How to buy a second-hand car?

How to buy a second-hand car?

How to buy a second-hand car Buying a car can be fun.
Fall in love, but stay rational. Make sure to do your research,
starting with the budget. Don’t spend all your money on the car. Keep some budget for maintenance,
especially on older cars. Some things may break faster than expected. You can do a lot of research on the Internet.
We have nice videos ourselves, but go further. Check make forums for
specific clues what to look for in a car. Keep an eye on the cars on offer to see new
cars coming in and being sold for what prices. If you find a car with a low price,
there’s also the expression: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes there is a reason why the car
is so cheap. Sometimes it’s fraud, but there may be things wrong with the
car and the owner wants to get rid of it. When looking for a car, check more than
one to see the differences, e.g. in color. They both look silver grey,
but have different colors. Also to feel if the car handles
differently than the other car. A very important tip: never go alone. Falling in love with a car and buying it;
have someone reason with you. They can ask critical questions. If you see a car on offer by a private seller,
call and ask about the car for sale. If he doesn’t know which car it is right
away, it may be a disguised trader. That doesn’t need to be a bad thing,
but the story about the car may be wrong. It’ll effect your trust in the seller, so
be critical, with traders and dealers as well. Buying advice with
Volvo Van Rosmalen’s Bart Rijk What should you look for in a car? Hello Bart. What do we have to look
and watch out for? Help us. It’s good to gather a lot
of information in advance. You know what car to look at,
where you’re interested in. If the car has a lot of damage,
it’ll give you a certain feeling about it. When buying from a private seller, they
don’t have a cleaner and can’t paint it. You’ll see that.
– Yes, you’ll see it. You can see for yourself if it’s a lot of damage
or minor things that are acceptable. You can clean a car really well, but you
can’t do that with bigger damage. You’ll have to decide if that’s
OK and if the price matches. If it’s really cheap,
you may expect damage. And bigger damage?
A crashed car is a horror story. How can you tell? This looks good,
but maybe it’s been on its roof. That’s hard to tell. Open the doors
and look for new welds. It’s important to check the trunk’s
bare metal for changes. The same goes for under the hood.
Repainted fenders will differ left and right. If a damage has been fixed properly,
there’s nothing to worry about. Check the doors’ rubbers. If they’re
broken you can get leakages. What will you look at inside the car? Most importantly, the interior
has to look well maintained. A lot of cars have a leather steering wheel. If it has a lot of scratches and a low
mileage, you’ll wonder if that’s right. If the mileage is right.
– Just like when the pedals’ rubbers are worn. Yes, and the center console.
It’s chromed in this car. If it’s heavily scratched,
is dented and stuff fell on it, it may have done more miles
or been driven differently. Always ask the seller for
a national autopas certificate. Make sure to get a certificate to
see the mileage can be explained. That doesn’t say everything. What will you do if the number of
miles suddenly dropped in recent years? Will you say “whatever”? No. You can ask the seller to
tell more about its history. It may be written down in the service manual,
so these parts should stay with the car. When was the car serviced
and at what workshop. You can ask the workshop
about the service provided. Isn’t it intrusive to call about
the car and ask about it? I want people to call us. You offer
some certainty and confidence. The electronics in a nice car, but is it
really necessary to check everything? To be certain it’s good
to check everything. Does everything work?
The electronics may falter. If you don’t check something
and buy it from a private seller, but the satnav doesn’t work when driving
off, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Let the seller explain as many features as
possible, how they work and how to use them. That’s very important as well.
– What can the tires say about the car? What to look for at the tires?
– The first touch is most important. Do they look nice and smooth?
Is there plenty of tread? You can feel that by putting
your fingers in the tread. Uneven wear is wrong.
– Yes. You’ll notice during a testdrive. If the car draws to the left or right,
it needs to be aligned. If it vibrates, it’ll need balancing
because it’s unbalanced. If the car draws to the right or left,
you’ll see uneven wear. You can see that on
the outside and inside. The production year is hard to find,
but a tire’s age seems important. Is a 10 years old tire still OK? It still happens, people who economize on the
car’s maintenance and keep the tires for a long time. On this tire you can see it was
produced in week 46 of 2012. This tire is still young, so you won’t have
much problems with it. It’s not dry. Tires that have been on the car for years
may have a good tread, but have dried out. The risk of tears is great. You may run a flat or blowout. The engine is an important part of the car.
Technics. What are we going to look at? It needs to look clean and well maintained.
The engine shows how the car was treated. You can look at the tanks
for the various liquids. As a private buyer you don’t have
to know what every tank is for. You do have to know if the
liquid level is on minimum. That may indicate deferred maintenance. The liquids need to be on the right level, but can
you tell something by its color or transparency? Or is that too difficult?
– It is rather difficult. Some tanks show how much is in it, but are
dark. You can’t always tell by the color if it’s OK. Of course, rust is a big problem in the
coolant, but that only happens in older cars. Then, you can check if the engine is dry,
devoid of oil and grease leakage. You can see that well with this engine. The
current generation engines are hidden, so you’ll have to look underneath of there’s
no oil leaking out of the sump. If that does happen, it can be a gasket.
That doesn’t have to be a big problem. It is important to investigate it further. Is it wise to put the car on a lift? If you have the opportunity, I would do that. It’s always good to look underneath,
so you can see part of the chassis. You can see the driveshafts’ covers. If
they leak and run dry, it’ll be expensive. Those are things you can
check as a private buyer. Here’s the chassis number. It seems important
to check if it’s the same on the papers. Yes, that is very important. The chassis
number isn’t always located in the same place. The old registration says where
to find the chassis number. If it’s been filed off,
I suggest not to buy the car. That seems like good advice.
Not even when it’s very cheap? No, especially not when it’s very cheap. You
never know what happens when you do buy it. If the car was stolen, you
may get into big trouble. So, that’s it.
– No, that’s what you’d think. You’ve done a lot of things, but the
most important thing is the testdrive. If you buy a jacket, you try
it on first to see if it fits. What do I need to keep in mind
when I’m taking it for a testdrive? First, it’s important to start.
Are there no strange noises? A rattle may indicate a problem with
the timing chain, for example. When driving, does it feel right in every
gear? Does it make metallic sounds? If it makes ticking noises in corners,
a wheel bearing or axle may be broken. Does the car vibrate, pull to the left or right?
– How long do you need to drive? It’s important to take every road
you use every day yourself. Do 31 mph downtown, take a
50 mph road; drive different speeds. You don’t need to do
124 mph to see if it’s OK. Drive as you would normally do, but test
the brakes, acceleration and engine braking. That’s very important. We nearly checked everything,
but I only got 1 key. Yes, but there should always be 2. 2 is the minimum. If 1 is missing,
consider the costs. A remote key with a transponder like
this, may cost more than 250 euros. It is important to have 2 keys
and all the documents. Thanks to
Volvo Van Rosmalen Subs – Maru

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  1. Goede tips, wel duidelijk dat een 2 hands auto kopen niet in een half uurtje gedaan gaat worden. Had graag ook wat tips gehad over hoeveel je nu reëel gezien van de prijs af kunt onderhandelen. 

  2. What about getting a car checked by a professional before you buy.  A Pre Purchase Inspection.  Should you get all cars checked, what about cars from dealers.  These are things i would like to see a video on.

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