How to Buy a Used Car : Credit & Down Payment Information for Used Cars

How to Buy a Used Car : Credit & Down Payment Information for Used Cars

ERIK RINCON: Hi, this is Erik for
Today, we will be talking about how to buy vehicles here at Inland Empire Auto Center.
When you’re financing a vehicle, the best thing is that when you have real, good, positive
credit, you will be able to have real, good low interest rate with less money down and
less, pretty much, payment time issued. Now, when you’re credit is not so good, normally
you’re going to have to put up more down payment to finance a smaller amount of vehicle. And,
you know, so it’s based on your credit that you’ll be able to pretty much establish and
finance yourself on the way. Down payment with something that you have to put down as
far as taxes, license, government fee, what the bank requires for you in order to drive
off the vehicle. Once you put the money down for the down payment on the vehicle, that
loan gets reduced from the amount that you actually financed in the one amount sum. Now,
the bank sees it as a requirement, which is about 10 to 15, 20% based on the credit status,
they’ll go ahead and approve your loan for the dollar amount that you financed into the

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  1. Wait I plan on making a down payment, but I don't have any credit because I haven't started one. So how do I make a down payment, because I kinda don't want to pay in full price.

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