How to Degrease and Clean an Engine Compartment with Jax Wax Products and a Couple of Quarters

How to Degrease and Clean an Engine Compartment with Jax Wax Products and a Couple of Quarters

We are at the car wash today to talk about How you can clean and detail your engine compartment for just a couple of
quarters If you’re like me You used a solvent based cleaner like Gunk I had a 56 Chevy Truck and went to degrease the engine And some of that splattered on the inner fender walls So I had to repaint them With our Jax Wax Super Citrus product you won’t have to do that I am going to show you how to do it in just a few easy steps The first step is to take your Jax Wax Super Citrus and put the sprayer on stream Start at the back of the engine compartment And work your way across and back towards the front. The reason for that is is you get any dribble you wil be able to use the product Continue spraying the product coating the surface Work your way all to the front. Now the next step is there is a lot of little nooks and crannies here so we want to get over to the side of the car and again start at the back and work your way to the front. This way we are getting nice even coverage Getting all those nooks and crannies on the engine Now put in some quarters And put in high pressure rinse That is all you need to do Just rinse go back and forth and all the grease grime and dirt falls off leaving a nice clean surface. Shut hood and rinse the outside of the car’surface The next step is to take Jax Wax Shine All water based dressing While it is still wet put the sprayer on stream And apply the Shine All over the entire engine compartment It looks like a mess But don’t worry about it. Apply the product from all three sides Just like you did with the Jax Wax Super Citrus covering all those nooks and crannies getting a nice even coverage Now we are done. Shut the hood and we are going to get on the freeway and go about 3 miles. When When we get back we are going to open the hood and see what it looks like Well we just left the car wash went on the highway for about 3 miles and now we are back at the factory. Now let’s see what this looks like. As you can see all that Jax Wax Shine All water based
Dressing has dissipated And has coated everything nice and even including all the rubber plastic and vinyl and looks like brand new It’s that easy. If you have any other questions visit us at or give a call at 877-7JAXWAX

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  1. Brilliant! And here I thought I would have a harder time doing this. I'm assuming this would work just as well for the undercarriage?

  2. BS, every manual will tell you NO WATER IN THE ENGINE BAY. All belts, electrical connections, fuzes, battery terminals, alternator. No way! Unless you cover all of these with a plastic foil to protect them from pressure washing, but not like in this video!

  3. Probably a good idea to not use a pressure washer in the engine. Just use the water that's coming out without pulling the handle.

  4. Just tried it, didnt work as good as I wanted it to, but it did clean a good portion of my engine bay(especially those hard to reach spots), If i had a small brush i probably could of cleaned it better but I couldn't find it, you probably get like 1 1/2 uses per bottle rather than 4, atleast with my engine bay I definitely had to use more than what was used in the video, the all shine smells like straight bananas, Would say i'd buy it again if it was cheaper.

    TL;DR – You'll definitely have a cleaner engine bay, but don't expect it to do all the work for you. I'd recommend a small brush for the dirtier areas.

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