How To Bodywork A Car & Spray Primer-Surfacer on Hands-On Cars 11 – Get It Straight – from Eastwood

How To Bodywork A Car & Spray Primer-Surfacer on Hands-On Cars 11 – Get It Straight – from Eastwood

on this episode of hands on cars Kevin’s
buddies show up to help do the bodywork on the camaro then he sprays it in eastwood hi build
primer surfacer and gets a ride in an awesome unrestored 59 Impala hey guys kevin gates for hands-on cars well as s looks a lot different than the
last time you saw it that’s because it is a lot different we are well on our
way to having an excellent foundation for the paint job on this car there’s
still some locking to do but we wanted to show you what goes into it just like
all the episodes of hands on cars we want to show you some good tekken and
eastwood saying is do the job right and we want to show you how to do the job
right because we’re doing right on Zed slip and the problem was it was about a
hundred maybe even a hundred and fifty hours worth of work that had to happen
to get it to this point so I’ve got this band of brothers that I don’t know they
always come in and kind of saved my butt when i’m in a time crunch I love these guys for their good friends
and on top of that they’re really good at what they do TC panic chris lee Randy Jones Jeff route see Longacre Jeff Gallen her ah Johnny Bouchard he’s a mechanic he’s
an ace engine builder but you’ll come in and pitch in when we got a new bodywork
and he didn’t carries an equal opportunity knucklehead like the rest of
us and these guys bring to the table excellent craftsmanship great
camaraderie good friendship and we just had a big fun time there’s more than one right way to do
this we’re going to show it to you on this episode of hands on cars it’s really straight it’s really flat yeah you can see perfectly the low spots and
the high spots so now before i slather it up with a bunch of filler now i can get my metal a little bit
straighter and get it ready for filler this is a particularly good use of this
fairmount dolly contour matches the contour of the finger in the panel we’re
trying to recreate be something contact with and do a hammer on dolly
technique now the defenders in better shape I’m going to move on to the sail panel I
can’t get behind it with a hammer and Dolly so i’m going to use a stud welder
like this one from eastwood to pull the dents out you just well the studs onto
the metal and then pull them with a slide hammer Eastwood even sells a DIY
version that attaches to your MIG welder so you don’t need a separate machine
when the den is removed just snip the studs and grinding flat that’s horrible low high low high low
high I’m something I’m in Hawaii three two
one by battery ok I went down everybody want
to go because how big is your head favorite paramount hammer is one of the
pic and and a low crown face on the hammer and what that allows me to do
direct upload subtle pressure what’s the matter where I wanted to go chris lee from Kiwi customs is trying to
get the hood to match the height of the fenders with a little bit of help and a
little bit of leverage thanks to a piece of two by four were
able to tweak the just enough to get the crown to match the fender once the hood is the correct height
Chris uses the mid 175 to add some metal to the edge of the fender so it lines up
with the back of the hood and these cars never did that from the factoring yeah all right you may notice that the other
side of this deck lid is red and the car was white if you have been following
this install a bit along with this is the original deck lid and it’s been hit
more times and Joe Louis it’s messed up its sprung it’s been
involved in a rear end collision and it’s rusty so thank you very much tumult used auto parts up in up in New
York State they sent us some great f body parts
believe it or not up in the Northeast we have some rust free parts come down
Thank You vault-tec from day one customs is showing his method to get perfect
panel gaps every time you start by putting soft edge foam tape underneath
the gaps this is to keep the body filler from
falling into the gap too far next apply a foundation code of
Eastwood’s fiberglass Short Strand filler while it’s still a little soft you take
a paint stick with a razor blade tape to each side which will give you a four
millimeter gap and slice along your panel gap but fillory just got a bad
name of the years but just use it wrong well they use it wrong and if you use it
like this like you’re not building a car out of it i mean there’s no crime in it
right yep i never got a two ball and chemical
bond yep and so you can haters on your video started online people peoples of
lame-ass bodywork you don’t like this but the the layer is it is a thing of
the past look at this we put this on ur into
writes it off it’ll be there from from now on yeah that they used to do amazing things
made out completely out of LED and there’s a huge mil thickness and that
and this we’re not abusing it is just making the
gaps better I mean nobody gets away with all metal work anymore nobody does that now and this will be no thicker than the
recommendation of the product what it’s made designed to do and then we’ll put a
light white filter over top of it yeah i’m kevin gates and I endorse this
method it let it sit until it hardens enough to block and then block over the
panel gaps leave the strip you cut in the gap to prevent the edges from
rounding off then when you’re satisfied you’re blocking remove the piece that
you cut out with the razor blades on the stick you can then wrap the mixing sick with
80 grit which will give you a perfect five millimeter gap and then when you’re
done smoothing your gap remove the form thing but you’ve got such a big
head nothing like this Chris Lee’s using a shrinking method to
repair a stretch for dome . part of the quarter panel with a torch eatin area about the size of a quarter
until his cherry red back the area with the dolly and it around the outside edge
of the area that you created pushing the middle towards the center where it’s
soft and malleable make sure you don’t do hammer on dolly
on the red spot or you will paint it out and stretch it further once you’re satisfied cool it with water
or quench it and then finish it up with a hammer and Dolly little torture using
it doesn’t get hot enough quick enough and they’re not and I honking friday and
not very good right here yeah so when you’re shrinking
