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  1. Remember when you could watch a video without having to sit through commercials?

    Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO

    Remember when all the info was to the right of the video?

    Remember you could rate a video 1-5 stars?

    Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?

    Remember when the users controlled the site and not corporations?

    Post this in every video and lets start a youtube revolution!

    Thumbs up to keep at the top of the page!

  2. @kingchris110 Remember when everyone rated videos they liked 5 stars and videos they disliked 1 star? The new system is better, but I agree that the rest is worse now than before.

  3. SEE!? We need someone to go to DUBAI and read the VIN numbers to us, so we can get in line at the DMV and get those abandoned FERRARI'S, DELOREANS, XJ220 JAGUARS, BENZ, and put them in our name, free and clear!

  4. @austn12345 Then your screwed from gettin the car. Wat they didnt say is wat if that girl on the fone was like.. "how much youll gimme for it"

  5. it don't work that way in the U.K. the government have made it much more difficult to obtain ownership of an abandoned car over here.

  6. THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT MATE, If those dumbfuck riches of dubais will dump BMW's, Porsches, Lambos and Jaguar's… WE FUCKING WANT THEM!!!!

  7. It's a joke. This guy in the video thinks this car is abandoned so takes it for himself. I'm joking that if it's exactly like your friend's car maybe it is and next time your friend goes to look for his car it'll be gone because this guy has taken it…

  8. they make this job look sweet.they run up on the wrong car the're gonna fucked up.like on that repo show.

  9. if the car is left on the street with the owner never in sight the city takes it and puts it up for auction. Now if the car is left abandoned on a premise now right there im not sure how would you be able to register the car

  10. well i found a abandoned bugatti veyron in a forest and i found the car key too so i don't need to buy it 😂😂

  11. I know where there's an 80s station wagon…..with no plate on it…anyone think I should just plop a plate On that thing and claim it, Or go through the legal process.

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