Welcome to the Detail Garage. Today we have a special Halloween episode. We have a 1958 Plymouth Fury but this isn’t
any ordinary Plymouth Fury. This is Christine. So Christine is one of two remaining screen used cars. This was actually in the movie. If you remember the scene with Moochie Welch
when he’s trapped in an alley, this is the car that ran him over. The current caretaker bought this car right
after the movie came which was lucky for him because they had a junkyard full of these
that had the spare parts that he needed to fix this one and make it look right. The actual hood, bumper, fenders and all this
trim is actually from different Christine’s. So the ones that were in the movie that had
the evil spirits in them are all now trapped inside of this one Christine. Moving along the way, lets check out the interior. Since this wasn’t an interior shot vehicle
it actually had white seats but one of the prop men actually went ahead and re did the
red interior for the current caretaker to make it look right. Beautiful stainless steel trim down the side
it has this texture. Moving on to the back it has these big beautiful
fins that showcases that 1950’s Art Deco style. It has a lot of chrome. These bumperettes that mimic a bullet. These taillights have that turbine shape back
to the aerospace design. This beautiful red just pops it is something
you don’t see everyday. What’s nice is that it has the contrast between
the red and the white top and this black really shows the evil spirits inside of Christine. We’re going to start by cleaning her up and
looking right. Lets get started. Now the first step to any detail is the wash
process. I’ll be using EcoSmart which is a waterless
wash solution. Most people would like to see this car foamed
or a traditional bucket wash but since this car is almost sixty years old we’re not entirely
sure if the seals are going to hold up and we don’t want to cause any leakage. So all you have to do is shake it up to mix
the wax, clay and solution together. Spray it on the surface. Then using your favorite microfiber towel
just start wiping it off. I’m going to go with the Black Happy Ending
Towels. These are great because they’re super plush
so it won’t add any scratches and also it’s edgeless so we reduce the chance of scratching it. Before you use any towel you want to make
sure you take off the label. The label can scratch so this is just a precaution. Wipe in one direction picking up all the fingerprints
or dust that it has. So Christine has been sitting in a museum
for the past six months so its accumulated a bit of dust and from being pushed around
it has fingerprints. You can see the amount of dust pulled off
already. It comes off nice and easy with scratching
the paint. It’s important when you’re wiping down any
vehicle whether you’re wiping off cleaning solution, drying your car, polishes or waxes
that you go in straight lines. This way, say you do pick up something such
as a stick, rock or contamination that can scratch the paint, you’re not going to create
swirls by going in circular motions. A swirl is a lot more noticeable than a line
scratch and it’s also a lot harder to remove. So EcoSmart is good for cleaning off any dust,
debris or fingerprints off the paint but it also works on chrome. Same process, spray it on and then with your
towel buff it off. The chrome gets a lot of fingerprints and
dust because if you ever have to move these cars around indoors you have to push them
around. So from being in the museum it has a lot of
hand prints and fingerprints all over it. So now that I have the back half looking right
I’m going to finish off the rest of the vehicle that way I can see what we’re actually working
with underneath all the dirt. So it’s an interesting little fact that in
’58 all the Plymouth Fury’s didn’t come in red. It was only a Beige color but for the movie
Christine was painted red to show it had passion, this fire and evil inside of it. So I’ve just finished off Christine’s exterior. Now I want to show you the versatility of
EcoSmart. You can use it got paintwork, glass, chrome
and also underneath the hood. Underneath the hood you have polished valve
covers, painted air cleaner covers and all kinds of stuff that is dirty that can be cleaned
using EcoSmart. So I’m going to toss this towel out and grab
a fresh Happy Ending Towel. This way I’m not smearing any of that exterior
body dust all over the engine bay. Since I don’t want to get a lot of over spray
I’m going to spray the towel directly and the exposed areas. So if you guys grew up watching this movie
like I did, I saw this movie when I was eight years old and when I was eleven years old
I bought it on VHS because I like this movie so much, you notice things about this car
like in the opening scene all the Plymouth’s have these gold painted air cleaners and then
when Arnie has it it actually has chrome air cleaners. Just little subtle touches that make her different
from all the other cars or Plymouth’s at least. Christine is supposed to be a top end model
that has sport package extras like power brakes and power steering but when I was driving
it in I was wondering why the steering was so heavy and it’s because if you look down
here it doesn’t have a bet on the power steering pump. So when you’re detailing your engine bay it
not only makes it look better but it’s a good time to look for leaks or cracks. Maybe you have a cracked belt or missing belt
like this one does also any radiator or oil leaks that are spewing all over the car making
it look worse. I’ve just finished washing and drying Christine
using the EcoSmart. It took care of all the light dust, fingerprints
and grime that was on the paint. Now I’m looking at the paint and I can tell
there are some minor imperfections, light scratches and swirls that I want to take care
of. Usually with a polishing job you want to clay
it first but this car is in really great shape. There is no embedded contaminants and the
paint is really smooth. A car that doesn’t sit outside a lot but in
a museum or garage it’s not going to get things embedded in the paint. To polish it I’ll be using V4 All-In-one Polish
+ Sealant and a white pad. It has a micro abrasive that is going to even
out the clear coat, get rid of those scratches and leave behind a layer of sealant to give
paint protection and more shine. So as I mentioned I’m going to move on to
the polishing steps. Over here I’ve got my TORQ 10FX and a White
Pad, this is basically a final polish pad. I’ll set that on the machine. It has a hook and loop Velcro backing plate
that will keep it on the machine. Also I’m using V4 All-In-One Polish + Sealant. This is a micro abrasive polish that has sealant
