How to Buy A Used Second Hand Car Privately

Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart
Drive Test talking to you today about the story that a car tells. I’m currently
buying a vehicle for a friend with a $5,000 budget. It’s a bit challenging, and it’s a
second-hand vehicle. So we’re going to talk a little bit about the
story that a car tells and how to interpret that story. Stick around, we’ll
be right back with that information. [INTRO & UPBEAT MUSIC] A friend of mine is looking for a vehicle.
The budget is $5,000, which isn’t much. And I know that I’m going to be looking at
a 15… maybe even a 20-year-old vehicle. So I’m looking at Hondas & Toyotas.
Something that’s got 200,000 kilometers on it, about 80,000 miles. This
morning I looked at a Honda Civic and the story it told me was to offer the
owner a thousand dollars less than what he was asking for it. And of course he turned me down flat. He didn’t even come back with a counteroffer. And so I walked away. It was a Honda Civic 2005. It had 220,000km on it, which is about a hundred thousand miles. You know, which isn’t terrible. You’re still going to get
another sixty thousand miles; another hundred thousand kilometers out of that
vehicle if you look after it. It looked all right. It was dirty. The owner hadn’t kept it clean. You know, everything looked alright. It was a
five-speed manual. I took it for a drive. As soon as I went out the lane way though there
was a bit of snow there, and it just slid and the ABS (anit-lock braking system) brakes activated. And I’ll put a card up in the corner for you on ABS brakes if you don’t know about
those. That was okay, but it danced around a little bit more on a bit of snow and
ice. I came back to put my hand on the tires and realized that the tires were
completely bald on it. So it needed set a tire. So there you’re into six or
seven hundred dollars for a Honda Civic. The windshield was broken and that’s
about five hundred dollars to replace. The windshield it was actually cracked;
it couldn’t just be fixed on a chip repair. The clear coat was coming off on
the car, which indicates that it probably has never been waxed. The Civic symbol on the back was missing. As well, all the lights worked, the sunroof worked. It was
a nice driving car. Of course, the Honda’s are. The last
telltale for me was that the reverse lights didn’t work on it. And I actually
got the owner to come out and helped me with the reverse lights because I
thought maybe the car had to be running. Even when we turned it on and
got the engine running the reverse light still wouldn’t come on. So that was kind
of the deciding factor for me that the car hadn’t been looked after. The driver
was just driving it to work and wasn’t maintaining it that much. So it brings
into question other things that need to be done on these Civics… timing belt and
those types of things. And then the last piece for me, the real crunch of it was, you know, the clutch pedal wasn’t worn so they’re not riding
the clutch. But the stick shift, the shifter inside the
car was all worn on the front of the shifter, which indicates to me that the
driver, when they’re driving has their hand rested on the shifter. which is not
where you should have your hand when you’re driving a manual transmission.
Find someplace else to put your hand. Don’t rest it on the stick. So that was
the story that the car told. As I said, I offered the owner $1,000 less
than what he was asking. He flatly deny it. He didn’t even come back with a
counteroffer and I just said thanks for your time and walked away. Know that all
cars – the price for a car is negotiable. Even if you go for a brand new vehicle!
And we’ll do another video on here on negotiable prices. So if you’re trying to sell a used vehicle know that it has to be maintained. It’s not an asset. It is not
something that’s going to keep its value unless you maintain that vehicle. And
that’s just something that is part and parcel of owning a vehicle – that it’s
going to cost you money. They don’t appreciate in value. So for
another video click here; to subscribe click here… somewhere else on the screen. And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer. Have a
great day. Bye now.

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