How To Clean And Polish Your Wheels Hassle Free – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Clean And Polish Your Wheels Hassle Free – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys today I’m going to show you the quickest
and easiest way to clean and polish your wheels. This Tundra has American Force 22 inch polished
Aluminum wheels that have oxidation, brake dust and grime on the surface that is dulling
out the finish. So, to clean it I’ll use Diablo Wheel Gel
with our Ball Buster Attachment to really scrub that off of there and restore that high
shine. To start off, we’re going to load up one of
our Professional Spray Bottles. This is a thirty ounce bottle that has a dilution
ratio on the side and I’m going to add 3:1 of Diablo Wheel Gel. This will give me the right concentration
to clean these wheels and bring back that mirror shine. Now we’ll just add the water. While I’m reattaching the top I’ll show you
a quick trick to prevent creating foam inside of the bottle simply mix it back and forth
which creates the right amount of foam as you spray. The foam helps to lubricate as well as emulsify
any of the brake dust so you don’t scratch but more importantly it is going to penetrate
the surface so we can get as much of that grime off of there for the perfect shine. So now that I have the solution mixed together
I’ll start by spraying it directly on the surface and you can see the foaming action
which is going to help lubricate as we wash so we don’t scratch. It gets in between the spokes and hard to
reach areas which will make it a lot easier to clean. I’ll give the Diablo Wheel Gel a chance to
trap all the grime so we don’t scratch the wheel, in the meantime I’ll grab one of our
Ball Buster Drill Attachments. This is what I’ll be using to clean it, it’ll
make it a lot easier to scrub instead of using my hands. The machine is going to do all the work while
I guide it. Just attach it to the drill and spray a little
bit of the solution on the pad to add lubrication and cleaning power. Now we can start scrubbing but before you
start using any drill or power tools it is a good idea to have some sort of eye protection,
I wear my glasses everyday and this is my eye protection. Also I’m wearing gloves so I won’t harm my
hands but this attachment has plenty of safety features on its own. This sleeve prevents you from grabbing the
shaft so you won’t burn or pinch your fingers. The foam is dense so it can conform to size
shape or spokes giving the perfect shine to insure that all the grime is removed for a
perfectly clean wheel. Now you can see that the lubricating bubbles
of Diablo Wheel Gel have taken care of any of the surface debris now I’ll rinse it off
to check the work that we’ve done. Then we can move on to the polishing steps. Get the drill wet, helps its performance. After rinsing and drying off the wheel you
can see that the dirt is removed but it is still pretty rough and there is a lot of oxidation
and water spots. So now I’ll switch off to a second Ball Buster,
this way I don’t have to stop mid way and clean this one and also now I have a dedicated
cleaning and polishing Ball Buster. Same process, reattach the Ball Buster to
the drill. Now using some Light Metal Polish we’re going
to clean these up and that will take care of any of the oxidation or anything else that
is taking away from the overall look while leaving behind a protective layer of wax which
keeps it shiny for longer. I’ll start here at the bottom just to show
you guys a quick 50/50 of what the Light Metal Polish can do and then we can move on to the
rest of the wheels. You guys can see it has been a huge transformation,
the Light Metal Polish and the Ball Buster took care of the oxidation and water spots
that were in this small section. If there is anything you guys want to see
personally, comment below. We love to read your comments and we try to
make our videos personalized to you guys. If you want to check these products out you
can go to our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I like watching when this guy is cleaning not sure why just seems like he knows what he is doing lol

  2. What can I do to fix the wheels on my wife's car, she has a little curb rash/love on two of them. They are a painted wheel on her ATS V

  3. Looks like the perfect tool for cleaning my 22" chrome plated wheels. Unfortunately, my wheels have a bit of pitting and corrosion. I know I can never get them back to their original condition save a complete refurbishing, so I'm curious as to what Chemical Guys polish you would recommend to bring them back as far as possible?

  4. Nice video it would have been great to see the end result next a wheel that didnt receive the same treatment. After polishing could you have applied some jet seal, sorry my shift keys dont work for a question mark.
    I would like to see a video of you guys waxing and or scratch and swirl correcting THE TOP of a large suv like an Escalade or an Expedition. Also, what do you guys do when you encounter a vehicle with pinstripes or the vinyl looking letters and graphics on vehicles like the dark part on Chargers, challengers, camaros, rams etc do you skip over it or do you just go across it once.
    I'm in the process of starting a mobile detail business. So far I have acquired the following items via Amazon Prime

    TORQ 10FX kit
    TORQ FOAM cannon
    Snow foam gal
    Headlight restoration kit
    silk shine
    carpet drill attachment
    butter wet wax
    vss 16
    jetseal 16
    carpet and interior cleaner gal

  5. im a great CG fan. using it for profesional use. when does this helping tool goes overseas? i mean there's no shop in the netherlands that sell these.

