How to change Headlight Bulb on 2007 Suburban Chevrolet | Tahoe Replacement Headlamp

How to change Headlight Bulb on 2007 Suburban Chevrolet | Tahoe Replacement Headlamp

hello everyone please welcome and join me in Easy Steps today I’m going to share with you Suburban 2007 year model it’s Chevrolet and I’m going to show you how to replace the headlight bulb in easy steps first open up your hood so you open up the latch and open up the hood I have a burned ball and I want to replace it and I’m going to show you when you’re going to do it it will take you less amount of time so you can do it yourself in order to work on the headlight you need the ratchet and you need 10mm socket this is the bolt you’re going to remove it then you want to remove the second bolt from here once you remove these two there is a third one you want to remove it and it’s really cumbersome to work with but if you know the steps is really easy to work with so what we need to do I’m going to show you how you can do it in the efficient way I take out this bolt which also required 10mm socket one two three and four from the grill other two on the side you can keep it you remove the bolts the grill it becomes loose this is what you we need now we have to go back on the tire there is a little bolt which also requires 10mm socket once you remove this one then at the bottom plastic screws which you are pulled in you can pull this one out and just pull it out with the hand there is the one plastic tab that one you need to pull it out once you pull this one out put a screwdriver or something just bend it once you bend it to see you bend this plastic and you put your hand inside and you will see this is the alignment for the headlight this one has 8 mm bolt you don’t need to remove it you just need to loosen it once you lose it the light will move forward once you loosen the screw on the back and you are in the front with the headlight it’s really important that and now you needed two people to work with that makes the job easy if not two people you still can do it yourself it’s a good idea to have two people work with because one person can pull the grille and the other person can work on the headlight but what happens is that if you are a just byself doing DIY you can do it yourself you can put your hand and you push it a grille back like this you need about this much like a room hand to go inside why I am saying because now if you see I can pull this a headlight and I can move around I have a know enough room in there so once you have the room this one is the pushed out and so you see this light this you have to turn it anti-clockwise and I’m going to pull it out so this is how it’s easy you take it a bulb out so once you take it out the you just to take the clips off from the side you just pull it out now I’m going to replace with the new one H1155 so once you remove it you touch it at the bottom don’t touch the bulb at all this is the new one and now it’s important the bigger side then go into the bigger notches that’s what you need to watch out once you put it in then you will turn around this way clockwise so once you plug in back the connector this is the bigger side we’re going to make sure that it slides in and it’s the bulb goes in there and we put it right in there as it goes then I’m going to turn it around and that’s fits right in there so you see the light is on that’s always easy to change the ball please follow the instructions as I have it detailed out and you can change your bulb within 10 to 15 minutes and thank you for joining easy steps if you have any comments or recommendation please don’t hesitate to write below thank you again if you think this video helped you out please make sure to subscribe and like and share thank you BYE BYE

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  1. When I get my next headlight video I will be sure to have this video ready to show the cop maybe he will feel my pain.

  2. Well, I'm about to head outside and try it! I am used to a man doing these things for me! Wish me luck! Thanks for the EASY how to๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค—

  3. There are other videos out showing you how to replace it without removing the grill and inner fender liner. You can pull the air box and one plastic screw and access the bulbs. Kudos for creating the video though!

  4. GM Making it difficult to replace bulb is ABSOLUTELY INSANE! This is my 1st time owning a GM vehicle. I currently also have a Benz & a BMW & their engineers makes it easy to replace bulbs because they know that this is something so easy enough that majority of the owners will replace the bulbs themselves.
    I WILL definitely make this a factor next time i buy a car! Those GM Engineers are nothing but a bunch of clowns. I picked a Suburban because i want a vehicle that can seat 8 passengers & still have a GIANT LUGGAGE ROOM. Benz & BMW unfortunately Does not make such vehicle, hence my choice, but after experiencing this STUPIDITY…it's hard for me to justify STUPIDITY like this!
    I'm posting this to ALL relevant videos to get GM's attention so that they dont commit the same STUPIDITY again!
    Thanks for posting this video.

  5. Excellent video! Much better than the other videos on how to do this. You have clear accurate directions and were thorough and quick! Thank you!

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