How To Detail A Brand New Car! – Mustang GT – Chemical Guys

How To Detail A Brand New Car! – Mustang GT – Chemical Guys

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today, I’ve got my buddy Joseph to help me
out. He just got a brand new Mustang and he’s going
to go over a few things that he wants to take care of because as we all know, a brand new
car sits on the lot and it gets kind of contaminated. Joseph just picked up this Mustang and he’s
going to go over a few thing he wants to take care of so he can get the overall look. So, Joseph, why don’t you tell us about your
Mustang.Alright, so this car right here, a 2018 Mustang GT, with a performance pack. I fell in love with this color the moment
that I saw it advertised. It’s called Orange Fury.It has a beautiful
depth to it, but most important to me, whenever the sun hits it in a certain light, you see
that gold flake really come out. The nice iridescent pearl. I know we have the perfect products to really
bring that out. Now, with this car, I have a lot of plans
for it, but first step is bringing it out and getting rid of all this contamination and fine surfaces scratches that you will see. Though it’s brand new (only had like 5 miles
on it), it’s been sitting at a port some place for a long time. Second thing is it’s been sitting on the lot
going through all kinds of different weather. You might have a little dew in the morning,
so you’re getting a lot of contamination and it’s going to require some clay to get everything
off that’s on there previously. I’m just excited to get this car dailed in
and where it needs to be. Absolutely. He brought up a good point there. A new car has to go different kinds of customs. It goes through transport, and then it sits
on a lot where it collects a lot of dirt and debris and that takes away from the overall
look and feel of the vehicle. So, what we are going to do is we’re going
to wash it and then clay it to really inspect the paint because even though this thing is
brand new and it was detailed at a dealership, not knocking anybody’s dealership,
but they are not exactly as in depth as they would be in a Detail Garage or with any real
detailing enthusiast because they want to get these cars done as fast as possible so
they are not quite up to par as if you did it yourself. There’s going to be fine scratches and swirls
and there’ll probably be contamination and other things that were overlooked so we’re
going to give it the love it deserves using Clean Slate and this is going to strip away
any of that adhesive that was on the vehicle or any other kind of old wax or grime that
was sitting on the surface so that we can thoroughly inspect it. Joseph, let’s get started with the wash. We’re going to use our Foam Blaster 6 today. You got yourself this handy little nozzle
here. Start by rinsing from top to bottom, then
we can actually get into the in depth process of washing this baby. Excellent, sounds good. Let’s do it. Nailed it. Alright, so after rinsing down the vehicle,
we’re going to attach the Foam Blaster 6, which is one of our foam guns and like I mentioned
today, we are going to be using some Clean Slate. This is going to help strip away any old grime,
wax, dressing, and anything else that was on the vehicle to reveal a factory finish. So, what we will do is add a couple of ounces
to the gun itself, right? Is there something funny going on over there? There’s always something funny around you,
Nick. Not sure that’s a good thing. Just a couple of ounces and then we will reattach
the top and we are also going to set up our buckets. If you want to get started on that and I will
get this finished. So, what is that you’re doing here? Always have to go with the Dirt Trap, right? Dirt Traps are going to help prevent any of
that dust and debris that’s coming off the car going back on the car causing light surface
scratches and swirls, so Dirt Traps are definitely mandatory. Mandatory? Always for me. No option. Dress code, huh? Always. What about the soap? We’re going to do one wash and one rinse? Yes, let’s go ahead and do that. Which one would you like? Let’s go ahead and do this one because it’s
green and it kind of matches. Now, real quick, let me interrupt and say
how much I love the Foam Blaster 6 and here’s why. Here’s why. Rinse, connect. So that;s what makes it very easy with this
product. Really, incredibly simple. Sorry, didn’t mean to steal it. No, no, you can have it now. You can take care of that. So, what you’re going to do is soap down the
vehicle, foam it up. You don’t need a pressure washer. No need to change hoses or anything like that. It’s all in one convenient little package
and you can use it basically anywhere you have running water, right? Yeah, and something else that’s really cool
that a lot of people don’t realize is — oh, you broke it! No, it’s not broken, Nick, because now I can
go to nice little horizontal spray, or vertical spray. I’ll show some of that stuff off when I get
to it. Impressive. So, are you ready? So, now we’re ready to move onto the actual
scrubbing process of this vehicle. As you can see, it’s not that thick snow foam
that you’re used to, but Clean Slate is not actually a foaming soap. All it’s intended to do is strip away old
glaze, sealant, and wax as well as any of grime and that’s why Joseph was thoroughly
rinsing the vehicle to get as much of a the loose dirt and anything else that was on the
surface off the vehicle so we don’t scratch it. Now, you saw that this vehicle is brand new,
so it’s not exposed to a whole lot of contamination, but still, we are going to be very delicate
