How To Change Oil on a 2 Stroke Motorcycle or ATV

How To Change Oil on a 2 Stroke Motorcycle or ATV

Hi, I’m Eric from Rocky Mountain ATV/ And today I’m going to show you how to change oil in a two stroke First off we’re going to need some common hand tools, funnel, owners manual, some gloves, drain pan, and some good high quality oil. Rocky Mountain carries a wide variety of
oil. To start we’re going to take the oil filler cap off and set it aside. Underneath the bike we’ll find our drain plug. We have our drain pan ready. Normally some rags ready. And you’ll go ahead and remove the drain plug. As we do that, we’re going to inspect our drain plug, especially the washer, for wear. If it’s been crushed it’s probably time to replace it. Go ahead and rock the bike upright if it’s on a side stand just to make sure all the oil gets out. Let it drain for a couple minutes until all the oil has completely evacuated the transmission. Clean off your drain plug. Be careful not to cross-thread. Put it back in and refer to your owners manual for torque specs. This machine took fourteen foot pounds. After the drain plug is in, it’s time to fill the transmission with oil. And refer your owner’s manual, or you can
refer to the stamp on the side of the case It’ll normally tell you how much it needs. This one takes 750 milliliters. On the oil bottles you can either get a liter bottle of oil depending on the brand, or a quart. A liter has 1000 milliliters in it, a quart has 946 milliliters We’re going to go ahead and put the oil in using our MSR Clean Funnel. Keep an eye on your window, your clear window on your bottle so you know much much is going in. You can remove the oil level check bolt, make sure that you’ve got enough oil. When you put that back in it’s only about seven foot pounds. A lot of people strip those. Put your filler cap back on and you’re done.

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  1. How many hours until it is recommended to change the tranny oil. And also why would my bike hit neutral when i shift into second from first? i heard that it could be tranny oil and i should use a lighter weight (75w) oil.

  2. It could be a number of different things going wrong. First i would just make sure you are making a positive shift, something from 2nd to 1st that clicks right through neutral. Second it could be that your shift detent is worn causing it to stop in neutral so you could get your shift detent and pawls checked for wear. Third the teeth on your shift lever could be worn causing play between it and your shift shaft not allowing a positive shift and worst case scenario you've got a bent shift fork.

  3. i have a 2013 ktm 250 sx first bike where ive had tranny oil is it alright to run the honda 10w30 fully synthetic oil or should i be running something else

  4. I don't see a problem with running the Pro Honda 10w30 Fully Synthentic. KTM recommends you run the Motorex Top Speed 4T in a 15w50 but it's up to you.

  5. another question. my bike is a 2 stroke. im running the pro honda hp2 in a 32:1 premix ratio. but why would i run a 4 stroke motor oil in my gearbox/ transmission instead of a gear oil?

  6. It really doesn't matter which one you choose to run whether it be the recommended 4 Stroke Motor Oil KTM recommends or Pro Honda 85wTransmission Fluid. They would both be fine cause they are both designed to work with the gears in the transmission along with a wet clutch assembly. As long as the oil is changed regularly it doesn't matter. Some people will run a specific oil because they like the way it reacts and feels with the clutch so that would be a factor that could influence your choice

  7. I would run a 10w-30 Motor Oil in your gearcase, that's what's recommended for your bike or you could run something like the Bel Ray Gear Saver in a 75w would be just fine as well. As long as the oil is changed regularly you'd be fine with just about any motorcycle tranny oil or motorcycle motor oil

  8. Yeah you could run that with your tranny as long as it was a motorcycle tranny oil. You could also run a motor oil in there as well, something like a 10W-30 or something similar. As long as the oil is changed regularly just about any motorcycle motor oil or motorcycle tranny oil would be fine.

  9. How can I estimate 14ft pounds of pressure for the drain bolt? I don't have one of those wrenches that'll click when you reach it so I don't know when I'm at 14

  10. @JOCELYN SARITA Really any 10W-30 or 10W40 engine oil would be fine in that bikes transmission. The important thing is that you change it regularly. (10-15 Hours)

  11. Hey, great video you made, helped me alot. I just got a yz250 and i was wondering what is that oil level check bolt for like is it for when you over pour little bit of oil? Also which oil should i use my friend uses atf type f everytime and be says its perfect. Should i use it? Thanks

  12. do u not recommend to run the bike for a bit and stir the oil up to get all the solids that have settled to the bottom mixed up with the oil so they drain out and i also fid that when the oil is hot you have a better chance of getting it all out  

  13. after filling in the new oil, should I remove the "oil check plug" and let it leak oil until it stops? do I know I've filled the correct amount that way?

  14. I see people running motor oil when they change the trans oil, I thought it is recommended to use a gear oil? I just purchased a 2004 KX 125 an need to look at what it calls for.

  15. i have a 1995 yz 80 i just changed the clutch,but what kind of oil do i refill it with i just got it so i dont know this would be a help..

  16. @Nathan Hazelton For most bike like this a regular motorcycle engine oil will be best and that's what most service manuals recommend. Something like a Yamalube 10w-40 All Purpose Oil would work just fine.

