How To Clay Bar Your Car – Chemical Guys Auto Detailing

How To Clay Bar Your Car – Chemical Guys Auto Detailing

Today I’m gonna show you the proper way to
clay bar any vehicle. The clay bar removes contamination, overspray,
rail dust, and brake dust that makes your car feels rough and not smooth
as glass. If you wash your car and it feels rough, you need to use the clay bar. Clay bar enhances shine, and makes your car
feel smooth as glass. Plus it’s the perfect step towards that show
car finish. We’re gonna use Chemical Guys clay bars to
get the best results just like the pros. Chemical Guys offers several grades of clay bars: Original all purpose Yellow OG Clay Bar; a Light Duty Blue Clay Bar for newer vehicles; a Medium Duty Gray Clay Bar for vehicles with
moderate contamination; and a Heavy Duty Black Clay Bar for vehicles
that have not been clayed in 10 years, or that have heavy contamination. The clay bar is really easy to use; you can
use it at home yourself, and I’m gonna show you the right way to do
it right now. The first thing you want to do is wash your vehicle. We washed this Audi, and even though this
is a brand new car, it still needs to be clay barred. You can clay bar old cars, or new cars to
restore the finish and make it feel smooth as glass. I have a piece of clay right here, you only need to rip off a small piece to
clay the vehicle. If you drop this on the ground, you must throw it away. Keep it handy, and always put it in a safe place. To lube the surface, we’re gonna be using Chemical Guys Clay Luber. This will help the clay bar glide right over
the surface and pick up all that contamination. This car has a lot of overspray from sitting
on the dealer lot, so we’re gonna make it feel smooth. First, take your clay bar, and push it into
a small disc. Make it big enough to hold in your hand for
a nice grip and feel. You don’t want to drop the clay bar, so make
sure it fits right in the hand. Next I’ll spray the surface with the Clay Luber. You want to use a generous amount to make
sure you do not scratch the surface. I like to keep my Clay Luber in one hand,
and the clay bar in the other. Once the surface is lubricated, take your
clay bar, and gently scrub the surface. You want to move in left-to-right or up-and-down
lines, no circles! This process also works on grills, headlights,
taillights, windshields, painted surfaces, all colors, and all vehicles new and old. You’ll feel the clay bar be rough on the surface
as it picks up and grabs all the contamination that’s stuck
on the surface. Once you’ve picked up the contamination from
one area on the clay bar, knead it to reveal a new clean spot. That way you can clean many vehicles with
the piece of clay bar, and one full clay bar can clean up to 20 vehicles
so you can do many cars on the job. I’ll put my clay bar in a safe place, then dry the surface with a microfiber towel. As you work panel-by-panel, make sure you
dry the surface to pick up any contamination and clay lube
for a smooth, beautiful surface. Now that I’ve dried the surface, I can inspect to make sure I didn’t miss any areas. This area feels smooth as glass, and is ready
for the detail process. After you clay bar your vehicle, follow up with your favorite Chemical Guys
wax or sealant to protect your car from future contamination,
and to make it looks its best. Now you know exactly how to detail exactly
like a pro! Always remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Why do they always use costly cars and cars which always look clean. Why not take a old car and show the power of products? I think out people would be using the products on Honda or Toyota or any normal brand.

  2. I used their Heavy Duty Black clay bar on my black 2001 Ford Ranger with 157,000 miles on it, that I had not washed in over a year.  Keep in mind it is parked outside 24/7 in the nuclear Los Angeles Sun, and HOLY CRAP!  In less than an hour my piss poor paint job was smooth as glass again.  Followed up with V34/V38, Jet Seal, wax and the paint looks amazing!  I'm donating it to charity so I think the new owners will appreciate the little bit of effort I put into making look as good as possible.  Thanks CC!

  3. After you clay the car and dry it off with the microfiber towel, you mentioned waxing it. Do you need to wash the car after you clay it before waxing, or can you just wax it right after?

  4. Heavy or medium on a 07 Chevy Impala I don't want to mess up the paint and I don't want to buff the car I don't have tools please help.

  5. So, dont you scratch the surface after you use the claybar and use a towel to dry it? Isnt it a must to wash the car after the claying to get all the dirt away which came out by the clay?!

  6. Hey chemical guys how do u know when u have clayed the area enough? And also I have never used a clay bar on my cars what one would be good for that situation? Thanks guys u are great detailers.

  7. hey chemical guys!! Just wondering what microfibre towel you would recommend using for drying a car? (P.S I will be buying from your Australian website so chose the best towel from that selection) Thanks again for the awesome videos.

