How To Clean AirPods Properly

How To Clean AirPods Properly

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
many of you have asked me what is the best way to clean air pods and I wanted
to show you what Apple recommends and then give you a few tips that I’ve
learned from cleaning these regularly along the way now the first thing is
you’re going to need a few supplies one of the things Apple recommends is a
cotton swab or a q-tip so you’ll want one of these you’ll also want 70%
isopropyl alcohol you can get this pretty much from any convenience store
if you don’t have it already and this is used to clean kind of disinfect and
clean the case and things like that also they recommend a lint-free cloth so I’ve
been using this cloth from iclear it’s what I clear I’ll clean all of my phones
with and I’ll link all this stuff in the description below so the first thing is
to clean the case just use a little bit of this and it’s very important not to
get the air pods wet according to Apple they are not waterproof even though
people have put them through the wash and things and had them come out okay so
you can just wipe it down like this clean off any debris you might have as
much as you can get using your fingers to get into whatever spaces however they
don’t recommend sticking anything in the Lightning port although sometimes these
do get lint in them and you can swab them out one of the recommended ways
I’ve seen a lot of people use is the SIM card removal tool and it’s kind of
dangerous to do that because there’s pins in here you can bend so you really
don’t want to do this aggressively be very very gentle if you’re gonna do that
if you’re not sure about it I would recommend not doing that now let’s
remove the air pods out of here and mine are pretty clean they occasionally have
some debris on them but you’ll see the case itself Apple says do not stick
anything sharp down here but you can clean it with a cotton swab so you could
just down in here clean these out maybe use a little bit of alcohol everywhere
around the case keep it clean that way but to clean the air pods that get
pretty gross from wax from your ears and things like that there’s not really a
way to avoid that you can loosen some of that wax using this with alcohol on it
some of that rubbing alcohol just clean that up and then if you need to get it
out and it’s kind of difficult to remove I would recommend if you have a blast
something plastic with a little bit tip on it this is a spudger that’s used
to work on phones and things like that but these are really inexpensive from
Amazon so in order to clean these you do not want to push on these mesh grilles
you can break through them but if you just move this tip along the outside
edge you can clean out any wax or anything you might have in there you
want to do the same here and here but dude do not push ever into these grilles
you’ll break them you just want to remove any debris gently and then wipe
it away using a q-tip or a cotton swab you’ll see mine are very clean that’s
how I clean these and every so often you need to go back and clean some of the
wax that gets in there you can have the cleanest ears and you’ll still have this
problem also as a last resort I have used this SIM card removal tool I
don’t recommend it unless you have nothing else but again drag it carefully
across this mesh or you’ll poke right through it you just need to be very
careful when you’re doing that so that’s really it if you want to keep these
clean and then disinfect them you can use the rubbing alcohol to do that as
well and that seems to do a good job and that’s really it just maintain them like
that and keep them clean and you shouldn’t have any issues and of course
your audio will sound better because it’s not clogged up or anything like
that so that’s it for cleaning these if you have any other tips or tricks I’d
love to hear what you have to say in the comments below
I have a stain on this and I can’t remove it you’ll see right there so I’m
kind of stuck with that but that’s really it for the most part they’re nice
and clean and disinfected let me know your thoughts in the comments below if
you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for
watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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  1. Idk if my AirPods are broke bc they are super quite or if it’s bc they are dirty there is wax in each little hole of the grill

  2. Let’s be real we know how to clean surfaces, I wanted to know how to clean the actual grill of the earbud and get possible funk out

  3. I have a problem with my right airpod, where the sound seems to come out for the back of the airpod and not from the front? Does anyone know what to do with this?

  4. I dropped one of mine in brownie mix and it got chocolate in it and now it won’t charge because it got in the bottom bit so how will I clean the bottom bit?

  5. Ya but doesn’t lightly rubbing a cotton swab over the mesh (to pick up wax) still push some of the wax into the mesh fibers permanently trapping it?? That’s the crap I’m trying to get rid of – there has to be a way to remove that

  6. Thank Aaron! I think we need another video for the Airpods in which ear wax may have been inside and can't be cleaned with q tips still not sure if there is an easy way 🙂

  7. 1:31 Don’t even do that, just go down to your local Apple store and have them clean it, I am quite sure it’s free.

  8. I just got my airpods today for Christmas and I’m just watching this for further reference 😂 I honestly don’t know why I just hate cleaning my ears 😂

  9. I’ve watched videos using toothpicks any thoughts on using them because I haven’t yet but I need to clean my AirPods

  10. Why do ppl always ask who’s listening with airpods, and for some reason everyone thinks that’s funny, it’s not, who gives a shit…….

  11. I work with a bag printing company, and ink rubs off onto my hands, and now my airpods have a green tint to them, but I can’t find any solution to get it off, thinking about purposely turning my AirPod case green 😂

  12. Small tip: I use mentholated spirit it works just as good if you don’t speak broke either 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  13. Disinfect these with rubbing alcohol and then go in and use a sticky clay substance and the dirt in the speakers will come out. No washing needed.

  14. I used to run my normal cable pods under hot water and then blow through the holes until the sound was clear again. Problem with just cleaning the outside is that the sound progressively get weaker. And that is because either swear or earwax somehow gets inside. Problem is i dont wanna do this with my air pods because i dont know what electronics could get messed up. Has anyone tried this with airpods?

  15. If you’re having audio quality issues use your mouth to blow on the AirPod and it will get way better, may wanna clean it first

  16. I dint care if its "healthy" or "essential" I want to permanently cut down on or get rid of my earwax. Gross! But that's humans for you

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