How to Buy US imported cars in Dubai? | Hello Dubai Update Series | Wielbert Collinson

How to Buy US imported cars in Dubai? | Hello Dubai Update Series | Wielbert Collinson

You are watching Hello Dubai TV hold on this is not fast and furious but
this is the most furious is topic in UAE hi this is Wielbert here welcome to
another Hello Dubai video many of my friends have asked me to take a video on
one of the most frequently asked question among the people here in UAE is
how can i buy an American imported car in Dubai? Do we have any experience? Do
we have any forums? Do people talk about it? it I’m going to share some insights
about this right away buying American imported car in Dubai. So I’m going to
walk you through and certain links will be there in the description where you
can follow which will help you to buy an American imported car in Dubai. Right,
many of you know that they’re already U.S specific cars in UAE and they are here for
insurance right off so for some reason there are some places where you can
actually rebuild this cars the reasons are because of it is a totalled car and
dealers buy it here, they rebuild it yes the reason is cheap labour. okay let me
tell you a small incident a good friend of mine he got a great deal on this ford
explorer with the clean record on a dealership here. Few months later the
electrical system went down what you need to do next? yes, email ford in U.S and
they replied back that the car was totaled due to a hurricane flooding. right, I know it’s
scary my friend was furious he got an email
saying that’s a total car because of hurricane flooding and it turns out to
be every electrical component underneath the car was rusting it was corroding I
mean every electronic part that is connected to it so you’ll be wondering
why my friend didn’t see the rustling or the corrosion of the car! all of us know
there’s a big plastic protective thing right underneath the car now if you need
to do a thorough check on a car you must visit your local mechanic and none of us
like paying a X amount or a Y amount to the mechanic what’s the
solution here it is.. heard about VIN? VIN is a vehicle identifying number this is
like a biography of your car it tells you its make, the model, the service
records, the accidents, the original location, where your vehicle was purchased? how
many owners it had? where the vehicle has been registered? warranty info, factory
recall and much more how do we check VIN? right, so VIN can
be checked on your car’s dashboard which is visible through your windshield, you
can also locate the wind number on the driver door on the inside panel now I’ll
walk you through with the website which will help you to check the VIN number
it’s which is National Insurance Crime Bureau. Once you’re on
the website you have to type to VIN number and then you’re going to agree
the term in conditions is a small box for capche type the capche and then
click on search the web site address is on the description below so once you’re
in the new page you will find the two records that is the theft record and the
total loss record this will identify whether it is a theft vehicle or if
there’s any total losses on the vehicle and if it is not identified which means
it is good to go okay if the car is identified! then I would kindly recommend
not to purchase this car if you need to do a thorough checkup you can walk into
any garage talk to your mechanic and I am sure he will tell you what to do next Do remember these two basic things one
is checking the VIN number second is checking with your local mechanic don’t
be scared worried or panic about buying a American imported car so best
of luck on your next search I am sure we’ll get a good American imported car
in UAE thanks for watching this video subscribe to this channel do like share
and comment we will see in the next video

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  2. Ur friends fault he didnot check the car before buying or even pay rta 350.dhs for comprehensive test they will gve u full report. Ur friend jst wanted to save money that y this happened

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