How to Buy a New Car : Checklist for Buying a New Car

How to Buy a New Car : Checklist for Buying a New Car

I’m Bill Z with Two for the Road USA on behalf of Expert Village. CATHY DROZ: In this clip,
Bill and I are going to go over the checklist of the things we’ve spoken to you about in
the past. So, and what do you think, Bill? BILL ZERVAKOS: Well, I think we need to start
with research. That was one of the most important things we talked about. In doing research,
you want to look for your credit rating which is really important to understand that’s going
to help you with your financing, of course. Know the value we trade-in, at least have
an idea to work from and of course alternative financing. Don’t forget about checking out
the service department either. CATHY DROZ: Right. And before you test drive on the road,
we want you to take a kind of a test drive inside the dealership. Know the ease of getting
in and out of your vehicle, the comfort of the seating, the controls, ergonomics, how
easy is it to look over the hood of the vehicle, your visibility, your cargo or trunk area.
BILL ZERVAKOS: Absolutely. And now, the fun part is to test drive. But here’s the important
thing with the test drive. Remember, it’s all about long term. You’re going to be keeping
this car a long time in and out of it everyday. Remember these letters; NVH, noise, vibration,
and harshness. That’s just simply stated. It means, how does the car feel? You have
to be comfortable with it or you’re not going to be happy over the long haul. CATHY DROZ:
Right. Or it might become the trade which is our next issue here. BILL ZERVAKOS: Exactly.
CATHY DROZ: And know the value of your trade because you’ve done your research on the internet
and you’ve looked through maybe some auto traders. The other part that you want to think
about is not to take it personally as Bill has said in some of the other clips. Do not
take it personally. BILL ZERVAKOS: And then there’s the negotiation process. You’re going
to negotiate with your salesperson before you can begin that develop a relationship.
Take a little time, get to know him, make sure you’re comfortable with him ’cause guess
what? You don’t have to work with just anybody. So make sure you take that step and then of
course there’s finance. CATHY DROZ: Right. And actually, F&I stands for finance and insurance
and you’ll be surprised that when you first step in that room it’s all about the add-ons,
anything extra that you need, and you’ll see that in the next clip.

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