How to Apply Vehicle Decals & Graphics : Applying Vehicle Graphics: Wet Quick Method

How to Apply Vehicle Decals & Graphics : Applying Vehicle Graphics: Wet Quick Method

We’re going to show you some of the different
techniques for applying vehicle graphics and decals. In this segment, I’m going to show
you how to apply vinyl graphics using the quick wet method. With this particular vehicle,
they have all their vehicles alike, so I know where the mark needs to be. I’m going to show
you how to use a grease pencil and mark that particular area. I know it’s three inches
back from the base line, so I mark it and we have our setting point. With the grease
pencil, it’s the best thing to use on a vehicle because you can simply take your thumb and
wipe it off. Next thing you want to do is the base line that’s here on the bottom of
this here vehicle. We’re going to take and lay the blue stripe on it. First we’ll take
the wet application fluid, spray it down and then we’ll lay the vinyl on there. After your
mark, you apply the application fluid. You want to make sure your vinyl and your vehicle
has plenty of the application fluid on there. We lay it on our base line on our point that
we marked with our grease pencil. Follow the base line, make sure it’s where it needs to
be, position it because, with the vinyl application fluid, you can actually, literally, pick it
up and slide it around where you need it. We sit it where we want it and take our felt
squeegee and rub out the excess water and bubbles. Keep in mind that the felt squeegee
will not scratch the vinyl material. You’ll have to take numerous times to take out the
Now we have a stripe on the car.

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  5. problem I had was separating backing paper from the sign. It didn't have a starter crease and the lettering was sticking to the backing paper. Guess it depends how each sign comes from the factory. I have no idea what to do when this happens. Any ideas?

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