How to Buy a Used Car : What is a Salvage Title?

Hi, this is John Michaels with Expert Village;
today we are going to be talking about how to buy a used car. In this segment we are
going to talk about salvage titles. It is not something that you would typically see
in a dealership, you can however run into a car that has been destroyed there and then
put back together when you are out there buying from a private party, so be sure that you
remember salvage titles are not the kind of car that you want to own. You don’t know
how many problems that you may end up with in the future and it is something that I would
highly suggest that you run away from. So get out there when you look and find out from
your private buyer or seller whether or not the car that you are looking at has a salvage
title. Remember most dealerships can’t sell or resell a car that has a salvage title so
you are usually safe there, however when shopping for a car from a private party make sure that
you find out whether or not the car has a salvage title. It is very important to you
and your family so in the long run be sure that you have asked that question when buying
a used car.

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