to give you shine and protection. Shake it up and I’ll apply five dime sized
drops to the Hex Pad. The five dime sized drops will ensure that
it has enough compound or polish to break down over the surface and get this paint really
shining. I’ll also spray the pad with Pad Conditioner
and this helps reduce friction which causes marring. Blotch out the product. Then on the lowest speed setting just spread
it out in a nice even layer. On the highest speed setting you’ll do the
polishing. So once you’ve worked in the polish it’ll
go clear and then it’s time to buff it off. Using a clean Green Workhorse Microfiber Towel
gently just going back and forth no circles. It takes off the product nice and easy. If you noticed while I was polishing I was
covering about fifty percent of my last pass. This is so you get a uniform polish and when
the shine is magnified there is no marring or Zebra stripes. Also I forgot to mention that there are some
minor scratches and swirls but there are also some imperfections in the paint. This obviously isn’t original paint but it’s
also not fresh paint so it has some bubbles in the paint and areas where it is failing
so we’re going to avoid that so we don’t peel the paint off. So I finished of the bigger areas and larger
panels but there is some more intricate areas like in between the Plymouth lettering. I’ve changed out my five inch backing plate
to a three inch backing plate with a white pad. This is going to help me maneuver in here
without damaging the emblem. So I’ve just finished polishing Christine
and the shine looks amazing. It came in with a little bit of oxidation,
scratches and swirls and by using V4 All-In-One Polish + Sealant I was able to take care of
that giving it the ultimate shine and protection. Moving on to the chrome pieces and stainless
steel there are some fingerprints, dirt and oxidation that are dulling out the whole look. I’m using Light Metal Polish. It has cleaners that will gently remove any
fingerprints and oxidation of the chrome, stainless steel and aluminum and it will add
UV protection and from future oxidation or rust. Just shake it up. I’m going to use a gray applicator because
I have designated these for metal. It can be used on bumpers, hubcaps, exhaust
tips and anything else that is chrome, polished or aluminum. I’ll apply a few strips. Blotch it out. Work it into the surface back and forth in
straight lines. Just gently wiping back and forth. So you just want to work it back and forth
in straight lines and it is gently going to remove fingerprints, oxidation or surface
contaminants while leaving behind a layer of protective coating. So now that I’ve thoroughly worked the Light
Metal Polish into the surface I’ll buff off the excess. I’ll be using these Red Line Microfiber Towels,
they are great because they are plush and since they have this silk-banded edge it’s
not going to create any scratches or swirls. So now Christine’s bumpers are shiny and protected
it has that just waxed look, I’m going to jump on the back and the exhaust tips to get
her looking right. So now we’re moving on to Christine’s interior. We want to clean up the dashboard, it has
a glossy paint finish. The vinyl seats we are going to clean it and
protect it that;s why we’re going to go with InnerClean which is an interior quick detail
spray that is safe for any vinyl, rubber, plastic, painted surfaces, glass, navigation
screens, gauge clusters and more, it is going to clean it and protect it in one step. To avoid cleaning up over spray I’m just going
to spray my towel. Then I’ll wipe the surface gently and it’s
picking up all the fingerprints, dust, debris or anything else on the surface. InnerClean is going to clean up all the dirt,
debris and fingerprints while giving it a protective layer without adding any shine. As the last step of the detail on Christine
we want to wax it. Now wax is going to give it more shine but
more important more protection against UV rays because red is one of the easiest colors
to start fading and dulling over time. Christine chose to go with Lava. She wants a high shine with a rich glow to
really bring out the red. Just open the pot and using an applicator
we’ll get a little on it and start blotching it on the surface. With pretty much any wax or coating you’ll
want to work it back and forth in straight lines giving an even coat. This way it will come off nice and easily
giving a uniform shine. Lava is a rich carnauba based wax and if you
notice I’m putting on a thin even coat, this way it’ll come off easy when I take it off. Also the thinner the coat the better the bond
to paint while also using less product. One of the best parts about working here at
Chemical Guys is everyday I have the opportunity to work on something cool like movie cars
such as Christine. Being a kid who grew up watching this movie,
it takes me back to simpler times and it’s like meeting a celebrity and people say you
shouldn’t meet your hero but I have met my hero here and I’m not disappointed. So after letting the Lava sit on Christine
for about ten minutes I’m going to start buffing it off. I’ll be using these sixteen by sixteen White
Monster Edgeless Towel. They are great because they are very plush
sit it will pick up all the product without leaving any streaks and since it has a laser
cut edge there is no fear of installing any new scratches or swirls. Gently put it on the paint and wipe back and
forth in straight strokes no circles because if you pick up any contaminant you can start
creating swirls which is a lot harder to remove and a lot easier to see. Before I had mentioned that putting on a thin
even coat comes off nicely. You can see I’m not putting a whole lot of
effort into wiping off it just comes off real easily. Alrighty guys I’ve got Christine looking just
as fierce as she actually is. I started off by waterless washing her using
EcoSmart which took care of all the light dust, fingerprints and grime without foaming
the vehicle. Then I polished the car using V4 All-In-One
Polish + Sealant that took care of all those light scratches, swirls, oxidation and any
other imperfections while leaving behind a protective layer of sealant. To finish off the detail I applied Lava Paste
Wax which really brought out the red vibrant color and now you can see it has a really
wet show shine that is unbelievable. So if you want to learn more about these products
check them out on our website If you like Christine be sure to give her
a thumbs up. We’ll see you guys next time right here in
the Detail Garage.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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