How To: Convert a Traxxas Slash 2WD to a Monster Slash!

How To: Convert a Traxxas Slash 2WD to a Monster Slash!

What’s going on guys? Today we’re going
to show you how to take a box stock ordinary two-wheel drive Slash and turn it
into this a Traxxas Monster Slash. The Monster Slash conversion has been done
before it’s not our ideas but we felt inspired to kind of put our own twist on
the Monster Slash so I’m going to show you what parts we use to make this and then
we’re gonna take it outside and show you some other running footage. So the first
things that we added to the Monster Slash are proline trenchers they are 2.8 inch tires
pre-mounted on black wheels with 12 millimeter hexes. Quick edit in it in the
video after a little bit of trial and error we found a wheel setup, an offset
setup, that we liked better than we had previously recorded. So let me tell you
what we’ve done on the front of the two wheel drive slash the offset for the nitro
rears is the offset you want if you tried the electric rears the offsets a
little shallower and what happens is the tire rubs on the suspension arm in the
front locking the whole tire up and it doesn’t spin freely
so you need the nitro rear offset to have that extra clearance and there’s no
rubbing it works really well. For the rear though you can use the electric rears or
the nitro rears but the electric rears because the offsets not is as deep the
rear end actually ends up being narrower than the front end so if you use the
nitro rears on the front and the back of the two-wheel drive Slash it ends up being
dialed. With the taller tire now we need to move the body up a little bit so
we’re going to use Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts
This system includes front and rear body mount this package is specific to the Slash
two-wheel drive and Pro-Line offers these mounts for other vehicles as well. Now
lastly what we’re gonna do to this truck is add in a Sidewinder SCT ESC and
1410 Motor combo it’s the 3800 KV motor it’s gonna be
perfect for two cell on this rig and it’s waterproof as well. So those are our
parts, let’s get building. All right guys we’re ready to tear into this truck
and start wrenching we’ve got our tools and we’ve got our tires here out
of the package so let me just dive right into this and start swapping tires. Alright so we’ve got the tires on that
was really easy and painless and you can tell that the tires being on stalled it
just makes a huge difference. Alright, so those tires make this thing look super
aggressive. The next step that we’re gonna do we’re gonna raise the body
using our extended body mounts so we’re gonna put the front on first you need to
kind of remove the two screws that are behind this front shock tower and
they’re a little bit tricky to get to you just want to pull this front shock
tower back a little bit the plastic flexes really well so let’s go ahead and
do that. Now we’ve got our body mounts on there
and they are secure. We have the posts down very low with only five holes
showing in between the top brace and the lower brace there. Let’s put the body on.
That looks pretty darn awesome right there.
Alright guys next step for us is the Castle Sidewinder SCT ESC and then
we’re gonna put the 1410 motor inside but first let’s tear out the electronics
that we’ve got inside this slash to make some room for our new electronic, shall
we? On our receiver here channel 1 is gonna
be for the the servo for steering so channel 2 is what we’re gonna disconnect.
Gonna pull the plug straight up off the receiver now we’re just going to unwrap
the wire out of this receiver box and that’s it, get the motor. Ok motor is out
the pinion gears being held on with a 1 and a 1/2 millimeter set screws so you
need a 1 and a 1/2 hex to take out that set screw pulls right off. I’m gonna set
the Traxxas motor aside. Let’s open up our castle box and there we go. So I’m
gonna use the same two motor screws to attach this motor in there and then
once the motor is inside and fixed to the motor mount then I’ll put the pinion
gear on and make sure it is adjusted correctly. So we’ve got the pinion gear on the motor
I’m going to set the gear match really quick. Throw the gear cover back on. Let’s pull out the ESC our Sidewinder SCT, here it is here’s our Sidewinder a really
nice ESC these things are great units all sorts of different RC applications.
Now the stock speed controller actually has ears where it mounted with two
screws we’re not gonna do that instead, I’m gonna use some ProTek Double-Sided
sticky tape and we’re just gonna stick the ESC right on the side of the chassis. Alright the last thing we need to do
here is just solder on a connector. Alright guys just as a preliminary
fitting we put the body on we haven’t soldered up that connector yet but we
noticed that the body is rubbing a little bit on the back tires and it
looks like a little bit of trimming needs to be done here on this wheel well
area so we’re gonna cut that up and make sure there’s no rubbing. The Monster
Slash is all complete guys our ESC has that freshly soldered connector all we
need to go do now is drive it but before we do there’s a few notes that I want to
point out. Previously we mentioned having to cut out the rear wheel wells, the
fronts need a little bit of trimming as well right here in the corner on each
side. Also in all the running footage you see of this truck we’re using a two
cell LiPo battery pack we are not using the included NIMH that Traxxas provides.
Also, this is really important, we up the size of our tires and wheels
originally they were 2.2 now they’re 2.8 we did not change our gearing. Now typically some sort of gearing swap may be needed when changing to a bigger tire or wheel size because it changes your roll out it affects the gear ratio a little bit. So
what we’re going to do is use our trusty ProTek Temp Gauge
and just check our temps to make sure that we’d fall within the safe
zone if we do not we’re gonna change our pinion gear. Right now it’s got a 16 tooth pinion and a 92 spur gear, I believe. We may drop that pinion gear down to a 15 or 14 if
temperatures are too high. If you do this conversion I recommend you do the same
and use a temp gauge to check your temps or just change your gearing. The last
thing that I want to point out for you guys is that AMain Hobbies has how-to
videos on how to set your gear mesh, on how to calibrate your Castle ESC and then
lastly how to solder on a connector those are all things that we did to this
truck that we did not cover in this video so if you need help on any of
those topics go check down below in the description box I will put links to all
of those as well as links to all the products that we used on this truck you
guys have any comments or questions you want to make go ahead and leave that
down below thank you for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it now
let’s go drive this thing

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. When you mentioned the nitro rears were you talking about the desperato nitro rears? thats all i find. Also thanks for the video! my plan for my slash now lol

  2. hi, did u test the temp after run? using 2s or 3s? stock gearing? i m interest to convert it as yours too

  3. Do you know how to Fix ANY RC Vehicle? You seem 2 know what your doing. I have an E-MAXX Brushless Truck. With it ALWAYS Braking I have never really had tooo much fun with it. 🙁 ALOT Of Money to buy parts for it, and ALOT of Time learning how to fix it myself with NO Help. What can you tell me about the E-Maxx Br That I have?

