How to Apply Car Window Tint : Various Hard Cards Used to Smooth Car Window Tint

How to Apply Car Window Tint : Various Hard Cards Used to Smooth Car Window Tint

Hello! My name is Ron Sanders of Personal
Touch Custom Auto World on behalf of Expert Village we will now describe the various hard
cards that we use for window tinting. First I will like to describe the little white card
Teflon card the sole purpose of this card because of its hard texture is the heat shrink
meaning when we are applying the tint on the outside of the window and cutting it this
cards is great for using the heat gun and smoothing out the fingers. We don’t recommend
using it on the inside as much because it will scratch the tint surface. The second
one is just a triangular high card this card is great for the inside because it allows
you to pull the molding away from the window and it is narrow enough point that you could
get all of the water at the bottom of the window and get all the edges. This tool is
great for getting to hard to reach areas like bent windows and even back windows. The third
card is the yellow Teflon card which is almost similar to the white Teflon card both of these
cards are great because of there grooves inside here and to wrap it inside the paper towel.
This is usually used for the final squeegee meaning you wrap a paper towel over either
one of these cards, firmly pull the paper towel back and use it to pull out the remaining
water you could finish up your last bit of tinting on your window. As you put this card
in the paper towel it is smooth, it allows it to glide easily across the tint without
scratching it and removes any access water above and beneath the film. This concludes
the section on the high cards.

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