How to Buy a New Car : How to Find Car Dealerships

How to Buy a New Car : How to Find Car Dealerships

And I’m Cathy D with Two for the Road USA on behalf of Expert Village. BILL ZERVAKOS:
In this clip, we’re going to talk about the dealership. We’re going to talk about finding
a dealership and how it’s important to find a good dealership and one that you’ll feel
comfortable working with because I’ll tell you right now, they’re working on making you
feel like you’re at home. CATHY DROZ: Feeling at home is what they want. So here, you have
a beautiful waiting room where everybody can work on their laptop, have a cup of coffee,
maybe even enjoy a doughnut or two. While you’re doing that, you may even want to put
your children over into an adorable little playroom. This is what’s new at dealerships,
and it truly helps you sit down and go through that process when you know that everyone else
is being taken care of. BILL ZERVAKOS: An area you hear us talk about a lot that’s very,
very important is your service. You know when you buy a new car, you’re going to need to
take a cab even it’s for basic service, and knowing that you have somebody who’s going
to look after your car and treat it like it should be treated, more importantly, treat
you well is very important. So you’d want to check out the service department. You meet
the service advisor. Check out the bays. See how clean it is in there. Obviously, you can
see this particular dealership is very, very clean; keeps it very neat. So it’s important
to know that when you’re shopping. So go out there, take a look around and make sure you
feel comfortable with what you see because that’s a big deal. Customer service is very,
very important today, and you’ll find dealerships working very hard at it, even to the extent
that you’ll notice here, you see a young man washing the car, and taking very good care
of it before it gets ready to go back to the owner. These are things that are pretty important
so you’d want to keep an eye on that. In our next clip, we’ll talk about working with the
sales associate.

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