How to Buy a Used Car : Co-Signing on a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car : Co-Signing on a Used Car

ERIK RINCON: Hi, this is Erik for
Today, we will be talking about how to buy vehicles here at Inland Empire Auto Center.
A call center to finance it, yes, there is the co-signers. Co-signers for financing is
for people who have a little bit of obstacles in their credit issues from the past. And
they will need–they will need it co-signers whether it’s due to their employment as far
as maybe by–it might be less than full time and part time or just have never had any credit
experience on it to finance a higher dollar amount vehicle. The process of financing takes
anywhere from a process of three to seven days; it’s pretty much send the deal out to
the banks and actually have all the stipulations that we need as far as paycheck stubs, phone
bills, anything that’s residential that might have your name and address on it to prove
that you live at the–or reside at address that you’ve been reporting.

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