stuff BTW not chasing it you know you try to be number one you
can’t do one breakfast ok TC is fixing the comp visit spoiler with
a fiberglass repair kit from eastwood after cutting into strips apply your matting and so good with
resin using a disposable paintbrush once the outside is hard and you can
remove the piece and do the backside of the repair and then finish it up with
conventional body filler techniques it went on top this is the bumper right
bumper separated hey that’s a pathway for one can tell me
this is the bottom so tell me your name Randy Jones that
question what brings you down here I mean I many
ma’am so TC talks about unrealistic goals we
have to do body work on an entire car in a day’s time is this something that you’re used to uh
yeah when it involves your vehicles what
brings you here today well branding is mini man still have
nightmares is I’m i’m doing good with therapy well I love a split and most of the
products i can depend on pretty well a lot of products i get my local shop they
change a lot of their products and use different vendors and then i’ll use
their product that might be a little inferior to what I was used to or
whatever but it would seem to be pretty consistent so if i use the same sailor or their
contours have field service or whatever it is it’s pretty consistent pretty good
product and taste was actually going to help us out on this thing with project they’re going to our flat player and all
of our top coats and also their knee drop low radiator we’re going to install
that on for sleep and kiwi classic custom how long have you been working on cars
formula that’s 50 60 plus years thank you so what do you eat with tools mean to
keep the classics well yeah you don’t have to walk very far to
stumble into summer my show and you know we got a bunch of the welders and use a
bunch of the paint products body products and write down the hammer and
dollars the body products would look how they’ve been out there with
only a number of years now and he is painting up we’ll jump short engines I just didn’t care about to break
through the transmission or the axles and then windows I don’t care if the
relevant down or not you got paint that’s your great if you don’t let your
problem a thousand horsepower LS engine used to
be a race motor announce the street motor so with the six leader in said
slit you SPECT out the canceled what kind of power numbers do you expect
from this engine oh that’s roughly 400 ish horse motor from the factory with
the cam the headers and intake and tune I bet it’s full 500 on the dyno i’m
going to pick up a hundred but we’ve added my name is Jeff route I work with a 1 customs and springfield
with TC panic alchemy you know you’re kind of making gold from
the the metals here and the fact that so many people think this is magic and no it’s just basic pay attention to what
you’re doing I think that’s what I really enjoy about it you can press the heck out of somebody
was just something you do naturally yeah ok here’s one of the fun things about
working with a bunch of guys that really know what they’re doing kiwi show me a trick or when your paper
loads up with filler wire brush it’s just really interfere with the
grips of the paper and it cleans it out if you ran into 36 trip you can keep on
blocking that’s a neat technique hands on cars is brought to you by the
eastwood company when you’re restoring a car truck or motorcycle Eastwood has
everything you need to do the job right eastwood since 1978 we’re downtown Pottstown Pennsylvania at wheels in
motion this beautiful old deco building was a car dealership 483 years and now
it’s a full service collision center and custom restoration shop rumor has it there’s some awesome
survivor cars in the back let’s go to particular at the showroom here is
immaculate the cars are changed out all the time
today is restored and unrestored Corvettes the history of this place is
unbelievable you just don’t see this anymore and it’s beautifully documented
and still frame photography on the back wall but what we’re really here to see is
untouched under restored cars from the fifties and sixties let’s go Mike you got a real nice clean
shop here and obviously late model collision repair mixing with a bunch of
classics including that f-body camaro over there which is near and dear to my
heart with Zed side project right but tell me about the unrestored cars
what’s this 63 and Palace super sport convertible 38,000 miles original owner he parked at 1974 and we just drag it
out of the garage and hear it pull this bubble top 61 bubble-top i
bought it 1999 and I finally sold to my son when he was 16 years old she just
shined it up a little bit and foot Lancers and white walls he’s getting
ready to cruise very cool and I could stand here and
talk about these cars all day long – then you show me the 59 show you the
59 I’ll go one better let’s take it for a ride I like that ok right so is this manual steering power
steering power steering yes manual brakes power steering yep
it’s a 283 turbo glide and the turbo glide doesn’t have gears as three torque
converters and you won’t feel shift it’s more just the transition between each
converter so all those ads in popular science magazine they call these 59 and
Palace whispering smooth that’s what that was about right that’s
right the turbo glide and they got a bad rap back in the day because a lot of them
behind 348 right and they didn’t hold up well but behind the 283 they’re actually a pretty cool
transmission yeah but this car is just so cherry the headliner I you could lie
to me so you replace this stuff in the carpet is just unbelievable man what a
time capsule it is let me tell you a little about the
car the car was sold – at my shop was a Chevrolet dealer in 1959 but when I was a young kid this belonged
or local gas station owner and on the days he brought this forward to work you
weren’t allowed near the the air pump to put air in your bicycle tire ok and I always admired it was unusual
color and that was in the sixties it was a in a heated garage for 44 years
he passed away and like 1989 so it literally sat from 89 to 2012 when
i bought it he had all the mileage written down he put a hundred miles a year on it so
the car never got driven but who didn’t own a few years later I’d wind up behind
the building where it came from New what car has that Providence that’s fantastic it is yeah so the
