How to Change Your Oil (COMPLETE Guide)

How to Change Your Oil (COMPLETE Guide)

Hey guys Chrisfix here and today I’m going to show you how to change the oil in your car or truck this video is Specifically geared to beginners who have never done an oil change So this is going to be an in-depth video and after watching it You’ll be able to change your own oil many Inexpensive oil change shops will use cheap oil and really cheap filters so by [doing] an oil change yourself You could use good motor oil [a] good filter and know the job is getting done Right [plus] you get to save some money, and it’s fun to work on your own car If you’ve ever done oil changes before and want to share your tips leave a comment now Let’s take a look at the tools You need to change your oil So here’s everything you’re going to need to change your oil you can see we’re [just] using common hand tools We have a socket set that has a ratchet and some sockets Gloves so you don’t get the oil on your skin because oil is not good [for] you paper towels to clean up We have our oil and filter and I’ll explain in a second how to find the correct oil and the correct filter for your car We have an oil filter wrench you might need it or you might not but it’s worth to have just in case We have an oil catch pan so you can recycle your old? And a funnel so you can fill up your engine with new oil. I’m also including a breaker bar Just in case your drain bolt is hard to get off [this] will make it really easy in Addition to tools to change the oil you’re also going to need something to jack your vehicle up in this case We have ramps or you could use Jack and Jack stands and then a piece of wood to block off the rear tires And I’ll show you everything There’s also another method You could use where you don’t need any of this you could [just] drive your vehicle up onto the curb to get enough access to Safely get underneath and drain the oil so you could use whatever method works for you I just want to note also that any tools that I’m using here including the [Jack’s] Jack stands Ramps and even the oil check the description I’ll link everything so if you don’t have something you could easily find it and you can easily see what I used and as Always if you have any questions throughout this process leave a comment below and I answer every question and comment So by the end of this video you’ll be an oil change expert So let’s go take a trip to the store and let me show you how to find out What oil your car takes to figure out? What will your car takes? You can look in the [owner’s] manual. So just go grab your owner’s manual We’re going to flip to [the] back here. You look under oil and capacities you can see it tells you how much oil you’re going to need so we’re going to need four and a quarter quarts and then you want to check the viscosity the oil that you need and we’re going to need four and a quarter quarts of [0w] 20 so let’s go to the store, and we’ll check that out right now all right We’re in [the] store, and we need to find a synthetic 0w 20 there’s a ton of oil to choose from Here is 0w. 20. You can see here’s where the viscosities are listed 0w 20 is right here Here’s 10w30 so make sure you get the correct viscosity. Here’s the 0w 20. We need we want a full synthetic We need at least 4 quarts in this container has 5 so that’s plenty if you have an older car you might not need synthetic But I personally like running synthetic oil even in my older cars There are a lot of myths out there I’m switching to synthetic and just so that you know you could switch to synthetic and you could switch back [to] conventional at any time Conventional is cheaper But on most new cars [Needle] run synthetic plus synthetic oil lasts longer Speaking of how long [oil-less] change your oil at the recommended mileage that’s listed in the [owner’s] manual many cars have an oil life monitor that will tell you when you need to change your oil so just go by that if you Can’t find any [information] on when you need to change your oil I change the oil in my cars at around 5,000 miles My van has over three hundred thousand miles and we’ve had that car since new and she’s still running great Ok so we have our oil now let’s go find the filter there are tons of oil filters But which one do you pick well? Just look in the book here, and we’re doing the oil change on a 2014 Nissan Sentra personally I like using pure later filters, but any quality filter will do we need an L1 for 612 [Okay], L1 for 612 L1 for 612 right here good. So there we go We got the oil and the filter I’m going to go check out real quick and let’s go change the oil Alright, so now that we got our correct Viscosity Oil zero [w] 20 and we have the correct oil filter Let’s get underneath this car And I’m going to show you how to jack the car up first And then I’m going to use the ramps because that’s what prefer [sew] an oil change has three basic parts one you got to drain the oil two you have to change the oil filter and Three you have to fill it with the correct new oil. Let’s go step by step So you know exactly what you need to do? The first step is to drain the oil and to get to the oil drain plug. We have to go underneath the vehicle So