How to change the Air Filter on a VW Golf VII GTE TSI 1 4

Welcome to the Champion Installation Videos Serie Brought to you in collaboration with Garage Gurus Today Damian is going to replace an air filter
on a Golf VII GTE TSI 1.4 We will clean the engine before dismantling
the filter housing. To reach the filter we‘ll need to remove
the engine cap and disconnect the air intakes. Loosen the clamp on the first air intake and
move it further away. Loosen the clamp on the second air intake
and move it as well further back. Disconnect the smaller crank case breather
hose. Then push the air intakes back. And pull the filter housing gently in order
to release it. Unscrew the two bottom screws. Use a flat screwdriver while pushing on the
lever in order to release the clamps and open the filter housing. Now reveal the old filter it prevented dirt
to mix with the air and reach the engine. Clean up the interior of the filter housing
from the accumulated dirt. Then you can remove the old filter. And continue cleanup. Check our Filter Trouble Tracer Chart for
the most common symptoms and their possible causes. Take your new Champion filter and place it
in the filter housing. The side with the paper facing up and make
sure that you match the filter holes. You can now close the filter housing. Put the two pieces of plastic together until
they click. Tighten the two screws at the bottom of the
filter housing. Fit the filter housing back. And ensure the air intakes and the breather
hose are properly re-connected. You will need to push the housing down until
you feel a click. Now tighten the clamps on both air intakes. Last, don’t forget to place back the engine’s
plastic cap. And push it down until it clicks too. Your installation is now complete. You can find the correct air filter as well
as other parts for your car using our Find My Part page on
website In this video description you can find links
to our: Trouble Tracer Chart, Find My Parts tool.
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