colors of these cars you might think that people in 1959 were colorblind but
yeah but the truth is you got a pallet and you can order this car in any color
combinations you want as long as it was in the color choice guide right right
right somebody chose this weird bluish gray – color and the rose-colored
exterior have the Cameo coral I didn’t know but I found out through taking it
the different shows it’s a very rare color own palace it
means its original paint and 34,000 miles that’s probably the only one around
that’s this color on your stored yeah now you and I are both old enough
to have gone to drive in movies when we were kids but I was your age just to you
know this car makes me think drive-in movies drive-in movies make me think of
ridiculously inappropriate things happening in the back deck C but I’m
looking at it and I don’t see i see original upholstery that’s in pretty
good shape so i think i say we’re safe and remember we how many people you can
put in the trunk of this car robbery and was content to get into the this one
would have definitely helped a lot of people yeah you know yep and mechanic and a
thing that you know I do my research and stuff the car only weighs 3,600 pounds really
and you would expect it to be four thousand i would i would have said not
in my head that if you said 4,500 pounds and I was in disbelief like it has to be
wrong but every piece of documentation i could find 3600 Wow and a late model GT Mustang weighs about
thirty six and a half with all that plastic yeah i know this is all steel we
were talking about the fins earlier on and my dad had a 59 el camino when we
were kids yeah and my dad mom would stress over
that car because of me and my brother Blaine because my mom would stress over
us riding our bikes around that carbon bicycles because these pins are deadly
freaking weapon yes and my dad investors over us riding your bikes around the car
because the handlebars and she tried to paint mom was worried about your health and
God was worried about the car I don’t know if I mentioned Kevin work
we’re riding right now is high street pots down here and from the 50 60 70 is
a tease this was literally the cruising capital of the east coast ok everybody came here their hot rods
they had illegal drag racing out on the bypass I’m not really an attraction of course
in the last few years it’s died down they change the lane configurations and
nobody does it anymore but for 40 years this was a place the cruise yeah Kevin you want to drive it back are
you kidding me ok i’m not kidding you okay here
yesterday yes I do hope i can see over the steering wheel Wow effortless steering man yeah i don’t
know if you know this or not but I grew up in british columbia canada ok yeah I’m is from Canada moved out of
the states in 1984 so for me to hear and read about
woodward avenue and and you know it screws in California yeah on high street with a beautiful
unrestored car cruising this is awesome man there’s just something about being in a
car like this it just it’s almost like a form of meditation oh you like you like this to count of
course we have the tube radio it needs a warm up yeah a lot of people don’t
remember that but we only got am so what I bought is much remember these from the
seventies a spark o matic remember spark ematic converter typed it through the
original tube radio so we have a mf’n through the original
sounding 59 radio with the speaker in the center of the back seat huh and the speaker up front so there that
hears that well Mike I don’t want to run this
odometer up anymore i’m gonna turn in we’re clocking on the miles a dealership
here and I just want to say thanks man this is eight just pull her out front of
an absolute thrill to be able to drive this car and I thank you I thank you for coming
in this is awesome yeah huge thanks to everybody that helped on
the party party presents that we’ve got a body work and collectively we’ve got
about 80 hours into getting this thing ready for the next stage which is high
build polyester surfacer Polly surfaces to me or the last step and body work
because they build like crazy and like me to finally block and flatten
everything out crisp up the style lines and they don’t shrink back and it’s the
perfect under code for your final sanding primers we shouldn’t talk about
these are two pucks of over mix of a 2k urethane and I build polyester look at
the difference the two cake has already started to
shrink and suck itself back and kind of crumble and fall apart even after a couple of weeks however the
the hockey puck of high build Polly you could have her nails with this sucker
and check this out it hasn’t shrunk back a bit they were
both shot and the over mix was in the same container PPS cup for the that struck back quite a
bit and it’s crumbling its continuing to shrink over its cure cycle this stuff on
this is what I want is my foundation for primer surfacer on the bodies esli your
polyester surfaces it’s really important that you have it thoroughly agitated mix
if you got a shaker good for you if you don’t just stay the
heck out of it make sure nothing comes up on the stick now there’s a mix ratio for this is five
percent by volume or if you don’t have a scale it’s a little hard to tell here’s the
easy thing that I’ve figured out they give you two of these per gallon of poly
surfacer for courts to courts breach I just makes a court and pour the half
of this in and you’ve got the right mix ratio pretty simple don’t have nitrile gloves get them from
eastwood protect it no glove no love the port lids solve a
problem that I’ve had for years and body shots that’s how to get your servicer out of a
full gallon it’s from really trick set up before the next full court Lauren all right now I’ve got an
accurate mix ratio i’m using a huge orifice gun this is a
2.5 tip and it sprays out well its price huh pretty pretty
aggressively you’re going to use a lot of it so make sure you got enough for
your project don’t forget your mask spray technique
with a high build Polly surfacer is very different than paint your gun speed is
slow your overlap is about 75% and you’re fairly close to the substrate take your time spring and don’t worry
about stacking the primer surfacer that’s what this stuff is made for you
won’t get pin holes and it will rarely ever run on you when you’re priming
large areas of a car like this you’re not concerned so much about
