How to Buy a Government Surplus Army Truck or Humvee – Dirt Every Day Extra

How to Buy a Government Surplus Army Truck or Humvee  – Dirt Every Day Extra

Dirt Every Day Extras go live every
weekday on Motor Trend On Demand here’s an example of an episode you missed last
week this Dirt Every Day Extra I want to
talk to you about buying a government surplus vehicle there’s a company online
called Gov Planet and they also have a sister company called Iron Planet and
what they do is they take in government surplus vehicles put them up for auction
and people like you can bid on them now what qualifies as a government surplus
vehicle it’s pretty much anything that the government no longer needs and is no
longer going to go to any of smaller outlying government facilities so it
could be like an old golf cart it could be this work truck that’s full of a
bunch of lawn equipment a big old Deuce and a half two and a half ton truck
Humvees they have tons and tons of Humvees because they’re getting
demilitarized and they’re selling them off to the public all the way up to
giant tank tank hauling trucks go they you basically have to go
on you sign up you get a number and then you watch the auctions they have
different auctions coming up throughout the year and everything that you could
imagine the government has ever used they’re probably selling now I’m pretty
sure stuff like real tanks and jets and weapons
you cannot buy through gov planet it’s all kind of like the the more useful
work trucks the Humvees you’re not going to get one with a machine gun on the top
and you can get a full variety of Humvees and all these trucks some of
them are really beat-up because if you think about it a lot of the guys in the
military like their young kids like you watching this show they get into the
military they get to drive these things sometimes they’re a little rough on
equipment and some of the vehicles are actually really really well maintained
I’ve seen vehicles with hardly any miles hardly any hours on them all the way up
to stuff that is just destroyed but that’s the cool thing about Gulf planet
you go there it has a full description somebody has inspected every one if the
thing doesn’t run it says it right there if it says it runs and drives that is
also there in the description so you can get a chance to kind of look over all
these vehicles and it’s not just vehicles here in Barstow California
where we’re at it’s vehicle all over the country factories all over the world
I’ve seen Unimogs in Guam and I’ve seen big tank haulers in Pennsylvania and
tractors in Illinois and Texas and Wisconsin they have so many auctions
going on simultaneously all over the world that there’s probably something
near you plus if you’re interested in it there’s companies that will ship the
vehicle to you so you’re kind of buying these things semi sight unseen it’s not
completely a blind auction because they have a lot of photos it’s not just one
blurry shot there’s photos of the interior the exterior under the hood and
there’s a good description on every vehicle that you’d be purchasing we are
taking home this Humvee for an upcoming episode of dirt every day now the
Humvees are really cool because it’s got a diesel engine it’s got an automatic
transmission full independent suspension portal axles so they have a really wide
stance they’re really kind of low to the ground but they have a lot of ground
clearance and it’s kind of neat because I’ve never
I’ve driven a Humvee before I’ve never really gotten to wheel one really hard
and so in this upcoming episode of dirt every day which you can find on our
motor journal or YouTube we are going to build this thing and we’re going to take
it out rock crawling and really see what type of abuse it can take but if you’re
looking for a military surplus vehicle like my Alabama army truck the one I’ve
built before I’ve even seen some jeeps on there this gulf planet and iron
planet websites you have to go check them out they have all types of really
cool stuff like a deuce enhance who doesn’t need a deuce in it so Unimogs
boats all types of equipment tires machinery gov go check it out
that’s different over to extras tune in next time when we show you how to
spray-paint your truck camo something like that if you need more
Dirt Every Day Extra go sign up for a free trial right now

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. WRONG! Anyone can buy teal armed military tanks & other assorted vehicles. However, they're very expensive and you must pass the strictest gun background check and pay for a destructive weapon license.

  2. If Gov Planet is in Barstow, it means the Hmmwvs are most likely ones used by the Marines and is from Yermo, which is south of Barstow. The 2 1/2 ton truck is most likely from Fort Irwin, which is right next door to Yermo (a Marine logistics base).

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  4. Military trucks are great…..If you have an unlimited fuel budget and three echelons of maintenance to keep them running…….

  5. Thank you! Now I have a starting point! Next step is to figure out how to afford the gas for my future Humvee.

  6. Great Gov Auction site where I've gotten amazing stuff, including cars for almost nothing!

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  10. Well here’s this; I’ve been thinking about buying myself a 6×6 truck for firefighting, however I’m not sure which truck would be best. I’ve been looking a Deuce and a Half, since I don’t need a CDL for where I live. However, I was also looking at an M813 5 Ton.

  11. i got my M35 i'm stoked anytime you want to do another video in alaska let me know …great show, love it keep up good work.

  12. Here in Brazil, our army is buying these same used vehicles.

    They're cheap and a poor country, such as Brazil, can buy these vehicles.

  13. A couple things about military surplus vehicles. They are "salvage sale" to the public, after all other government agencies get their shot at them. To "salvage" a vehicle, it must meet their standard for age/miles/value. Age can be covered with the de-activation of a base or units, or, if the budget actually afforded to purchase ten percent of a fleet in the past two years, OR, some vehicle is just in excess of the needs, like the Humvee… miles/value is based upon the mechanical shape, such as 'will it cost more than 35% of replacement value to fix it?'. Most agencies really cannot absorb all the surplus, plus, don't have added funding for all the repairs "needed' per the T.O. So, when 2,000 of the same type vehicle appear in the Gov. Sales lot, most will be there for you to choose from.

     Repair parts and work are measured in the costs of parts, and man hours the military must expend to bring the item back to operational condition per the Tech. Order. An M35A2 from 1998, needing tires, an oil change (5 gallons of oil), and an annual ( all filters, a full brake job, 5 gallons of Anti-freeze, several quarts of lubricants, and other greases), might just need to be 'salvaged'… You will put in your own labor to do the required tasks… "Sweat Equity" is your own investment… Please get the proper Technical Order, either from the Government Printing Office, or, internet sellers.

  14. So Govplanet buys it dirt cheap and then jacks the price. why cant I buy direct from the government like govplanet does. What a racket.

  15. What Fred doesn't tell you, is that govplanet, C&C, Boyce Equipment, etc. that sells them to you are buying them from the government through a resource known as DRMO (Defense reutilization management office)…and that you can get your OWN DRMO BIDDER NUMBER by requesting one! Why would you do this, you ask? Because that $10,000 M939 5-ton you want probably came from Ft. Stewart Georgia and was bought at the REAL government auction (by one of the retailer companies) for $1,000 to $2,000…and they made 1000% profit from you not knowing you could be BIDDING AGAINST THEM, instead of buying FROM THEM!

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