  17. Its on a 94 cr125 i just got it and i just rebuilt the top end but when i drained the oil thats what i found oh and the clutch was seized and worn out idk if that helps any

  18. It was just a silver color small flakes but nothing major. But i did have to get the plates unstuck. Now as soon as the bike sits for longer then 10 min the clutch sticks

  19. hey mate.
    Oil comes out of the check bolt when the bikes cold and been sitting there but if i warm it up and use the clutch it doesnt come out? i know for sure it has 650 MLS in it

    2008 YZ125

  20. My little brother just got a kx 65 from our local MX track that was in pretty good condition. Its coming up on a oil change so what would be a great oil to buy. It didn't come with a Manuel and I have read on forums that ATF is pretty good but I don't want to take any chances! And does it have a filter to change as well? Thanks!

  21. @Tim Andrews I wouldn't be concerned with which "Type" of oil you are running as much as how "Often" you are changing it. You can run a number of different oils in a 2 stroke gearbox such as a 10w-40 4 Stroke Engine Oil or something like Bel-Ray Gearsaver oil as long as you are changing it regularly. A lot of people like to run the ATF and that's fine too. It more comes down to personal preference and changing it often, so go ahead and try a few different oils and then see which one you like best. You won't have any filters to replace so don't worry about that. Just drain the old oil and put the fresh in. Let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.

  22. hi, I got a 2007 Yamaha yz 85, everyone is telling me different oils for the transmissions/gearbox.. what do YOU recommended. it had regular 10 30w 4 stroke oil in there and it doesn't run right with that.

  23. 2 strokes have oil? I thought that the fuel air mixture was in the crank case to lubricate everything? Isn't that why you mix fuel for 2 strokes?

  24. On my YZ250f I have to drain my oil from 2 places the main drain bolt and the transfer case drain bolt but I fill it from 1 hole. I see you only drained it from one place here. Are 2 strokes a little different? Never owned one before. Plus no oil filter is that right?

  25. thanks for not ignoring my question sir… let me ask again. how can I control or what should I do to stop smoke or to decrease the smoke coming out to the pipe… or is it regular issue??

  26. I have also a 4 stroke mc then I bought also this 2 stroke mc just for my collection and I want this mc to long last…but im not familliat about this 2stroke and I have ni knowledge of the maintenance do I have to do regularly…pls help me and give me some knowledge sir… thank you very much po…

  27. see now this is where a person should pause and think things through, OK you have 1000 ml of oil you require 750 ml of oil what are you going to do with the extra 250 ml. well heres a suggestion when you put the drain plug in just put it hand tight then pour 250 ml into the gear box.pull the plug and you will see that the oil is no longer the color of honey now put the plug in at 14 ftlbs and add the remainder of the oil. that tiny little flush will add a great deal of life to your new oil.other wise you will have 250 mls of oil on you shelf doing nothing

  28. whats the point of needing oil placed in their? dont 2 stokes need to be mixed to lube the engine? so whats the point of this oil change?

  29. I've got to say this because I've seen it on plenty of two stroke pipes. WTF are people thinking by leaving the end of a hose clamp sticking out like that off of the pipe guard !!!? Why not just weld a razor blade on there?! HELLO!!
    It has to be said because novices watch these vids in search of knowledge and guidance. A HUGE safety error like that has to be pointed out or others may inadvertently make the same hazardous mistake

  30. 750ML is way too much, this is the transmission capacity, when i do oil change on my yz250 i only have to add about 350ML before it comes out of the oil check bolt then put bolt back in and add about 50-75ML more for good measure.

  31. i have a question i habe a yz250 as well and it calls for 750 ml but when i open the overflow check bolt it starts leaking oil at 650 ml should i put 750 in anway or stop the bike is straight up when i change it

  32. Can I use 4 stroke oil in a 2 stroke? I asked a guy and he recommended me to use yamalube 10w40 for my yz85 but from what I know 10w40 is four stroke oil.

  33. Why is my 2 stroke oil Gray…….. I've just put new oil in and see it's gone Gray……… should I brain it all out and and put oil back in

  34. Thank you for making a normal video and getting down to business with instruction. Most YouTube videos waste so much time talking about nothing.

  35. Think you you're the only person that showed were the oil check plug is been looking for about an hour then found your video

  36. We have an older Suzuki 2 stroke water cooled dirt bike, I think it may be an 85 cc, what gear oil should we use? Thanks!!!

  37. Lastnight i changed my tranny oil but i didnt warm the bike up was only told after i did it. is that bad or?

  38. I realize commenting on a decade old yt video in hopes of helpful advice is probably the symptom of some sort of undiagnosed mental health collapse I'm going through, but I'm so confused after reading forum posts, that I may as well 😉

    Got a 2007 KX125 and a 1992 Husqvarna WR250 in a trade and they both seem to work fine, but I am unable to push them forward with the clutch pulled while in gear (not running). Since it's both bikes I'm assuming it's my fault and not the guy that sold them to me. Both worked fine on inspection. Also, when I start them in neutral, everything seems fine; can idle in gear with clutch pulled etc. So am I just dumb, or is this a 2 stroke thing?

    Also, internet says ATF-F is fine for the gearbox, is that true? I live in Iceland and turns out importing things to a tiny island in the N-Atlantic is very expensive, but I got 2 liters of Mobil ATF-F for a good price ($30 total) locally but have been hesitant to put it in. Is it safe?

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