overspray are keeping your wedges down that’s kind of a material you’re
focusing on the panel that your spring and then moving on to the next one in essence your zone priming at the same
time as your priming the entire panel keep in mind that a good portion of this
surfacer is going to end up on the floor because it’s not paint its body filler you just happen to be spraying it on the
panel three coats should be plenty enough for an initial blocking and to
allow you to see how straight the car is we will probably end up doing a second
session of poly primer before we move on to a 2k when you’re wanting to make a
vehicle as straight as we want to make said sled I consider this a mandatory and
necessary step so we’ve got a gallery of contour –
Pauly surface or on this car can we send it and paint it no the work
is well it’s about halfway done because most of this stuff just by the
nature of the beast is going to end up and powder on the floor so we’re going
to use a spray guide coat my coat everything lock the heck out of it see if there’s
any pimples miss any waves and in Salinas and then move on to the ideal to
Kate which thankfully Eastwood makes in black and then we’ll block that again
and then and only then will be ready for pain like a bunch of work it is is gonna
be worth it you bet your butt to see this car has a
complete piece of machinery is beautiful i love it that sled has been sitting for a couple
of days the high build contour Polly is cured enough to block and we’re blocking
with 120 very aggressive because why we’re still shaping we’re not sanding or
not prepping for paint that comes after the black to Cape urethane primer
surfacer so I like to have an arsenal of different sanding blocks i have my
during blocks and I have my soft centers for a couple different reasons the dirt
blocks from the more firm and they have I don’t get a lot of great shades too
soft Sanders are extremely light and offer just a little bit more variety
because your goal here is matching the shape and size of the block to the panel
that you’re blocking for instance this has a slight crown this has a slight crown as it gets more
aggressive in that Cove well you got a different block so more
tools in the toolbox it’s fun let’s start rubbing some primer now the
power the guide code is going to show itself really quickly here look at my patch making an X these are my rules but they’re good
rules we’ve got our work right we shape the
panel’s properly with our fillers and this is just the refining shape you can
see what’s happening here this well it’s flat that that’s your low
spots those are the spots that you need to keep working on now I’m coming over transition here that I wanted a firmer
block for because i want this to be dead flat level so the door locked square go yeah look here this is mode this is high you have to you have to use a guide coat
it’s just it just helps I never recommend using your project is
a workbench so I’m breaking my own rules right here this right here is shaping up
really nice and if you’re a Camaro guy you know that
this is a removable panel and that we’ve welded this seam here just for a nice
clean look and it’s just gonna make all the difference in the world is one of
those subtle things and i want to give a shout out to the guys at nasty z28 . com
both on the facebook page as well as the nasty z28 website they’ve been great
support i joined the forum and they welcomed me
and they are digging the Jets late project so hate all you guys out there
are good luck on your own projects and thanks for supporting this one with us
and that’s led needs to in katy and it’s just nice to have a good community of
people to sort of hang on line with and and share ideas and stuff so it’s just
one of those other benefits of the book of face and the interweb it’s a great resource we’re not done blocking so we’re going to stop talking
there’s another thing I wanted to show you and this question comes up all the
time as a matter of fact a guy hitting on facebook and said well how do you
keep from sanding all these style lines down flat here’s how you work up against some use
your guide code to the best advantage that you possibly can I’ll show you yeah what I’m doing is blocking up to this
style line and not passed you got to show some self-control here
it’s locked up to it and not ask right here where disappears into the
wheel arch and the same way you just you’re helping it along and now i’m on
the bottom side again lock me up my style all right here beware be careful don’t shave that line off you
want to respect those lines you can see what I’m doing I am accentuating and perfecting this
style line we can also see that is perfectly
straight while I was out here in there so we can correct that we can correct
that with the poly it’s a wonderful thing now there’s one of the thing i want to
show you here the guide coat is a visual guide that helps you refine your surface there’s another one this is pre-painting
prep in a pump sprayer and I could literally wet check this stuff i can
look at it I can cite it and I could see whether it’s straight on check it out look at the reflection of
my lights if there’s any waves in those those lights 8-foot fluorescent tubes well baby bump into moving all over the
place but they’re not looking for the quality of the reflection that tells me
this area right here is going to be nice and flat especially under a black paint job now
it’s no doubt whatsoever there’s no question that blocking is a
tremendous amount of work however it costs you time that’s all the
costumes time and something like this well it’s going to pay dividends it is
it’s worth it it’s sandpaper it’s time but the the
sense of accomplishment that you’re going to get by locking to this level you know it’s it’s it’s going to pay
dividends at the car show and I don’t know I if you’ve got into
this stage in your project congratulations because you’ve shown
true commitment and follow through and just like us was that sled you’re going to have a nice straight
project so thanks for watching hands on cars hopefully next time you see this thing
will be shooting some color on it and I’m looking forward to that and on top
of that i’m looking forward to driving this silly soccer because it’s going to
be bad to the bone thanks on the next episode of hands on
cars Kevin beefs up the rear and breaks
before visiting a hot rod shop that’s building an amx concept car yeah

