How to Change the Oil and ad New Parts – Yamaha R3

How to Change the Oil and ad New Parts – Yamaha R3

Hello guys, welcome back this is motoib today we’ll be working on the Yamaha r3 I will be taking off the exhaust so I can take off the Gasket for the oil pan will be do an oil change I’ll be get into the side engine Cover it scratched up. I’ll show you guys I’ll be changing that too. So overall be a bit big task today So I could take off the oil pan the gasket. I need to take off the exhaust So I’ll show you guys to the point which boat to take off Then we’ll go from there guys Let’s get to it Alright guys, we got the bike on the stands right here I Already took out the fairings and everything so, like I said, we can’t be taking off the exhaust then we’ll be taking out of the oil pan change the oil cover gasket, then the Engine cover. I’ll show you guys So we’ll be replacing this Taking up the oil pan down here changing the gasket I already got filter oil need to take off the exhaust to do that, but Yeah, hope you take it off the pan Engine cover I’ll show you guys. We’re supposed to take off we head out from there Alright guys, so the tools you’re gonna need it’s gonna be a ratchet wrench a breaker bar eight Millimeter eight millimeter a 12 millimeter. I got a Adapter from my breaker bar. So from a half inch to 3/8 So these gonna tools are gonna need to take off the exhaust To take off the oil pan. So I’ll show you guys which bolts to take off Alright guys, so the bolts you to take off it’s gonna be these four You see those those are 12 millimeter, so we’ll be taking those off Then you’ll be taking off the pan But at the time you could drain this the oil So while this is draining? You’ll be able to take off that the exhaust she’ll be able to take off the pan And you can I need a oil pan oil? catcher and a funnel so alright guys Let’s get to this All right, guys, let’s check out the or your plug there’s gonna be a 12 millimeter You wanna push in so you won’t really screw it out all the way so there we go They all just not too bad I Had all the change before I store it away But uh, I kind of recommend to change the oil when you take it out. But yeah guys so that I’ll let this drain Then I will take out the boats on top. All right guys all Right guys, so now we’re gonna take off the bolts for the exhaust So I couldn’t hear good hold on there just Crank it off It’ll be a lot easier if you have a breaker bar, because without it the regular wrench You’re gonna struggle But over there pretty easy to take off with a breaker bar. You can see There you go Let’s go to the other one But yeah, this is the bottom the take off so And there we go, I’ll take them off and I’ll let you guys look at it how it looks All right guys boats off you have to kind of shimmy these off I can overall the exhaust should be able to come off so All right now I’ll show you guys And do it when the bike is cold. Don’t do it when it’s you came back from a ride try to take it off because the exhaust will be hot so So let you guys know just take I want to do it when the bike is cold. So you know, I guys Alright guys, so we took off the exhaust here it is. It’s loose. Be careful when you take it off the Gaskets will pop off. So make sure these are saved so This one just popped off the other ones still in there. So hopefully you stay So now I have enough room but down here to take off the oil pan I’ll show you guys So here we go guys so you can see have enough room down here not much But that’s enough for me to take out the gasket So now you’re gonna need eight millimeter with your wrench And you just pop them off I’m gonna go all the way around Take these off. So it’s gonna be all these screws down here Eight millimeter all around so we’ll check these off and I’ll show you guys when it’s off Alright guys, so here we go. We took off the pan I put a rag on top of the exhaust so it won’t get too oily But yeah, that’s how it looks like these bolts They’re not on there too tight. So when you put it back on don’t Time too much or the threads will be messed up. But but yeah guys, here we go. Ooh Brightness too too high But yeah, here we go I’m gonna change the gasket here But over yeah, this is off And get to it. I guess I’ll show you and the new one then I’ll put this back on All right, guys, here’s the pan. Here’s the gasket. You can see use OEM So I’m gonna take off the old one then put the new one in So you know it Alright guys, so I cleaned around the edge. So got the new one right here so put this on make sure so clean and We’ll be putting it back on to the bike. All right guys Alright guys, so we got the pants back on gasps good on Just took off the oil filter So letting it drain a little bit more Then right now I’m gonna put on back the exhaust so Alright guys, I’ll show you what I’m gonna do next alright guys, so now When you take off the plug yet take off this washer right here scissor. There’s a crush washer So every time you change the oil you’re not every time but you need to get a new one You’re supposed to look like right there So It’s completely round Come on focus But it’s really round This is all crushed ready. So just put the old one Oh, no, you could throw the old one away and have the new one on there. So I would have got the oil filter on Everything is all good. I’m now gonna take off this cover. So never guess Alright guys, I took the cover off it was easy all the bolts around for eight millimeters Overall everything looks good nice and clean took this off. There’s two bolts on here literally Right here these two bolts Then on here on the stator there’s three Right here in the middle So overall it looks good. Now I’m gonna get anyone so Look at this going or I guess here’s all the parts you can see Om parts same ones So I got a ring that goes in the middle Then a gasket over here for the ball down to this side My boat for that side and the standard cover for the middle So here’s the old one over there and have the gasket over here So all these parts are OEM, so alright guys, I’m gonna put this on Then that’s pretty much it Alright guys, so I got everything on here. I got that cover the bolt the washer and Now I’m gonna put the stator back on But first I’m gonna need a red loctite like this one This is a thread lock If you focus But yeah, it’s red I’m gonna put that on so make sure it doesn’t move around so alright guys simply put this on Make sure everything so good alright guys, I finished putting the Stator back on or talked to spec I use a torque wrench I’d rather used to talk punch it then screw a Break up both to know so I rather be on spec but over. Yeah Exhaust is on Pan is on plug is on Engine covers on so now I just need to put oil and I’m done I really don’t need to show you guys how to put oil it’s gonna be three quarts I’m able to change the filter. So never guys Dump to FaceTime Oh guys, I forgot something to change I’m gonna change the filter air filter. I’ll put that on how sure where it is. So Let’s get that going. Alright guys, so it’s a bit dark if they had a flashlight, but The air box is gonna be right here and you can see it Three screws one two three right here That would be able pop off and be able to put on their filter So let me get this off and I’ll show you guys the old one. So There we go, guys. I took it off. It’s big hole right there But he could tell That is dirty I had an accident You could see it So when people say we had an accident replace the parts even the air filter Because when you hit the ground the dirt flies up and literally gathers up in the engine. Oh good So at the same time, I don’t think the previous owners change the air filter But yeah, I’m gonna put the new one in and go from there Alright guys, there we go to put on The air filter and have things torqued So everything I just need to clean up my mess here I’m over. All right, you need to put the oil in into the bike three quarts three and a half but um, but yeah pretty much done and That’s pretty much it I’m just gonna put the oil in and probably crank it over Hopefully not too late. Cool. Alright guys, there we go Hot exhausted pretty much spend all day here. It’s already night. But yeah guys Change the oil pan gasket Engine cover I’ll show you guys pretty much here’s the old one all messed up The old gasket put the new gasket in there So everything is torque to spec If you guys want to know the specs let me know but uh, it’s you can find in service manuals so but yeah everything’s on Just put oil it should be good. So guys I Will see you later. If you guys want to see something else. Let me know in the comments like Share the video. I’ll be much appreciated. I’ll put down the tools. I used in the description and I throw and I’ll do a poll on the top left right corner So, all right guys, I’ll see you later peace out You

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