How to: BMW E36 Aftermarket Door Panel Installation [MKAH Motorsports Door Panels]

How to: BMW E36 Aftermarket Door Panel Installation [MKAH Motorsports Door Panels]

Hey YouTube, how’s it going? In today’s video I’m gonna be replacing this door panel right here with an awesome aluminum door panel from MKAH Motorsports so stick around. Alright guys so behind me right here I have the stock driver’s side door panel for my E36 So as you can see here, leather is lifting all over the entire door panel its rather dirty as well. There are holes drilled into it… If I flip it over to the back side You can see that I attempted the glue in the top plastic piece that clips on to the door frame… …clearly it’s not there. This piece right here is glued back on once already, but it’s still kind of loose at the bottom So the older your E36 is, the chances are you’re gonna experience a lot of problems with these door panels as well… …especially if you live in crazy climates like in New England where it gets really cold and really hot. It’s not really good for the adhesive inside the door panel. So to replace the stock door panel I bought this flat door panel from MKAH Motorsports. I’ll leave a link in the description if you want to buy one for your E36 but basically it has cutouts for a door pull that I’ll be mounting to the door frame itself, and it can retain the stock speakers as well. So for the driver side there’s also a cutout option that you can apply to your order In order to retain the switches in order to adjust your mirrors as well, but other than that, it’s a pretty solid piece I mean it’s still thin…its lightweight. It weighs about … I want to say not even 2 pounds. I mean it looks really nice, so honestly this should be a pretty straightforward install. It comes with directions as well The only tools you really need our drills…screwdrivers… So a reason why I’m getting a flat door panel is mainly because the holes I’m gonna be drilling around the frame will make It really easy for me to remove a panel to protect myself from The inside of the door frame because it does have a couple sharp edges But to update you guys on the window situation… …both sides still don’t work. So I’ve already tried to fix both sides I think twice on the passenger side, three times on the driver side. That includes me replacing the window regulators and the window motors with OEM parts. so the reason why I think I can never get these we knows to function properly is mainly because The first time these rivets were drilled out I believe the person working on the car did not Pull them out properly and actually bent the frame so no matter what I really do I’m not really sure if these four bolt holes are aligned on the same plane that they were with stock specifications So whatever I’ve done in the past whether I’ve adjusted the bottom piece here for the rail here here Or adjust the actual physical angles of the window I still can’t get it to work correctly So these new panels will cover up the entire guts of this non-functioning window system as I figure out a way to either convert it to a manual crank window or just replace them with Polycarbonate windows that can be easily removable in and out This panel comes with a set of instructions, with crucial steps to follow to install your panel with ease Here, I’m removing whats left from the stock panel like my speakers and mirror adjust switch Drilling a secondary hole for one of two spacers for the door handle. Removing the door handle + frame to enlarge the hole in the plastic. Hardware needed for one panel (minus the perimeter fasters for the panel) Spacers + hardware move the handle forward to be flush with the panel in order to re-fit the door handle trim. Test fitting and drilling holes for mounting the new door pulls. Speakers have a small alignment point that matches the cutout on the panel for a tight/secure fit. Test fitting again with the door pull, and deciding where to drill the perimeter faster screws. You can just re-install the door handle trim to align the panel, but I chose to use masking tape to line everything up. Moving to the other side to repeat the same steps! Installing the OEM door handle trim. All right, so panel is finally installed on both sides of the car, really excited by the way this looks. I’m missing the actual [trim] around this door handle for this side of the car, but the other side fits really nicely with those spacers to pull the door handle forward from the door frame. This door pull is really easy to drill into and then tap with a couple of screws. It’s really sturdy, really strong. The speakers fit perfectly, athough I might decide in the future to either change the color of the speakers get different colored speakers or maybe even change the colors of the panel. I’ve still got to decide that. Regardless. I hope you guys liked what you saw in this video Don’t forget to hit that “like” button and if you’re new to the channel please subscribe! So big thanks again to MKAH Motorsports for delivering an awesome product, and i’ll catch you guys in the next video. Good night guys!

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  1. Look really clean, as they have the cutouts for the speakers I’d just get black covers for them/replace them with black.
    But anyway, super clean, nice install, looking to do something like this with my car

  2. My e36 had a weird issue where the window wouldn't go up when I got it, it took a little splicing to get the window up and getting the glides back on the track, I'd be happy to get measurements/pics off my e36 for ya, or even come take a look, I'm out near Worcester

  3. I like the look of those panels! I think you saved me a lot of time and headaches trying to find door panels for my project car! Definitely going to check out MKAH! Thanks man! Can you replace just the covers for the speakers, or is it just one piece? I think you should keep the panel and either change the speaker covers or the speakers themselves!

  4. Get a spray can of black vinyl dye. Clean well with alcohol and spray light coats until you get the results you need. I have done it countless times and it doesn’t interfere with speaker performance at all.

  5. Looking great Pawinn. Fine tuning the windows is a hell of a job , I know. Assuming you do have only mechanical problems…Everthing needs perfectly greased. Because when not the motors will stop out of safety purpose.(overload motors) I had that problem too. Regards from Holland.

  6. you could rather easily wrap this panel in leather or something so it's more cozy and doesn't burn your hand in the summer

  7. Got the MKAH door covers about 8 months ago best choice I have ever made. Good price makes my E36 look better. Going to get the back seat delete MKAH they make great product

  8. Is there any vibrations on the panels when playing music or whatever? Would you suggest sound deadening mats?

  9. Did you have any problems fitting them to your convertible?

    I have a vert as well, and the website says they only fit coupes. But the doors for the coupes and verts are the same, so they should just mount right up.

  10. i need these but i got the harmon kardon speakers and apparently they dont fit . is there ones made for harmon kardon speakers ?

  11. Loosen up the mounting bolts. You should be able to find the sweet spot. Or at least see where it’s binding. I had a terrible issue with this on my z3 but got it all straightened out. Best of luck I hope this tip helps ya out

  12. Hey I commented before, but I'm finally getting around to putting these things on. Did you remove the weather stripping on top of the door where the panel sits?
    Because when i took it out and put the panel on, I didn't like how loose the window itself became. Then on the opposite side of things when I leave the weather stripping in, it's too tight of an opening for the window from the mirror to about 7 inches out. Then window still goes up and down but there's a bit of resistance to it and I don't want to wear out the window motor.

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