  6. show a video cleaning smaller spoke wheels like the diablo angel wheel. Let's see if that ball buster can get into those tight areas.

  7. Can you guys do a video on an older vehicle that has deeper scratches then most of these newer cars you have? Its great seeing all these products but not everyone has a brand new car with brand new paint to polish. I would be nice again to see you guys clean an older car that has been neglected severely.

  8. Can you do a video on how polish correctly by hand ?? Or do you have one already ??? Welcome back to the detail garage !!

  9. Lookin at the comments only to see chemical guys ignoring all the "What song is that?" questions…. WHAT SONG IS THAT?

  10. Wow those lug-nuts are really cool. I would of loved to see a video of you guys detailing it I'm sure just by looking at the wheels the truck its self it's probably really cool too. Nice video chemguys keep them coming.

  11. I have a set of center line aluminum wheels..that are well oxidized.. will this bring the shine back? I can email you a pic if you'd like so you guys can give me your opinion.

  12. Will this work for black painted wheels? Or is there something else you recommend for polishing them? Mine have some minor scratches from washing that I was hoping to remove.

  13. What can I use to clean the haziness off anodized wheels? I had some clean them with degreaser and it made them really hazy

  14. Hi I have American torque thrust polished aluminium 5 spoke wheels . That had become tarnished and covered in water spots. I decided to rub them down with with fine emery paper and wire wool. And left them a Matt finish. Simply because they're so hard to keep clean and shiny. Do you think your mops could polish difficult 5 spokes .
    Thanks James

  15. How do you wash off the dirt and grime after using the ball buster? Just rinse it off thoroughly and air dry?

  16. is there any way to polish forged wheels to a mirror finish? seems like in this video that the rim still has some scratching and staining where the polish was used

  17. This hurts to watch…
    Why didn’t you clean the wheel? You don’t polish paint without washing the car first! Why would you not clean the wheel before grinding in the brake dust?!?!

  18. Hi. How did you get those spiked lugs for tundra when the tundra stud too short ? I can’t find these ET spiked lugs for my tundra. What did you do please tell me. Thank you

  19. So I have 20×10 -24's on my truck but they are american truxx matte or satin black wheels how would you go about cleaning and detailing these wheels as I do not believe they need polish

  20. I would like more info on the Tundra’s rims with the spikes. I’ve been looking for that type of spikes for my Tundra.
    Also do you all sell the products used to wash, clean and polish the rims in a package.

  21. Do you guys make a small ball buster for motorcycle wheels to reach the spokes behind the brake rotors and sprockets so they dont have to be removed every time?

  22. Ok, I’ve been critical of your guys stuff however this looks really good. I suppose their should be a kit to buy ? I’m gonna get one if you do. Impressive results.

  23. An actual really close up would be nice to show the true finish that was left. like a 6" shot. Also a side by side comparison would enhance this video to really see what's going on otherwise. Anything that was "polished" looks good from 5 feet away.

  24. Can you buff and polish wheels I’m curious because I see some scratches on my wheels they are also painted someone please let me know before I mess them up any more

  25. I have 24×12 fuel forged wheels. And bought the exact stuff used in this video…. … this stuff is the real deal. My wheels look brand new and feel super clean, and smooth. I recommend these products to anyone with forged wheels…. great job chemical guys…

  26. I bought heavy duty metal polish and it didn’t give me the shine I once have unless I’m doing something wrong here

  27. What do i use to clean chrome wheels ? I want to wash them, clay bar them, and add a sealant or wax …? What products should i use ?

  28. Hey guys, do y'all ever do boats? I have an OD Green aluminum Jon boat that has some oxidation on it and I'm wondering the best way to clean and polish it. Thanks.

  29. I polished mine but after a couple of days there are stuborn watermarks again which is a pain for me to get it of days after days..

  30. I'm assuming you'd have to polish the face mostly by hand? I can see the ball buster gets the lip easily but I never see you guys do the face of the spokes tho.

  31. I would love to see an easy way to clean and polish my wheels that I recently bought from someone. They have a welded imitation bead lock on them so it’s non removable on a 20×10 XD Diesel full chrome wheel. Lots of holes to clean and polish so it’s one of the most difficult things I’ve seen. If I had a picture I’d be able to show you exactly how bad it is. But I love the wheels so I want to be able to do it an easy way.

  32. @chemical guys. I have a couple pictures of some wheels would you be able to help me out with what steps i should take on restoring them

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