How to Change the Oil on a Yamaha YZF R1 | Yamaha YZF Oil Change |

First thing you want to do is remove our
oil cap. It’s gonna help the crankcase breathe properly. Up next, take an 8
millimeter Allen and unthread our drain bolt and let the engine oil drain
completely. We don’t want any of them contaminants left over in the system
when we go to refill it. Now we’ll just reinstall the drain bolt, but this time
we’ll torque it to 17 foot pounds. You don’t want to over tighten it because
the last thing you want is a sheared off drain bolt. Now we’ll just remove our
lower faring on the motorcycle. That’s going to give us access to the oil
filter. Now using an oil filter wrench, we’ll
just go ahead and unthread the oil filter. When we go to put on our own new
filter, you don’t have to lubricate the o-ring because thankfully Yamaha does
that for us from the factory. So we’ll rethread our new oil filter in place and
this time we’ll torque it to 12 foot pounds. Just like that. Now we’ll clean
off any of the contaminants– it’ll smoke if we don’t clean that. Just reinstall
our lower faring last time. It’s still in place with two eight millimeter
Allens. Now it’s time to fill the engine. This
particular unit holds four point two quarts of Yamalube 1550. Move our funnel and reinstall our oil
fill cap. Got it good and snug. Clean off the contaminants. And now, we’re gonna
start the engine up, let it idle for a few moments, and then shut it off and let
it sit for a few more moments. Now it’s time to check our level. Our level
looks great. It’s time to hit the road

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