we’re going to have to lift the [vehicle] up to [jack] the car up if you’re not completely sure how to do it you Could check the owner’s manual it tells you exactly how to jack the car up [to] change your spare tire But I’m going to show you right here what you need to do and you [want] to make sure before you jack the vehicle up you block off the rear tire So the car doesn’t roll the other thing you want to do is if you have an automatic Make sure it’s in park. [if] you have a manual put it in first gear and Also pull the emergency brake which will prevent the car from Rolling So get your jack and place it underneath the vehicle Right where you’re jacking points are in this case the jacking points have these little indents in them that area of the frame is meant to support the vehicle and Then you [could] Jack the car up Once the car is jacked up. You can get your jack stands and place it under the car right where there’s a big piece [of] metal on the frame and Then you’re going to lower the car down into the jack stands and then you have plenty of room to get to the oil pin So we’ll just let the car down slowly and you can see The Jack stand is the only thing holding it up and [once] your car safely supported on the jack stands I always like to put the jack right back on the frame just for extra support so for some reason the Jack stand slips or something or Malfunctions you have back up with the jack you can never be too safe So that’s how you jack your car up [to] do an oil change I want to show you the method that I prefer it’s a lot easier [a] lot safer And that’s using ramps Make sure you always use jack stands and not just the jack you Don’t want to just rely [on] the jack to protect you from the car falling on you like you saw I like to use both Double the protection now using ramps is my favorite method [it’s] the easiest it’s the safest and it also raises the vehicle pretty high All you have to do is park the vehicle in a spot where [you] can slide two ramps right under the wheels And then you just drive the car [off] the ramps. It’s that simple Make sure that you pull the emergency brake again, and we’re blocking off the rear tires again And I think you could get why I like the [ramps] so much before you go under the car even when [you] have the car Jacked up what you want to do is you want to just shake the car with your hands? the car should not move anywhere you’re just shaking it back and forth as hard as you can and It should be stable and this thing is stable once you know that the vehicle is safe to go under you can see why I? Like using the ramps look at all this room that we have now All right, so now let’s go under the car [and] find the oil drain plug So you can see my feet over there This is the front of the car right here, and then we’re looking up here and if we look here You can see there’s a bunch of stuff and you might be confused. Oh, where’s the boat that I need to undo where’s the oil drain bolt Well what you want to do is you want to locate the drain pan the drain pan is this right here? It’s usually black and has a bolt coming out you can see the bolt right back here. That’s your oil drain pan now There’s other things that look like it But this should be pretty easy to find what you’re looking for that bolt and you’re looking for the black pan But you could also see right here is another drain pan But this drain pan here doesn’t have any bolts to let fluid out. This is the transmission drain pan so really simple to find the oil drain pan and then actually you can see right behind the drain pan you want to locate your oil filter in this case oil drain pan here Oil filter is right behind it and it’s up and down nice and easy to get to which is really good in some vehicles The oil Filter is actually on top of the engine [for] example in this Toyota tacoma. You can see here in This case though, it’s underneath It’s pretty easy to get to this is really easy to get to also you can see the drain plug right there Let’s go get it off Now before we remove the drain plug get your oil collection pan slide it under Now we have a sideways view you can see our filters right here Our [oil] drain pan is right here and our oil drain plug [is] right there we have our oil Catch-can right here It’s kind [of] aimed behind a little bit because the oil is going to come out that way in this case we’re using a 14 millimeter socket on our ratchet and To loosen you want to go this way counterclockwise, Righty-tighty Lefty-Loosey So this might be a problem some of you might encounter where you’re using your normal size ratchet It’s hard to get that drain plug out. Well. Don’t be discouraged. There’s an easy trick to use and That trick is to use one of these long breaker bars. You can see here How much longer it is [than] my ratchet and this is going to give you so much leverage? That’s going to be really easy to get off if you don’t have a long breaker bar like this you get your ratchet and slip A pipe over the end to make it longer watch. How easy this is going to be now Boom it’s loosened. It’s all it took Now we can loosen this the rest of the way Once it gets really loose. Make sure your drain pan is ready to go And you can loosen this