How To Buy A Used Car – Checking The Suspension – Lesson 2 Part 1

How To Buy A Used Car – Checking The Suspension – Lesson 2 Part 1

Hi. Ken Groves here again. In our last video,
we talked about tires. Tires are a very important way to know if you’re getting a good car
or not when you’re buying that used car. Let’s recap a little bit. First of all,
we talked about mismatched tires. Make sure they’re all the same. And if they’re not,
these tires have been switched and played around with what? Is there a problem? It’s all about questions here. Now, another
thing you want to look at is tread depth in there. You stick your finger in there. Can
you get like half a fingernail down in the tread? That’s a good solid tire right there,
lots of tread depth ready to go. Good wear on that tire. It will last you a while if
you buy this car. Second thing you want to look at is, “How
is the tread wearing?” Is it worn on the outside? Is it worn on the inside? Is it worn
in the middle and OK on the outside? Well, that’s what you got to look at. You got
to look how that tread is wearing on this tire. This tire is wearing pretty even. You remember
about rubbing your hand? Rub your hand down over this way. Is it grabbing your hand, trying
to hold you? Rub it this way. Is it grabbing your hand? Now pull it back. Is it grabbing
your hand? It tells you that the tread is worn one way
or the other and if you’re rubbing your hand over, it’s trying to stop your hand.
This tire is wearing great right here. Great wearing tire. This tire here, now this is
worn down a little more but it looks like it’s wearing pretty even. Rub my hand both ways. Oh, I feel a little
cupping right here. That’s where the tread is going like this. A little cupping on the
inside. Some tires just do that. This one is wearing just a little bit. What that does,
it makes a lot of noise when you’re driving. That’s the cupping noise that it’s making.
This tire is cupped just a little bit, not too bad. If it’s cupping real bad though, that tire
is going to make your steering wheel shake and the front end shake. This tire here is
worn but it’s still a good tire. It will last probably a good six, maybe eight months
yet before you have to replace it. So if there’s any belt showing, the steel
radial that we saw on the last video sticking to the side, bad tires. You will need tires
right away on that one but these tires right here on this car is looking good. Now come up to a car in a used car lot. It
has got all the tires on it. Oh, that’s good, right? No. That’s not good. The guys
in the used car lot know that there’s a problem with the front end of this car and
instead of spending $600 or $700 or $800 to get the suspension all fixed on that car so
it’s right, it’s cheaper to throw a set of $80 tires on it. You think you’re getting
a good deal but what you’re buying is a lot of suspension troubles upfront. They covered up a few tires. Be very careful.
Here’s a couple of ways you can see if your suspension is OK.

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  1. Thank you so much Mr.Ken Groves, the information you shared was very helpful!!! You are a life saver and you saved me time and money!!! God Bless you Ken!! Anthony Joseph Lide Jr

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