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  1. this is a fail. 4 stroke is better for beginners it has less power off start. 2 stroke bikes are quicker on the start and have way more torque. and i think a bigger should stick within 100 to 200 range. i think a beginner would be cute attempting to drive a yz 250 for example.

  2. @CRHSproductions uh. i did. i started on a 2 stroke yz 250. the torque was hard as hell to overcome as i was just a beginner to the clutch. i like two strokes better as they are cheaper to maintain and seem to have more speed. depends on how you go about your riding. if you want to race get a 2 stroke and if you just want to ride it doesn't matter. i also like that 2 strokes are a hell of a lot easier to kick

  3. @CRHSproductions yup. although if you don't have much money just get a 2 stroke. they are way cheaper to maintain. also you don't have to learn on a four stroke then get a 2 stroke. i understand how much torque difference there is. (about 10 on a yz250) and for the money how i went worked for me. but i think it would've been way easier on a 4 stroke.

  4. @ccubsfan94 how is that? a 2 stroke constantly needs oil, a four stroke needs it changed only once a year, not even that much sometimes
    and they are easier on gas too

  5. this video sucks!!!!! why?
    2 stroke is scary as shit and is not for beginners also, the cc depends on your weight and height so 200-300cc for beginners is bs so if your a beginner depending on your age you should get a 125cc 4 stroke

  6. 1. 2 strokes are NOT for beginners
    2. 4 strokes dont "last longer"
    3. a beginner shouldnt be riding anything over a 250
    4. "test drive is optional" bullshit you always should test out a bike your buying
    5. thats a nice ass 08 yz250

  7. and also there is no maximum power for a bike…. lol if she meant to say maximum displacement is 600cc's she is still wrong because they make xr 650's and atk makes a 700 2 stroke

  8. @bigcloud950 depends on the rider and how big they are. i started riding an xr 100 when i was like 6. but a full grown dude can handle a crf 250, a first time rider will bust on a 250 2 stroke

  9. 2 strokes are way to powerful for a beginner and the are loud and four strokes are less powerful but have the power right then and there

  10. this video is lame… it obviously was made by someone who doesn't know much about dirtbikes or engines or buying used

  11. do you think if i were going to buy a bike i could skip buying a 125 and just learn on a 250 (2 strokes) and be alright. im not retarded like i wouldnt pin the shit in top gear if im not comfortable. I just think it would be easier and i would eventually be fine because i would want a bike that will last me that i wont outgrow

  12. Dont listen to these people they're trying to get you killed lol. Don't EVER buy a 2 stroke for a first bike, they have alot of power. And defiantly don't start with a bike that is 200 to 300 cc's.

  13. You could most likely be fine witha 250 4 stroke but definitely not a 2 stroke…What i recommend is going to an mx track and renting a 125 just to get used to for a day then slowly learn on a 250.

  14. This is so SAD.. TOTALLY wrong about all most everything this chick said. i hate how this video was made with little effort just to soak up views. this could get someone killed.. according to her i should go get a 300cc 2 stroke and learn how to ride!

  15. lol, a 2 stroke engine recommended for beginners and beginners should stick to engines between 200 and 300cc.
    loool. I can just imagine a brand new rider on a 2 stroke 300 – wow… what a useless vid

  16. Are you serious??!! A 125cc would be more than enough power for a beginner, why do you think they used to be in the pros. AND YOU GUYS ARE TALKING BIGGER??!!

  17. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki are all japan based and originated powersports distributors KTM is austrian

  18. Try to avoid those. You will have a lot better of a time riding a big name dirt bike than having to buy more chinese parts for an initially cheap chinese dirt bike. They may look like a steal, but unless you keep up with maintenance like a meticulous mechanic, wait and save up for a used honda or yamaha trail bike off of craigslist. They are the most beginner friendly machines in my opinion

  19. The "Next best thing to riding a motorcycle"….. Uh, last I checked, dirt bikes are CYCLES with MOTORS….

  20. I'm looking for my first bike. They're pretty much telling me to buy a big ass bike and hit some huge jumps. What idiots.

  21. ATTENTION: If you're a beginner please DO NOT listen to anything this lady is saying…. she is wrong

  22. I started on a ttr50 and ended there but am now lookin for a yz125. My dad started on a 1984 xr500 up in the mountains

  23. Shut up griffin the fatest dirt bike in the world is a 4 stroke and I have a 2 stroke and 4 stroke and I like the 4 stroke better because I can sneek in places without being heard

  24. im 32 never road a dirt bike im 128 pounds I like speed and jumps but im a new be never road at all money is not the problem just wont a cool kick ass bike plz someone hlp

  25. I need help please!!! Ok, here's the deal. I do not know anything about dirt bikes. I turn 13 next week and I want a dirt bike for my birthday. I want it to be push start. I have no idea where to start…. Can someone please help?

  26. Hey looking to get in to dirt biking I am 17 I am 5'11 to 5'12 in height . And around 165 lbs I am looking at a 125 yz for my first bike will it work good for me ?

  27. Hi I'm 15 and I'm wanting a dirt bike for Xmas I'm 5ft 7 and I'm use to riding quads and gears and clutch but I want something else so I looked into dirt bikes I was wondering if a kx250 would be a any good

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