20,000 and then you know, you’re gonna put the $20,000 down. You’re gonna borrow $80,000,
but hopefully by that time you know, your credit score,
your comparable auto credit, everything is high enough that
you get approved for that. But basically, what I wanna give advice on in terms of income, is
you have to get that up, and there’s many ways to add additional income streams these days. Online business is one of
them, that’s my favorite, that’s actually all that I do. All I do is I own an online business. I’m an entrepreneur and
that’s how I make my money to afford these supercars,
to afford my lifestyle, to afford two homes. That’s how I make my money is just entrepreneurship and online business. And honestly at 25 years old, I just turned 25 less than a month ago, like there’s no way to do it like this where you’re buying a Lamborghini in cash without owning your own business honestly, ’cause I have tons of friends
who graduated from UCLA, which is the school that I dropped out of my senior year with a 3.5 GPA. I dropped out of UCLA, I
pursued entrepreneurship and online business, and you
know, things kinda worked out. Thankfully, you know, I’m blessed. But my friends and
colleagues, who did graduate, and right now they’re
either looking for jobs, or they do have jobs but
they’re not happy with them. They’re not getting paid enough, yada yada, I hear it all the time. You know, choose yourself,
go for an online business because it’s never been easier to start an online business than today. You guys live in an amazing time where you have the
internet, you have people who are literally teaching
you how to start a business. You have YouTube videos
which are completely free, which are showing you how
to get a business started for little money down,
maybe even for free. I have videos where I teach people how to start my online
business model for free, which is affiliate marketing, not to be confused with network marketing. No this is not MLM, this
is not a pyramid scheme. Affiliate marketing is you’re
selling products and services that are completely legit
and you get commission off it because has the largest affiliate
program on the planet. You can look it up,
Amazon Affiliate Program. Look up any company and add
affiliate to the end of it. Chances are they have
an affiliate program, which basically just
means if you post links to their products and
people buy from your links, you get paid for that, you get kickback. It’s the same thing as sponsorship. I know you guys see the
people on the Instagram who are like, use my discount
code to buy this protein, or this detox tea, or whatever. They’re getting a kickback every time you use their coupon code, it’s the exact same thing,
there’s nothing different. Affiliate marketing has
been around for ages, just a lot of people don’t know about it, and I love the business model. It’s completely passive income because you’re just posting links. You have links on a website, you’re making money for
months, if not years to come. I love affiliate marketing because it changed my life and it’s given me that passive income lifestyle that so many people are searching for. All my friends, you know, they want, they’re searching for it, they want it. They wanna travel the world but they can’t because they can’t leave their job. Alright guys so I hope
that wraps things up. Step one, you have to get
a credit score above 740. Two, you have to get your
comparable auto credit or auto loan up to an
amount that’s 30% less than what you’re trying to borrow, so start off with a car
like an Audi, BMW, Mercedes. And then step number three is basically, you know, lengthen that credit history. Just keep doing what you’re doing. If you have a credit
card, don’t close it out. Keep utilizing 10% or
less of that credit card. Keep building up that history because that’s what’s gonna strengthen your application for getting the loan. And then step number four is just you have to increase your
income, or you have to have, you know, a decent amount of income that’s higher than the amount
you’re trying to borrow. So that’s basically as simple as it gets for exotic car financing, there’s people who sell courses on this and they charge people money,
but I just gave it to you guys for free, so hope you guys enjoyed that. Basically, if you guys like
this video let me know. I can make more stuff like this. I have a lot of experience with you know, buying exotic cars and
you know, supercars, so I have a lot of experience. I’ve done a lot of
research into the field. I’ve financed cars before,
like this 911 Turbo. I’ve bought cars in cash, so basically, I have a lot of experience with this and it’s very achievable if
you follow the right game plan, but you have to start today. So if you don’t have a credit
score, get a credit score. If you don’t know what
your credit score is, get a free account at, it’s completely free. It allows you to check your credit score. It’s not super accurate
because the model that they use is not the most accurate model. You definitely wanna use
the FICO 8 Model if you can. Now if you have a Discover
it card, for example, you actually get a free
credit score report anytime. You can just check your credit score and it’s pretty accurate
because it uses the FICO Model. Now you can, yeah,
obviously you can sign up for websites like Experian. They also show you how to, they also let you check your credit score, but basically there’s, you know, if you get a credit card,
most credit cards these days allow you to check your credit score. They give you a free credit
score, report type thing. So yeah, just know what
your credit score is, actively work towards increasing it, lengthening that history,
just beefing it up, and then last but not least, you want to just go up in increments in terms of your auto loans. You wanna keep going up in terms of getting a bigger auto loan that’s 20% to 30% higher
than your previous one. Just keep building that
up, before you know it, you’ll be able to borrow
an amount that’s you know, $80,000, $100,000 or
more, and that allows you to afford these, $150,000, $200,000 cars without having to pay
the full price up front. Just having to put anywhere
from 10% to 20% down today. So I hope you guys enjoyed it, I mean that’s really
just the way it works. So I hope it provided value for you guys, I hope it enlightened you guys and give you guys some insight on to how people are able to afford these cars, even if they’re not super
rich, or super wealthy, or anything like that. They just work hard,
they’re just diligent, they save up, and you know,
they reap what they sow. So, hope you guys enjoyed
that, if you guys did, please smash that thumbs up button. Drop a comment below, let me know, and then you can follow me on
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you enjoy videos like this. Let me know if you wanna see more of it. Hit that notification bell
because if you miss a video you’re missing out on
knowledge and content. You’re missing out on some fire content and I’m just being honest with you guys. I make a lot of videos that
provide a lot of value, so you don’t wanna miss
a single upload trust me. Anyways, hope you guys
have a good day, peace.

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