How to Buy a Used Car : Extra Features on Used Cars

How to Buy a Used Car : Extra Features on Used Cars

ERIK RINCON: Hi, this is Erik for
Today, we will be talking about how to buy vehicles here at Inland Empire Auto Center.
We have this vehicle here with a moonroof–this vehicle–once you can start it up. You see
the moonroof will slide and open. And that’s with the radio that we were talking about.
Radio has nice sound to it, the leather comfortable. This a nice flashy car for what you were looking
for. Okay, the airbags are pretty much and then our basically equipped on vehicles now
stock. You have your driver airbag–and you have a passenger airbag. Now some of these
vehicles have extra airbags which is side airbag. Side airbags are for collision; depending
on the size of it you know you have more airbag protection. We need airbags in our vehicles
to be safety–to have a little more safety in our vehicles you know when you have an
impact collision on it there’s nothing that might save your life more than your airbag.
Yes, side airbags are coming out of most vehicles now and it’s actually been–they’re trying
to put them on every single vehicle standard because airbags are just more safety as far
as the measurements. If you have a family and you have little ones on it I recommend
that you have side airbags and most of the airbags you can get and get the multi-side
airbags too.

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