How to Buy a Used Car : Average Monthly Payments for a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car : Average Monthly Payments for a Used Car

ERIK RINCON: Hi, this is Erik for
Today, we will be talking about how to buy vehicles here at Inland Empire Auto Center.
How much can you expect to pay as far as the car payment? Well, payments range from anywhere
from $200 to $250 to $300 based on how much of a down payment you actually put in down,
how much you’re financing over a length of time. It could be anywhere from three years
to five years to even 72 months financing which is six years. So based on your term,
you can go for payments of $200 up to $500. It depends on how much you finance in the
vehicle. Well, a typical, average car payment right now in the market is about $200 to $250,
you know? Compact vehicles, anything for a price range of about $10,000 or under. We
have a couple of price ranges from vehicles, from a nice, flashy vehicle that you’ll be
paying about, maybe $300 to $400 a month, from having a typical flashy vehicle that’s
a lot more sporty, compact. A flashy car, pretty much, distinguish a little bit of what
you want to drive. Some people just wanted to drive an ideal vehicle from point A to
point B. For those people that want to have a nice, flashy vehicle, you know, flashy vehicles
cost a little more money, but then again, you represent yourself with more elegant.

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  1. You didn't say anything about one's credit score determining thier monthly payments. Better credit generally equals lower finance charges while worse credit equals higher finance charges. It's important to have good credit if you want to save $.

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