How to clean the air in the interior and vents from cigar and tobacco smells fragrance

How to clean the air in the interior and vents from cigar and tobacco smells fragrance

[Music] We are here to give you a quick example on how to use HD order Eliminator it’s very simple and very easy but it’s something designed to
eliminate not mask any of the smells and sense that are unwanted in your vehicle such as cigarette smoke or dog odors
it’s very simple turn on your vehicle when you’re start the treatment take and lightly spray it into your vents for your air conditioner wipe off any excess material make sure
you don’t push the valve too hard down when you spray into the vents because it has a lock on it to make sure that it stays
open for when you doing the rest of the vehicle you wanna take a turn your air
conditioning on to a low setting – on air recycle take HD Odor Eliminator place in the center and the vehicle on a
towel click and lock it down it’s not going to stain the ceiling, its not going to stain anything in a vehicle it’s going to recycle throughout to get all the smells out you to roll up their windows and
close the doors and you wait till all the chemical has been removed
from the can. The eliminators recycling to the interior the vehicle
it’s going down through the vents its going up out of your conditioning vents and
it’s eliminating any that smell smells get stuck inside all the air
conditioning vents and we’re actually eliminate all of those ok now that odor Eliminator has been used fully actually allow one to two hours for it to be undisturbed you want to go inside
and turn off the ignition but give it about five minutes after the
Fogger has got through turn off the car & close the door leave it undisturbed for about two hours
roll down your windows for about 30 minutes that or remove all of the
neutralizing Scent that is left in the vehicle and your ready to go! [Music]

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  1. good product. recently used it on my wife's car after smelling like baby formula and of course her stinky ass feet. after a month and a half it still smells as the day I sprayed it just not as strong

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