How to Buy a Bike in Australia

How to Buy a Bike in Australia

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This video is for those international students that want to buy a bike and
don’t really know how. So buying a bicycle is a great way to save money,
it’s an amazing way to stay fit and healthy and it’s a beautiful way of
seeing your new city. OK so when you’re buying a bike it’s important to think
about its purpose. Do you need it to travel long distances or short distances?
Are you going to use it for off-road? Things like that. Whatever type of bike you want,
I recommend buying it secondhand, especially if you’re only going to
use it for a few years. OK so the easiest way to find a bike when you get
to Australia is to go to a website called This is a huge
marketplace where people are buying and selling all kinds of random things. For
safety reasons, I do recommend taking someone with you when you when you go
look at the bike. If you do want to buy a new bike I’d recommend heading to a good bike shop in your city and try to avoid the the big department stores. Sometimes
those brands aren’t that great. And in each major city in Australia there are
community bike clubs. Look out for one in your city because they’re really cool.
People go there, they bring their bikes and there are volunteers there that will
show you how to maintain your bike, how to fix any issues with it.
And sometimes these communities are quite interesting and they’ll have
they’ll have dinners and you can go there, fix your bike and meet with people
in your in your community and make some new local friends. OK so when you do
get a bike it’s important to know a few things before you start riding in
Australia. Number 1, wear a helmet. It’s the law. Number 2, your bike is going
to need a bell, a red rear reflector and a white front reflector. That’s the law
as well. And I do highly recommend getting a secure bike lock for safe
parking. If you want to ride at night you do also need the lights on the front and
back. If you do get a flat tyre and it’s not a puncture, I recommend heading to a
local petrol station because they have compressed air hoses that are really
easy to use and a lot of the locals use it. Ok so where to ride in Australia. Well
you’re in luck because Australian cities are fantastic with cycle paths
everywhere. Now Google Maps has a fair few of them in their system but they
don’t have all of them, so I recommend going to the government cycle maps and
look them up when you’re in Australia, because they will they will show you the
whole map of where you can ride your bike in your city and I think they’re
the best resource for working out and how to get around. Thanks so much for
watching if you want more information about how to get a bike and how to get
around. please head to and thank you again for watching. Please Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks!

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  1. Nice comprehensive introduction to bike riding in Australia. One question, can we ride bikes on pavements or only on roads?

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