How to Buy a Used Car : Popular Brands of Used Cars

How to Buy a Used Car : Popular Brands of Used Cars

ERIK RINCON: Hi, this is Erik for
Today, we will be talking about how to buy vehicles here at Inland Empire Auto Center.
Some of the top brands in the market right now are pretty much Toyota, Hondas, Nissans
and mostly economical Japanese foreign vehicles. They’re more reliable, they’re more spacious,
and they’re really reliable as far as resalable value in the market. You know, you buy a vehicle
and you want to pretty much hold its value, the best top shape you can and with a vehicle
like a Toyota or a Honda, it pretty much go for high mileage with low maintenance and
these vehicles are pretty much with very good reputation. The most top brands of cars as
far as an American vehicles–maybe look at as far as maybe Ford F150, Chevy’s, Chevy
1500s, a lot of other vehicles on the market on it, you know, Dodge. You know it just depends
on what you’re trying to use it for. Every vehicle has a purpose you use on it and if
you’re looking for basic transportation, economical, you have anything from like compact size vehicle,
Honda Civic to a full sized truck, you know like a Ford F150, or something’s that’s still
compact with the whole family like a Tacoma, Crew Cab, you know, four doors, everything
to it, so. As far as what you need for vehicle that is family spacious-I think you should
pretty much get the big.

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  1. if you truly want to learn every aspect of the retail auto industry go to "dont fear the dealer" for 30 bucks they teach you just as much as any person in auto sales, or probably more! by far the best investment i've ever made!

  2. Was it brown, or red? I have been in the auto-industry for over 20 years. Sales, service, parts. (Still ASE certified for parts)
    Red coolant was first used by Toyota and GM, and is now very common. It's a special blend for aluminum radiators. It's called DEXCOOL.
    There was a time that only it could be used in these cars.
    Now there are many universal formulas out there than can be used in both.
    If it was BROWN, it could be rust..but more than likely indicates a blown head gasket.

  3. Just because the brand name ends with a vowel (or an "n") is not going to make it reliable. All used cars have issues because not JUST because of design, but how they were treated by past owners. Get your car inspected by a certified frame mechanic if you want a ghost of a chance of getting a decent used car. Body repair is the most expensive to do and where corners are most often cut. This is not to offend, but from the school of hard knocks.

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