by hand Now you [could] wait for all the oil to drain out Now I should mention some people say you should change your oil after you run the car for like [10] [minutes] So the oil is [warm] and it flows easier in reality It doesn’t [matter] if you want to change your oil with the car sitting there You just [jack] it up and the car is cold all that oil is going to be in the oil pan you’re not going to risk burning yourself and Sometimes it just makes the job Easier now if you’re going to put your car up on the ramps then you’re starting your car anyway Just make sure if you run your engine you let it sit for like five to [ten] minutes Let it cool off a little bit so you don’t burn yourself [and] also so all the oil collects in the drain pan on Some oil drain plugs. There’s a gasket to help seal the plug and you can see here There’s a copper crush gasket These gaskets are generally one-time use so take off the old gasket and replace it with a new one Some people have reused these gaskets one or two times and never have a problem with weeks, and I’m one of those people But in general I suggest you replace the gasket all right the [oil] is completely drained There are a few drops coming out So let’s screw in the drain plug and move on to the next step just [screw] it in by hand and it should tighten Right up. [I] like to wipe away any extra [oil] before I tighten it [down] all the way So your drain pan stays clean and so you know if there’s any oil leaking from the drain plug down the road Now we want to tighten up our drain plug and to do that. We want to go clockwise So we’re going to switch this so now we’re going to tighten this clockwise And notice I’m using our ratchet and not our breaker bar You want to use the small ratchet to tighten this you’re only tightening it so it’s snug You don’t want it over tighten it you over tighten it You’ll strip the drain plug, and you’ll cause way more problems. You have a washer [on] there All you need to do is tighten it down to 20 foot-pounds of torque. Which is nothing so use the small ratchet Tighten it and once. It’s Snug give it a little extra turn and That’s it So we just finished step one removing all the old oil now step two is changing the old oil filter Okay, so we should be able to get this off by hand Nope too tight, so if your oil filter is tight, and it won’t come off We have four different style tools that you could [use] to get your oil filter off this one’s my favorite Because it works for all different sizes It’s literally just a wrench and it grabs on and then you could turn it this one put in here and then as you turn You [could] see it gets smaller, but you can see this is a really small filter This is for actually a big 454 cubic inch engine So the oil filter on that is huge here’s another adjustable one rubber. So it grabs on really tight just close it by pulling the rubber through here and Then when you turn to loosen you turn like this and it kind of grips because it’s Turning on here and grabbing it these are good because they’re adjustable and they work on all different sizes And the last style is this style, but you need it for each specific size that you use, but this is a really small filter So you can see it won’t work But the idea is it’s just like a giant socket for a filter and then you could put your wrench right in here just [like] that and then boom comes right off But we’re going to be using this because it’s easy to use quick grabs on all different [size] filters, so let’s get this filter off Okay, you can see that does the trick we can unscrew this the rest of the way by hand make sure the oil catch can Is right below where this is because this is going to leak oil as you can see There we go. Let’s put that right in there [all] [right] [so] [with] our old filter out. We want to grab our new filter and I like to pre-oiled my filter it prevents the car from running dry when you first start it up So if you just put this filter in now and screw it in there’s no oil in here So the oil has to fill this and then go to all the engine parts But if we fill this first with our [brand-new] oil, then we don’t have to worry about the engine running dry And this is just going to give you a longer-lasting engine. [I] should also mention that not every car You’re going to be able to pre-fill these because [some] cars. It’s upside down or some cars. It’s in sideways We just want to carefully fill this filter to the top Just like that Now what you want to do is you want to get oil around this gasket? You can see a little bit of oil down on the gasket Just by chance, but you want to make sure you have a clean finger just get a Little bit of oil and just put it right around this gasket And what that’s going to do is it’s going to make it easier to come off next time you do this It’s also going to prevent leaks, and that’s all you need to do now. Let’s go install it so [there’s] the drain pin We go up, and you look here, and that’s what the oil filter adapter looks like and if we look there You can see the [oil] filter Screws right on to that middle stud there So it screws in right there And just try to make [it] flush as you turn it So if it’s flat as you turn it it should grab and you’ll