How to Buy a Used Car : How to Pick the Best Quality Used Cars

How to Buy a Used Car : How to Pick the Best Quality Used Cars

ERIK RINCON: Hi, this is Erik for
Today, we’ll be talking about how to buy vehicles here at Inland Empire Auto Center. The way
you could spot a quality vehicle is you could tell it’s a quality vehicle by the paint job
they might have, by any dents, major dents that they might reflect. If it’s a black vehicle,
black vehicles are usually a little bit harder to keep clean, so the dents actually–you’ll
notice a lot quicker. Over here, we’ve got a mid-71 Mercury Sable. It’s a nice, fully
sized vehicle. It’s got a one owner vehicle in the CARFAX certification for that. And
I could tell you the vehicle doesn’t have any wears or tares from the inside. The body
is in pretty good shape, not banged up or dented up or fade-resistant as far as for
the paint. Another good way to spot a quality vehicle is by just by the mileage that it
has on it, if its mileage is pretty fair on it. Anything under a hundred thousand miles
for a Toyota brands, Nissans and Hondas are pretty much–a very good reputations. Other
than that, just as far as the body pretty much.

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  1. You wouldn't have to be an "expert" to give this advice. Carfax is not the only or best means to pick a quality used car either. Just because it's a Toyota, Honda or Nissan with less than 100,000 does not make it a quality car either. Contrary to popular belief, car companies do NOT build used cars.

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