How to build a Drift truck: Louies toyota pickup

How to build a Drift truck: Louies toyota pickup

all right we’re in here in Yelm
Washington today and Louie’s gonna show us his drift truck you may have seen this in previous
videos and I’ll probably do another montage at the end of it but he’s going
to take us through the ins and outs of this unique truck build so let’s get
started where I’m going to start off with the pickup it’s the 87 Toyota
pickup it was a junker in a junkyard spent $250 on the truck originally it
was primer gray primer gray primer gray I think Factory was the tannish color and what is the color actually I mean it
looks like it’s black but it’s got this blue metal flake I don’t know if the
camera will pick it out or RSX Acura RSX color so it’s got blue pearl okay I
guess we’ll start with the motor cuz you’re saying I mean the big thing about
this is think about this this is a small-block
Chevy right and which one is it like what year 75 Chevy pickup yep it’s got
high rev heads I rise and take manifold it has 30 over motor roller rockers cam
what do you do to stop getting dry Bowl when you’re out there sliding around
is there anything you do no I haven’t done anything I just kind of got lucky
actually gotcha okay yeah no okay no it wasn’t cutting out on you ? cool that seems to be when everybody
thinks when you go carb car I thought about going EFI live maybe later on
down the road actually my big plans for this vehicle is to put an LS in it you
already got the transmission for it yep so this is a t56 now and then obviously
you’ve got a lot of fabrication in this area you put in did you buy a 240 SX
when I cut it up or did you just happen to find some sub frames up yeah a buddy
of mine totaled his car so I got a 98 Nissan 240 front sub frame and rear so
you got S14 yep nice yep and cut the whole truck to pieces
very cool and there was one thing you’re talking about that you did with the
suspension geometry that you were talking to me about yes which was you
set it all up so that it’s it’s factory ride high is this low so that you didn’t
have to run a special lower control arms right so this is all factory everything factory
yep what did you do to overcome our where did you for steering there’s not a
lot of room in here well the steering what didn’t work out that was actually a
big hurdle that I ran into so this is out of a 91 mr2 which is also Toyota
part which I really like yeah and it’s full hydraulic steering so yes
this has full hydraulic so is there like a PSC Ram hidin in here or something 14
okay so it has a s 14 rack in it but I’m missing something there is this electric
over hydraulic that’s just keeping it so instead of it being off of here runs off
is all off of a switch you flip a switch on and turn the wheel left right and it
works that’s awesome so you never have to worry about it getting hotter once
they get hot or like just not having enough going into price yeah
so did you have to run a bigger alternator to get enough power to keep
the thing going as he got an auxiliary battery? that’s factory alternator there okay
cool and then now what’s inside I mean what’s alright just a grant wheel and then what are these seats out of
these are like s14 seats maybe I’m wrong maybe somebody in the comments could
tell me which seats these are I like the headrests they look familiar for some
reason maybe Honda I don’t know so you got some black and some grey
where’d you paint this is that what happened yeah ah was painted in the
brown pieces it’ll come out it may be the very cool no tach this was actually I
thought the rear of this was gonna be the easiest and it turned out to be the
hardest is that due to keeping it square well the subframe when I set the rear
subframe up under the pickup it didn’t fit in between the frame rails and hit
all these a arms here so I had to cut the back of the frame off
I here and to hold back half so I can get rails where I wanted them so that
the gas tank sitting inside of this yep did you use the factory gas tank factory
nice that’s clever yeah this reused that popped in there
looks all yeah and then so what’s our coil did you know these are I think they
were no tien it’s possible they’re really different Springs on this I’m
talking actually about these are here oh I don’t know they should they work they
work that’s it go on and obviously that’s so that explains this yeah this
is the frame rails so that means this whole subframe this factory diff has just
got like a vsld be in it or like a viscous lsd in it ? its welded now you just
welded in that pack weld it up okay it’s all up so far yeah it probably doesn’t
get enough traction you’re really that’s over work it yeah you know gotcha did
you as their knuckle kit on it or anything like that right now or huh
there is okay do you know whose or what my brother actually manufactured that
part there okay so maybe just shortened it and then right okay I got rack
spacers cool is there anything else that’s hidden here that you wouldn’t
normally think about like if anybody goes out here and tries to you know
build their you know I would ii began trouble or four wheel drive fenders for the
front if you want to run wheel spacers the two wheel drive fenders did not fit
and i had a heck of a time getting the rear wheels to fit under there, did you end up just going in there with a hammer? they’re actually flared out quite a bit
probably two and a half inches or so um how many inches did you take out of this cause obviously its bobbed took 18 inches out of the bed the bed so that explains the flat paint
which i think is again just another touch that makes it makes it its own you
know so I mean perfect is great don’t get me wrong today right spot this is the debris
field yeah definitely all right now we’re gonna go underneath
of it here and kind of show you how difficult it was to fit all of these
pieces inside here and I hope the Lighting’s good but I’m at the mercy of
whatever is going on that short header has to go back
and around to be able to fit through here and this is the business side of
that whole steering setup is really just all oh megan me again that’s what the shocks are
yep part two or three different exhaust shops they all turned me down and they
told me it was impossible so I figured I’d go home and cut some headers apart
some tubing made a bunch of Pie cuts and definitely I can do out a tour of
you back here Definitely a can do attitude with you sorry this is shake cam right now but
I’m making new alright and what is another cool fact is that you use the
factory brake cables yeah and then this just likely just a welded diff but it’s
all no kidding all factory arms and everything like no fancy anything wow that is so rad I mean thank you for taking us through this through this and if anybody has any
questions or whatever you can just pop it into the comments

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  1. Do a video on the trekker!!! They were out sourced by toyota dealerships to be converted by winnebago. I sure hope it's got the original 22r and not a swap. Nice work on the vids man keep it up.

  2. I wanna see a video of the trekker, I'm jealous of the toyota gems y'all can find out west. I have a 79 longbed I searched for and found after 5 years

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