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  25. You know I am not an auto body man but I can be pretty much be a handyman that will try anything to save myself a dollar. I have an old 2000 chevy work van that was a rust bucket at the bottoms on both sides. I mean I tore out the loose rust from the bottom up. I guess about 8" of exposure. The cavity inside looked good. So anyway I wedged a 1X4" board the length of the area underneath so to only catch drips or to give it hold support till it set up. For doing the repair & sprayed Great stuff expansion foam into the cavity . It foamed up good & tight & after hours of letting it dry & get hard , I then used a hack saw to cut the sides level to the metal. I sanded only on the meal near it so to spread body putty over it with a hardner & then sanded it so to spray paint it '& bygolly it turned out pretty nice & a lot better than what it originally was. It was a hell of an improvement Now I did not take time for to prime & perfect it as my attempt was only to improve it & prevent it getting worse,.not make it like new. I did this nearly 6 months ago & it's holding it'self like gold. Course it's obvious it's not professional, but it works for me as I am not trying to profit on any sale of it or hide the defects. I work on what I can do for myself & I am content with it. So anyway don't laugh, it's paid for. L.O.L I am the good man to have on hand, Dave the handyman home repair guy & free self defense trainer, if you YouTube me ( Dave Overbey) I will show you how I defeat the hands & feet using my technique. WithIn short time opposed to others training time you could be fight ready on time to fight most anybody of any style anytime with a smile. If so you liked my style I created, please initiate me a thumbs up & feel free to reply. My training is also easy without the punishment other fight clubs inflict as in truth this training can be done in your own basement anytime as it does not require the bologna & overtraining most clubs will train on or under. It's about fighting smarter not harder. It's not the muscle hustle that victory happens it is developing habits that reacts on a thoughtless reaction to every action. Habit's are habits that once you have it your stuck with it. So the importance of building the right habit's is crucial opposed to building the wrong ones & you will then have it But it's gotta be done redundantly slow as you go & the power & speed will naturally come. Haste makes waste developing the bad habits will delay your improvement. Take your time & chime in with the right habits fighting smarter not harder for it becomes a thoughtless reflex of action to counter action for if so you need think of his next move you will be punched / kicked multiple times before you ever react. Let the habits built into a reflex do the fighting a fight for you. Watch me Dave Overbey on YouTube & don't forget me a thumbs up. L.O.L Good luck

