How To Buy A Used Motorcycle

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to
properly check out a used motorcycle before you buy it,
now I recently purchased this beautiful Triumph Thruxton used and I’ll show you
how I checked it out before I threw my money down, the first thing you want is a
cold engine, this thing’s been sitting all night, when you go to check out a
used bike, touch the engine, if it’s warm or hot, you got to wait until it’s cold to
check it out, because they often have a starting problem when they’re cold, but
as you can see it’s ice-cold I pushed the starter button, starts right up, a worn out engine it’ll be hard to start, you don’t want to buy a bike that’s hard to
start, that’s somebody else’s problem look for another one, then let it warm up for
four or five minutes and give it a lot of throttle once it’s warmed up you want to have a good throttle
response like that, you don’t want smoke coming out of the exhaust and you
definitely don’t want backfiring, if it’s smoking or backfiring look for another
motorcycle, then with a bright little flashlight, look inside the gas tank, you
want to look inside and see if there’s rust or anything in this case it’s nice
and shiny steel there’s no rust the tank is clean, realize that many motorcycles
are kind of like toys they sit around a lot, so a lot of times the gas tanks are
rust you might think oh I’ll get another gas tank these things can cost over a
thousand bucks just for the gas tank, so make sure the gas tank is clean inside
and speaking of clean look all over the engine and the transmission to see if
there’s any kind of oil leaks now the old Triumphs leak like mad, but this baby
doesn’t like a drop they make a lot better than they use to, then since this is a
chain drive motorcycle go back and inspect the chain and the sprocket, as
you can see here the sprocket still have good flat heads, that means they’re in
great shape when the head start to get worn and they get all rounded out on the
heads, then it’s time for a new sprocket and chain, as you can see the previous
owner took good care of the chain that’s all lubricated and clean so the
drivetrain is good, now modern motorcycles are kind of like modern cars,
a lot of them have obd2 ports that you can plug an analysis scan tool and so if
you have one, you could hook it up and check that out too and access it on a
triumph you take off the rear cowling then remove the rear seat, you just unscrew
the two bolts to hold the seat in place then the whole seat just slides off and
here’s the obd diagnostic port that we plug into, just plug the tool in and as
we can see there’s no codes, there’s no problems and if your like me, you can even
do live data analysis of it, pretty cool, you can get all kinds of information from
these scan tools it’s a worthwhile investment for anybody, you can even
share them with your friends because they work on all ninety-six or newer
vehicles, just don’t try hooking it up to your cat, she won’t like it,
cats don’t understand much about electronics
and while you’re at it look around under the seat, check out the battery while I
recently switched my battery to one of these lithium iron batteries so there’s
no corrosion and then it won’t ruin any of the electronics it’s a good idea to
switch those anyways and then check out the front forks to see if the seals are
bad and they’re leaking fluid and of course do the same for the back shocks
to see if they’re leaking, then check the headlight, the tail lighting, brake light,
and the turn signals, now it came with these horrendously ugly orange turn signal
stocks, but I threw them away put on these cute LEDs, I think it makes the
bike look much sexier, I mean really, look how ugly these things are now, they’re gone, and
then of course you want to take it for a road test, but unfortunately many guys
won’t let you drive their motorcycle they’re worried you’re going to wreck it,
so at least let them take you for a ride so you can listen to the transmission
shift, see how the engine is and see how much acceleration it has and how good to
brake stop, if you can’t drive it at least get a ride, so now you know how to
check out a used motorcycle before you buy it, and remember, if you’ve got any car questions just
visit the Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done
driving this car

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  2. what about head bearings and brake pads and or shoes fluid levels i check all these things as well as your stuff

  3. Really enjoy the tips and fun to watch, have even got a few good laughs along the way……..Thanks Scotty

  4. not a brit bike guy but cool bike scotty. great exhaust note. just bought an almost new XR1200. that is a bike i think you'd like.

