How To Buy A Used Car Lesson Four – Part One

How To Buy A Used Car  Lesson Four – Part One

Hey. It’s Ken Groves. Glad you came back.
We’re talking about the body on your used car. You’re looking at buying a car. Is it
any good? I don’t know. We talked about how the body fits, the gap between your doors.
That gap between your fenders, is it even? We talked about the plane of the metal. Is
it even like this or one up, one down? Very important. Remember the last video? OK. We talked about
that. We also talked about looking for obvious stuff. The one fender trim on that one car,
it wasn’t the same color as the other one. Something was going on there. Let’s look at another car. Let’s continue
about the body. I first walk up to a used car, I look at the body. I don’t worry about
shiny. Don’t worry about shiny. Here’s a dent. Here’s a dent. OK? Go look here. This hood
and this fender don’t line up on the plane. They don’t line up right. Let’s look over here and see what else we
can find. The side lines look OK. OK. That looks OK there. We’re looking at seam and
gap and all that. Now, the next thing you want to look at, do
the doors open and shut OK? That door opened OK. Let’s see how it shuts. You shouldn’t
have to slam a door to shut it. That means the door is not adjusted right. There has
been a problem. Somebody has had it off, didn’t get it back on straight. See how easy that
door comes open? See how easy that door shuts? That’s how it’s supposed to. Another thing we want to look for, come over
here. Whenever a door opens or shuts, if it’s not lined up right, the corner sometimes will
hit up here and leave a mark. Sometimes it will hit in here and leave a mark or down
here at the bottom. The bottom corners won’t align line up right and they will hit and
leave a mark or another place you can look is right here. This is where the door striker
and the door latch come together. If they’re not lined up right, oh, it will make an ugly
mark here or here and you will see it right on here. This is a ’98 Chrysler van. Pretty
old. Look how nice that looks. That door has been opened and shut a million
times but it’s lined up right so it’s not all beat up. Look right there and see if it’s
all beat up. If it is, that door is not lined up right. If you’re looking at mini vans, because you
got like 14 kids and more on the way, get a hobby. OK? But when the door is open, can
you see how easy that door popped open? See that? In a lot of mini vans, they are going
to stick. See how easy that door slides there? Well this is not an automatic door. Some of
them are automatic and sometimes they come back chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk. Those
are a pain in the butt. You don’t want one of those. If it doesn’t come back smooth and easy, go
away. Get away from it. There’s a million of them out there for sale. Don’t look at
ones where the doors don’t work right on automatic doors. See how easy that door slides shut?
Look at that. No effort at all. That’s what you want.

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