know when it grabs. You’ll feel it don’t force it It should go on really easily You can see there. It’s on so now I just tighten it by hand don’t use any tools to tighten these just tighten it by hand [if] Your hands are slippery [cuz] its oily you grab a towel clean it off and then turn it more by hand with the towel Good So step one is done. Step two changing the oil filter [is] done now Let’s get the car on the ground and do step three. Which is adding new oil So we’re going to add the oil to the engine while we’re on the ramps Just so that we make sure that we don’t start the engine with no oil in it and when you’re looking for where your add? Your oil it’s usually at the top of the engine [here] [is] where you check your [oil] you can see it says engine oil on here and That’s not where you fill it where you fill it is right up here as the oil sign It’s upside [down], but has the oil sign on here And this is all dirty so you don’t want to just take this cap off you want to clean the area first because you don’t want that junk falling into The engine so just get your paper towel get in here and clean [it] Good now [that] that’s clean we can take this cap off And we’ll place our funnel right in here. So we could fill the engine up with brand new oil so on the side of our bottle we have a scale here that tells you how many quarts or liters [you] have and You want to do this on a level surface, but you can see we’re pretty much full right now And we need to add four quarts it was four and a quarter quarts with the filter But we added the oil to the filter so it’s really just four quarts so [we] want to have a quart left Which is right down here I? Always have a towel ready just in case [I] hate spilling oil on engine parts this little top tip if you pour it sideways like [this] you actually have a little more control surprisingly and Usually the oil doesn’t come out and blobs it comes out nice and smooth instead So if we look here [we] have about a half a quart we need to add And looks like we’re at about one quart, so I’m going to stop there Close that [up] So we [just] finished the last step which is [idI] oil We have one more step to do and that is to get the car off the jack stands or in this case the ramp on Level [ground] and check the oil since we added oil we could start the car I Just want to make sure that there’s no oil lights on and you can see the oil light isn’t on So that means the engines getting oil now we could back the car down And now that we have the car back down on level grounds. Let’s go check the [oil] so shut the engine off You want to let the engine sit for about five minutes so all the oil drops back down since we did start the engine after You let it sit [for] five minutes [get] a towel Pull your dipstick out and clean it off put it back in Make sure it’s pushed down all the way and then pull the dipstick back out Okay, if we look at the dipstick what you’re looking for is the oil you can see the oils over here There’s low and there’s high so that dot right [there] means that the oil is low And you need to fill it up that dot right [there] means the oil is high and it means that you have it completely full Anywhere in between is good I prefer trying to get it to the high now sometimes it’s hard to see how much oil is on here Especially this brand new oil and especially the synthetic oil So if you flip this over you actually get a better look and you can see the oil goes right there So we’re right on the high which is perfect so we don’t have to add oil or anything [if] yours is too Low add a little bit of oil and check the level again if you end up adding a little bit too much oil That’s not a big deal if you add over a quart of extra oil, then you have a problem And you probably have to remove some of it because that could actually cause engine problems And that is the complete guide to changing oil in your car or truck hopefully after this video you have no questions but if you do have questions Just comment below I answer every comment in question also if you end up doing your first oil change after watching this video Definitely, let me know because I love to hear that stuff hopefully [this] video is helpful for Remember to give it a thumbs up up on the screen are going to be other videos you can find the links to those videos As well as any links to any tools that I used in this video in the description The top tip for this video is well where do I put [all] my oil that I drained out from my filter and From the car and the [answer] to that is you want to dispose all of your oil? Responsibly you can see here in the corner of my garage. I have all these old oil containers I really need to make an oil run, but what you do is you just fill up a container [it] could be an old oil container. It could be a milk container orange juice Whatever you have and what you do is you just fill up these containers and you go to your local auto parts store Your local garage Your local recycle center Places that sell the oil like Walmart most of those places will take the oil [and] they’ll take it for free so that they could Recycle it. So it doesn’t become an environmental Hazard

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