  5. The sprocket doesnt get rounded scotty. They get really sharp and pointy when they are worn. Ive went through a few lol

  6. Wish I could bring you to look for a bike haha. Just completed my MSF course. So now next is to get a bike.

  7. hey scotty, i noticed you ride this bike in your intros and was wondering if you had tips for keeping it running smooth? mine has had a rough idle lately and im not sure what it could be as ive checked the obvious places

  8. Scotty, a bit of a money making idea, in your spare time, maybe you could go check out bikes for sale, go over each bike, then say to the owner, here is a list of what's wrong with your bike, when would you like to bring it in to me, for me to fix it?.

  9. Hey scotty which triumph is that,looking for a used bike like what I see!,by the way great tutorials, thanks Don

  10. hey man, thanks for the video, is really good!!!!, i have a question, my friend and i are planning to buy our first cruises motorcycles, i really don't like the small cylinder bikes actually small size bikes but i know i cannot start with a big bike because is gonna be my first and actually I am in the leaning process of how to ride, I'm having in my mind a 650cc Yamaha/Honda/Kawa.. but of course a second hand and I really do not want to spend more that 2.5k, any recommendations? PLEASE READ AND ANSWER THIS BECAUSE I KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE WILL HELP US A LOT!!!!!!!

  11. only drive honda bike and never had bad surprise. My daily driver is transalp xl600v 1993. great bike never broke down

  12. Only thing I would add is if it has a centerstand ( they all should in my opinion) grasp the front/back wheel s and check for play which would gauge the wheel bearing s wear.

  13. Triumph bikes are not reliable. Yamaha is best with Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki following in that order. The worst bikes are BMW and Harley with Triumph in the middle.

  14. So nothing mentioned about checking radiator coolant? Stick your finger in, if there is any greasy/metalic looking scum inside it i can guarantee a bad gasket or worse a crack in the engine.

  15. Thanks for your video Scotty, I just recently got my permit for Motorcycle I would like to know what kind of motorcycle should I buy as a new beginner, at the same time I don't wanna spend to much money I live in N.Y most of the time I drive car when winter is coming. Thanks

  16. A couple of things I noticed real quick.
    The chain and sprocket are worn out. The adjuster was all the way out. This is caused by the previous owner over tightening during service. The condition you explained was correct but is caused by heavy acceleration with a loose chain.
    Next, the cats interaction with the OBD Scanner reminded me of some very old school mechanics I know…..LOL
    And lastly, God Bless Texas!!!

  17. Here’s a tip. Get a cheap one. You’ll only get knocked over by Mr I’m Too Good To Look Before Changing Lanes anyway.

  18. i like the old turn singles they are big easy to see..nice bike i learned to drive on a 650 trumpy at 16..yr age ..the trumpies have improved much..

  19. Hey Scotty – big fan- question about the triumph, going to buy the exact same one on the weekend – but the seller has had the bike in storage for a year, do you think it’s worth it ?

  20. Idk now I feel sad because I bought a motorcycle for $600. Owner told me the only problem it has is the tank is rusty and needs a line idk wth that means 😫😫😫. Didn't start or nothing just loved the deal.

  21. Keihin CTK throttle body..

    Throttle body made with carburetor visual looks. Where it's supposed to be carburetor piston now housing the injector.

  22. Bought a Kawasaki vulcan 500, used. Less than 9000 miles on it.
    Mechanic has done some carb work on it but they still knock a little bit.

  23. Wow you're the best this really helped especially since I got a Thruxton as well! 7k miles everything looks good except for there's mild rust on the metal bar attached to the engine behind the radiator but I'm sure it can be cleaned off

  24. First you were cleaning your cat with lacquer thinner, now your trying to hook the scanner tool up to it!
    I seriously feel sorry for your cats lol!

  25. First thing to check is the oil. It should be clean and filled to the correct level. If the oil is dirty and level is low, back off. Poorly maintained.

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