  8. Hey chemical guys another thing. If my car only needed a light clay bar, and l used a light to medium clay bar (OJ clay bar) would it effect my car by the clay bar being I don't maybe to aggressive? Thanks

  9. Perfect instructional video. Short, to the point and without a lot of unnecessary chatter. Thanks

  10. Isn’t kneading the clay bar as you go just pushing contaminates back into the clay bar..? So at some stage your clay baring your vehicle with a freshly contaminated clay bar.?

  11. how does the clay bar not pick up the contaminant and simply drag it across the finish as you are using it ?

  12. Some kids Drew on my car with crayons will clay bar pull that off the paint or do y'all recommend something else

  13. my car have little paint spectacles/mist on it from someone painting and i bought a clay bar and a detailer spray, lightly rubbing it was not picking up the paint spots. when i applied some pressure to it, it was removing it but i don't want to do that to avoid marring or scratching it. should it lift up easily if i spray more of the detailer or use a thicker clay piece?

  14. Would it be ok to just
    1: wash the car
    2: dry with an air blower to avoid water spots
    3: claybar.
    Or do you have to do another step after the claybar

  15. you cant drop it? of course you can you just knead a new surface and keep using it.. same as you do when you pick up a bunch of sand and grit with the process!

  16. So if I understand right when doing a full exterior detail you should:

    Rinse -> Foam -> Rinse -> Dry -> Clay bar -> Wax/Sealant -> Polish

    Am I missing anything?

  17. I have some heavy contamination I'm using the all-purpose. but there are some very very small spots that don't come off I can remove with my finger nail but I assume that's not a good way. what can I do. should I use an orbital buffer

  18. Question i'm hoping somebody can help. Do you have to wax you're car after using the Clay Bar? or can you just leave your car as it is after using it?

  19. Pro tip: instead of flattening clay bar into a pancake, use the full bar, then shave off the soiled layer with a potato peeler.

  20. Good stuff here, thanks. I'm going to get your light duty blue bar and luber. But some questions: 1) Do you do one section at a time? 2) How often do you have to clay bar the same car? 3) Does this product work like "paint correction" and remove swirls from a black car? 4) How do you clean up the clay bar after you've finished? Do you wash it or just store it wet? Stick it in a ziploc? Thanks!

  21. Help! i forgot to wipe everything dry before i proceed to other panels.. after i wash the and clean the whole car there were all claylube marks on my black car surface.. i couldnt remove it!

  22. That was cool. Learn something new. I like that.
    I've used clay-bar before. But didn't know there was more than one kind for certain types. And being shown the wrong way in the past. It's great to know how to apply it correctly. You made it look real easy.
    Thank you. Instead of an all day afair. It's a quick and then done and on to something else. Like waxing

  23. I have a 2012 Acura TL, when i glide my hand across the paint, its not perfectly smooth, but its not like sandpaper wither. I recently purchased the black clay bar by chemcial guys, is this the wrong one? For a beginner, how does one know which level or clay they need? Please help.

  24. I feel like he should have done this on an older car so we can truly see a result. Doing a new car is easy

  25. I have a 12 year old car. I have not detail the car since i bought it from the dealership. Which clay bar would be best for my car?.

  26. Question: Say you were in a hurry & didn’t have access to an actual clay bar, can you just use Silly Puddy or Play Dough instead? Asking for a friend.

  27. This is more or less an advertisement. So where is the ordering information, availability and price list? I'm not interested in sending out a search party.

  28. I have a white 2000 Tundra that's in great shape but I'd like to get the paint finish up to snuff as much as possible. I don't have any power tools/buffers/polishers etc so keep that in mind. Given the age of the paint, should I first use a rubbing compound (after washing), then clay bar, then glaze and wax? Or clay bar first?

    Also…when you use the clay bar on the first pass and then just fold it up for the next section, all the debris just gets folded in to the bar, won't that eventually be on the outside of the bar after you fold a couple more times, and possibly scratch the paint? You can really use one bar for 20 cars? Where does all the accumulated grime go?

  29. When using a clay bar, are you supposed to apply any pressure? Or does the clay bar pick things up with a simple back and forth or up and down motion with the lube?

  30. I have a brand new white Ram that I've been using only requires to clean and wax with microfiber only.
    Never used water on my truck yet. Wipe down in 20 minutes twice a week. Its very smooth but can feel a little bit of something in paint. Is this why u clay a new vehicle?

  31. Hint for future videos, don't use a brand new car to demonstrate your products. Use an older car, find a way to really demonstrate the difference your products make.

  32. What happens to all the dirt, contaminents caught and picked up by the clabar – kneeding it – wouldnt this scratch the paint??

  33. @Chemical Guys – thought you said NO CIRCULAR MOTION . ….

    Think these guys from a YUGE major auto wax- chem company(Mothers) would know that !!???

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