so we don’t scratch the surface, and then we are going to go into the clay process so
we don’t damage the finish. So, Joseph, we will activate the suds here,
and then we’ll move onto the scrubbing part. Then, we will take inside so we can dry it. We’ll do a special dry so we don’t harm the finish and get this car looking its best. One thing that I would like to point out that
you’re seeing on a lot of the cars out here is whenever we go to the back of the car,
you’ll notice that black plastic, it’s like a gloss section- try to be careful around
that section as that plastic is very easy to scratch. Just as a headsup. Mustang guys, Challenger guys… they know
about that fine plastic that scratches just by looking at it. I like that you pointed that out though, for
you and everyone else. My mom always told me, touch with your eyes
as we went into a place with antiques. I didn’t know what that meant until now. You look like a guy who would go to an antique
shop. I love antiques. Really? The more you know. So, now, you’re activating the suds. That’s what that was. This is a brand new wash mitt for you. Your brand new car deserves a brand new wash
mitt. This one’s old though, so I’m going to use
this one. Get a little water on there and kind of prep it, just like you’re prepping a pad. This water feels so good right now because
it’s kind of hot outside. Is it? Doesn’t feel that bad to me. Some of us work outside all day. Yeah, I wouldn’t know what that feels like. I like this back and forth that we have. Me too.I love it. A little duo. A little Greg and Terry action. I like that. So, what we’re going to do is start at the
top. Always start at the top. Let me go over here. I’ll start over here. You can take that side. Yeah , I guess so. Ok, yeah, linear motions. How was your 4th of July? Really good man, I wore this shirt for the
holiday spirit. God Bless America is all I got to say about
that. Is that why you got this car? A nice American car. American muscle, man. Actually, my fourth Mustang that I’ve owned,
so always been a Mustang guy. Really? Yeah, love ’em. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about your
Mustang buddy. Performance package, so you’ll notice the
more aggressive spoiler, upgraded Brembo brakes, I mean overall I really like how it’s dialed
in. I have big plans for this car. Such as? Big, big plans. This water feels so good. I almost want to take it to the elbow. Something tells me that’s not the first time
you’ve said that. Yeah, but no, a
good amount of performance upgrades. I have some Roush products that are coming
through. So, this will be that least video that she’s
in this condition. This condition? Yeah, this brand new immaculate condition? Yeah, this current state. You got any plans to whip this thing around
or anything? No, I’m 41, Nick, so it’s more about the maturity. You don’t look it, though.Thanks, Nick. You look like you’re like 56. Oh, wow, ok, alright. So, I just want to apologize for all the noise
you’re hearing. We are outside, obviously, so that’s going
to be noisy, but also, inside of the Detail Garage, we’re working on a special project
car that’s going to be an upcoming video so you guys just stay tuned. Alright, so Joseph just finished rinsing down
his Mustang and also you may have noticed that we had the gas cap open. That’s something that we don’t normally mention,
but we do constantly wash inside of there because everything like grime and dirt sits
in there and also when you rinse down the vehicle, you’re going to see all that water
and dirt run out of there. So, just a real quick shot: we washed it,
rinsed it out, and now it’s going to look its best. Factory finish, right? Yeah, I think it looks great. So, now, we need to actually dry the vehicle,
so what we are going to do is take it inside and just do our regular drying process. Is that fine with you? Yeah, that sounds fine to me. Looking forward to it. Let’s dry it up. Alright, let’s do it. So, we’ve brought the Mustang into this noisy
garage today and what we’re going to do is actually dry it. Joseph doesn’t want anyone to touch his vehicle
except for me and this nice soft plush towel, so he’s going to be using the Air Blaster
here and that’s basically going to be a touchless way of drying your vehicle and it’s also
a great way to get the water out of crevices and little tight jambs where it would sit
and then run off when you drive away, so this way, you get a perfectly dry car. And then I will be using the Woolie Mammoth
towel which is a very plush towel with a silk edge so it’s not going to induce any scratches
or swirls. It picks up any remaining water and it’s also
just a very soft towel so we’re not going to damage the vehicle in any way. Now, after that, we did mention that we are
going to clay bar the vehicle using a light clay bar because even as we’re seeing it here,
it’s very fine, little contaminants on there. Just little stuff on there that we want to
get off before we do the next step in our detailing process. I hate to stop this fun train of detailing
that we have going on, but today, that’s where we’re going to stop it. Tune in next time where we actually polish this Mustang to reveal
a factory shine and then we’re gong to seal it to protect it from any kind of UV rays
or harmful contaminants. So guys, if you liked this video, be sure
to give it a thumbs up. Give some love to Joseph. He’s here in our Detail Garage, Los Angeles. Come say hi. If you want to learn more about these products, you can either talk to him, or check it out on our website and we will see you guys next time, right
here in the Detail Garage.

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