  26. amazing work fellas, but it is a bit intimidating because it seems like you need the luxury of a big garage where you can leave your ride bare for a good while

  27. Dear anyone!
    Please check the subtitles! The person responsible for them must at least be drunk !
    When "Eastwood " is written as "taste good" and "a gallon" becomes "a gallery", there must be something seriously wrong somewhere! These examples are only two of hundreds !
    First class promotion for "Taste Good" products and If you want to use the Taste Good primer – surfacer on your car, remember to buy at least "a gallery".

  28. This is fun !
    "pinholes" becomes "pimples," "block" becomes "lock", "wet edges" = "wedges", "immaterial" = "a material", "spraying" = "spring", "dents" = "Salinas", "2K" = "to Kate" !
    Have you hired a stand-up comedian to write all this ?

  29. I do not know to much about computers, but I guess the comments could have been added by someone, somewhere, who does not have any connection with Eastwood. Anyway he/she must be drunk !

  30. How does one get into this kind of work, I'm 20 years old and want to work on my own car but lack the experience and just want to be taught and learn.

  31. IM SHOOTING my car soon and thinking i want to use your polyester am i seeing this correct i can put it direct to metal? no epoxy first? no etcher?

  32. i sprayed this last night with a 1.8 tip shit hardens fast! only mix a pint at a time or else your gonna have half wasted and as soon as its out of the gun clean it instantly i mean within minutes its hard

  33. ho kevin, I"ve watched the complete series of the zedsled and believe me I've learned alot from you but I have 1 question. I am currently painting my car and using anzal 2k paint. The thisng is I had to spray ondercoat first on some parts of the car since the gray primer is showing. By the way it's a mica red color for the base. I was not able to complete the work on the same day and have to spray base the following day. Do I still have to sand the undercoat before applying base coat or will the paint still adhere after approx.16hrs? Thanks i advance love the zed and nice job really. Keep it up.

  34. i got a 79 t top z 28 with rs package with full spoiler kit never seen one with full spoiler kit before same kit has a trans am but for a camaro front a back of all wheel walls when order from factory the guy order every thing he could even air condition no rust front damage and a hard top z28 with rust in the back with aa perfect front clip my neighbor told me to hall them off too scrap same with a 68 chevy pu with factory paint on it with a perfect body 0% rust in it rv motor home are great for motors i got 2 454 strokers with the reinforced 400 turbo if u get real lucky u can find a ls 6 in them the 454 i got are 450 hp with 485 torque and if dyno tuned they are getting 500 hp with 550 torque i get them for free the one i got only had 6000 miles on it the other had 38000 miles on it if u guy's live by oregon i have many good cars 66 gt fast back dart with 0% rust with just a dent in the trunk lid missed the crome and a bad windshield very clean car i got it for 50 bucks chevy 68 cab in perfect condition 0% rust i scrap car that have rust in them just keep the good parts so far i have 10 acres of cars and trucks chevy fords vw dodges nothing else

  35. you fix someones car like this in russa you wil get punched in the face that's why those guys do such good metalwork over there

  36. Are you professional? Do you know what companies recommend? They don't use hammer and filler. Once you heat metal it looses its strength

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