  4. I just bought the castle creation motor and esc. But didn’t realize the motor shaft diameter is 5mm and the one on this video is 3mm. So my stock pinion diameter is to small and doesn’t fit the castle shaft. Can I still use this motor and just get a 5mm pinion and will it fit with my stock spur? Please help !!!

  5. don't waste your money and time converting this Slash to a monster truck. I tried myself. you will end up upgrading the whole car. get a true 1/8 scale instead.

  6. what i want to know is about the fitting, becuse the hex is biger in front on the 2 wd then on the back do that make any diffrents for the install? What if i just wanted to get the 2.2 size what will fitt?

  7. the front tires stick out more than the rears right ? so to get a even look i can order the same as the front nitro proline trenchers for the back ?

  8. Although this castle creation set is for a monster truck build Because of the size of tires. Can I still use it if I choose to go with the stock tires and rims? Well i get more speed Because of less tire weigh?

  9. By doing this conversion you run the risk of breaking traxxas bits & you can no longer buy traxxas parts online from amain!
    Anyway Good video,you explain shit really well!

  10. Set my Slash up like this. Only a few differences. First I used VXL-3s system. I upped my gearing significantly. I'm running a 86T Crown gear and a 24T pinion. I also installed a fan onto my ESC.

    With the original tires the slash is almost uncontrollable. With the new ones this thing is a beast. I do reccomend switching up your shock oil for a bit more stability.

    My next addon for this truck will be the Proline FloTek body and roll cage(for bashing) and a Desert Eagle body( for show)

  11. If I were to do this with proline bad lands instead of the trenchers, would you still recommend the same offset? Ie nitro rear offset for both front and back?

  12. I am doing this on my slash 4×4,but do I have to trim he body if I were to raise the body more than you did to yours?thanks

  13. Where did you get that rear bumper I was told they dont make a rear bumper for a 2wd slash and I been all over the net looking cant find one

  14. Question bro. When I do anything slightly beyond granny driving the front tires track off to the right.

    It is not the servo or the age of the car. My Slash is brand new.

    The one thing I noticed is the servo saver has a click in it once I realize the tires aren't tracking straight.

    Basically if I grab both tires and move them I hear a small click them the tires track straight again.

    Until it happens again.

    I am at a loss.
    And want to ask you if you have had this happen to you. If so. What have you figured as to what's happening.

    Any help is great help 👊😎

  15. There isnt as much power with the monster truck conversion obviously with that esc but if u keeo the original slash out of the box with the sidewinde kit it has alot more power and alot more speed if you wanna keep the monster truck kit there then heres a good gearing ratio 62 teeth spur gear and 16 teath pinion

  16. Lol for some reason I started thinking of things to make with a 4×4 traxxas chassis while watching, what about like a monster 4 tech lol.

  17. with all the caster these two wheel drive trucks have. You got to be careful with large tires. It can be hard on the steering components.

  18. I did this set up with out the pro line trenchers I used a cheap set of 2.8s and they ballon so much that it rubs even with trimming do the trenches have that problem?

  19. It definitely needs a 14 tooth pinion ! I have the 2wd & 4×4 done Monster. Much more beneficial in 4X4(especially in winter) It goes almost anywhere. The 2wd…Not so much. Put 2.8 paddles and skis in front on 2wd! Then you will have an AWESOME snowmobile in the winter!

  20. I’ve noticed this has become a trend. I’ve done it too, just I have a suspension lift instead of a body lift

  21. Hey A-Main question for you. Can you recommend one step down in tire size that what is shown your video. I want to upgrade my son's and my 2WD Slashes buy he wants a little tire than you show he.

  22. Finally all my parts came in and I’m gonna throw this together tonight I cannot wait to see how it looks in person

  23. Great Vid thank you. I did last week to my 2WD Slash. One thing I did differently was on the pro-line body mounts I used the rear poles in front and the front poles in back. This allowed me to get the front end level with the back end and because I raised the front a little higher I did not have to do any trimming on the front of the body. My truck look INSANE!

  24. Hi, awesome instructional video. I was wondering if the stock brushed motor would still work with the bigger tires? . And did you check your temperatures? Were you running 2s battery?

  25. I dunno why but the monster slash looks ugly as sin with the SCT body. Got the J-Concepts BAJR body for mine and it looks so much better and open wheel wells allow you to lower they body mounts and lowers the Center of Gravity so that it wants to drift instead of roll.

  26. Will this work with the nitro slash? I may have missed if he said that. Im new to nitro RC and trying to figure out if I want the TMAXX or the nitro slash. The slash has more speed than the TMAXX but has less clearance for off road. If I can lift the nitro slash up a bit like this guy does in the video I think I've made my choice. Just making sure these parts he is using will work on the nitro. I appreciate any help or suggestions..Thanks!

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