How To CLEAN and Restoration of Faded Black Plastic Trim!

How To CLEAN and Restoration of Faded Black Plastic Trim!

welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
this is going to be the first of many episodes of my summer detailing series
it is summertime the Sun is nice and your car needs to look good too so I
figured since I owned a professional detailing business back in college
why don’t I share those tips with you guys today we’re going to do the first
episode of this series which is refreshing the trim on your car the
black trim around your car can get oxidized from the Sun and it can lose
some of its black colors so there’s some things that you can do to keep those
things from deteriorating further and also bring back some of that black full
color to make your trim just look new again all the products today that I use
in my video guys I’ll share in the description box below with some links of
those products so you guys can pick those up if you’re interested as well
all right so the first product that I’ll be using is the Maguire’s back to black
there are several other black trim products or trim products that you can
buy but McGuire’s back to black is something i has used for a long time and
this bottle has honestly lasted me about 5-10 years now first I’m just going to
be using on a new clean microfiber towel that is dry putting a little bit of
product and then rubbing it across the trim make sure you spread it even and
then if there is any extra that is laying on there please be sure to wipe
it off with the other side of the towel that is clean so that way you don’t need
any streaking on the trim the next part of the card I’m going to
work on is the side skirts you can see how faded the black trim is so using the
Maguire’s back to black definitely brings it back keep in mind though if
you’re not satisfied with how the shine has come back after the first
application feel free to put on a second coat this is one of those restoration
projects that you know after the first time it might not be completely back to
its brilliance so be sure to apply several coats if necessary Oh one zebra stored your trim I like use a
product called 303 aerospace protect two one clean up any of the streaking and to
also add another layer of UV protectant to the trim to make sure that shine is
staying around for a long time so thank you guys for watching today
this is the first episode of the detailing series like I had mentioned
please be sure to watch out for the next several episodes that I’ll be putting
out weekly and if you haven’t subscribed please make sure to hit that subscribe
button and I will see you guys next time

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Let me know what you guys want to see next in my detailing series and on the civic in the comments below!

  2. Id love to see some interior detailing particularly dealing with stubborn carpet and upholstery stains. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Jimmy, didn't know you made YT videos. This video showed up in my recommended section, I've been watching a lot of detailing videos lately lol. I saw on your channel you are/or already did swap everything over from your integra to your EK? I'm going to have to binge watch those videos and catch up on details. Few months back I wondered about how things were going with your integra and couldn't find you on facebook anymore, thought you may have just deleted your account. I know a lot of people who have. I just sub'd to your channel so, looking forward to your future videos. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I subscribed a while back after watching the first episode of the hatch project. But i honest to god didn't notice you live so close to me, lol. I'm from Circleville. Do they still have car meets up around that area? I use to run around up to speeds and value city, but the cops eventually put a stop to that.

    Your uploadsquality is great man, keep it up. If you need anything for an ek, let me know. I'm in the process of building a coupe right now for autocross, and I'm sure i have parts laying around you could find useful.

  5. nice video man, I'm in college now and was thinking about starting a detailing business myself, do you have any tips you could share? btw nice Civic, I have an integra and I love it

  6. im stuck in a dillema i dont know wether to keep my black trims or to just get them painted red to match the rest of the car

  7. Love your vids. Quick question the product you use in the vid is Mothers Back to Black but the voice over quotes Meguiars Back to Black. Please confirm as I have Civic 99 Coupe with similar trim condition. Keep up the goog work. I have today subscribed.

  8. Doesn't it attract dirt ? I live in a windy place and it tends to attract dust, is there any way to fix this issue ?

  9. Back to Black looks awesome and is super fast and easy to do, but in my experience it lasts basically only until the next wash..even a heavy rain, and with rain it will streak and leave a residue on your paint.. Really horrible water and chemical exposure in my area though. What kind of longevity do you get with that protectant spray over it versus without? I'm thinking of trying a CarPro ceramic dedicated trim coating as I love their paint coating, or maybe the Ammo version. Do you have any experience using a similar trim coat product?

  10. Would that also work for the interior, as well? I bought a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, & the interior of some (if not all) of the plastic, has loss it's color & shine.

  11. Vaseline. buff it in with a microfiber. you know you're done when the surface no longer feels greasy. for longer protection clean area with vinegar and hot water prior to application.

  12. In case those plastic got scratch (my b pillar) how can i fix it? Maybe wet sand?
    Btw greeting from Thailand ๐Ÿ˜€

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