How to Check Your Car’s Suspension System, Old School Scotty Kilmer

How to Check Your Car’s Suspension System, Old School Scotty Kilmer

before I started my youtube channel 11
years ago, I used to do a TV gig, yes it was called crank it up here’s one of my
old shirts don’t make fun of the name, I did that on CBS TV for a couple of
decades and people are saying Scotty whatever happened to those old videos you
did, well I dug around on my messy garage and found a bunch of these old videos, so
here’s some old school Scotty, if you want to do some serious driving in your
car, you better make sure the suspension is up to it, so this morning I’m going to
talk about car suspensions and how to take care of them, now in most cars if
your shocks the struts are wearing out you can push it on the car and see if it
bounces too much, but this car is a Mini Cooper S it’s got a racecar suspension
it doesn’t bounce at all, if it bounced there would really be something wrong, now a
lot of people don’t realize that one of the most important parts of your
suspension system is the tires, so take a look at your tires every once in a while,
you want to make sure that they have even wear and that they don’t have wear
on one edge more than the other, as you can see this is a little bit more inside
wear than outside wear, you need to Jack the car up in the air to check some of
the suspension so since this is a Mini let’s use a mini jack, then just jack
it up to the air so we can check some more stuff, if you really want to check
for play it’s simple once it’s jacked up put your hand at the three o’clock in
the nine o’clock position and pull if it wobbles back and forth you’ve got a
problem if it doesn’t that’s okay and then switch your hands and put them at
the six o’clock and 12 o’clock position and pull to check the ball joints,
this baby is rock hard there’s nothing wrong with it and while we’ve got it jacked up in
the air, Hey look at the struts you make sure their dry, this is dry as a bone so
it’s good if this was covered with oil the strut would be leaking and you need
to replace it, now if you want to check bushings and stuff you can pull the tire
off and look at them now if you’ve noticed, cars don’t have
grease fittings, anymore so I guess you can’t call mechanics grease monkeys but
whatever, they use bushings and these bushings can get old and start to creak
when they get older, so here’s a mechanic’s tip, I’ve been using this 8205
reseal aerosol for years, what you do is you spray the rubber bushings and after
it soaks an hour or two, it rejuvenates the rubber and it doesn’t squeak anymore,
I did my son’s Camry four years ago and it still doesn’t squeak, now after you
let your car down don’t forget about checking your air pressure, you wouldn’t
believe the number of customers I’ve had over the years who complained about the
handling of the car and the only thing wrong was they didn’t have enough air in
their tires, this car is about 32 pounds per square inch was just about right for
street driver, but if you’re going to the racetrack and doing some serious
high-speed driving, you need to put a little bit more maybe four pounds per
tire extra pressure, it will ride a little stiffer but the tires hold up
better, so now that you check out your suspension system you can have some
serious fun and now you can have fun driving with
all your friends this is scotty kilmer helping you crank it up, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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