How To Detail A Used Car – Tesla Model S – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Detail A Used Car – Tesla Model S – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey Guys! Welcome to Detail Garage. Around the office, the guys have picked up a few Teslas. I got a little bit jealous and wanted to jump on the same road! So I picked up this Tesla P85+! It has 6,000 miles on it, so it’s still pretty new, but I want to make the paint and car itself look a lot better. So I’m going to make this silver car shine! We’re going to do a mini detail I’ll start off with Mr. Pink. I chose Mr. Pink because it’s a great maintenance wash that will give us lots of suds in the TORQ Foam Cannon. Follow along while we foam the car! Now that the car is all washed and shining, we noticed some contamination on the surface. It feels rough to the touch. So we’re going to do a clay bar service. But instead of a traditional clay bar, we’re going to use a Clay Block. I chose the Clay Block because I’ll cover the entire surface a lot quicker while removing the contamination. While using the Clay Block, lubricate the surface with Clay Luber. So now we’ll move on to clay barring! After the clay bar service, I’m going to apply White Light. White Light is a glaze to help conceal any swirls on the surface of the vehicle. You can’t see many swirls in silver paint, and it’s still fairly new, so I don’t need to do any paint correction. I’ll just apply White Light using the TORQ 22D polisher. Now that we’ve applied White Light, I’ll top it with a paste wax. I’ve chosen to apply White Wax. White isn’t just for white cars, it’s for any cars in the light color palette. You can use it on silver, off white, anything in the white realm. I’ll apply White Wax by hand, and it will give up to 6 months of protection and that shine we’re looking for! Now that we’ve finished the exterior of the vehicle, we’re going to move on to the finishing touches. We’re going to use Signature Series Glass Cleaner for the windows and sunroof. It is window tint safe, which is good because this Tesla came with a tinted sunroof from the factory. And it will clean every window with a streak-free shine. Finally, I’ll use Natural Shine for some finishing touches on the tires. I don’t like tires to be too shiny, and Natural Shine will bring back a like-new black look without a wet shine. Now that we’ve finished the exterior of the car and it’s looking and shining great, we want to finish the interior. I’ll use InnerClean quick detailer. InnerClean is great for the interior dashboard if it’s plastic or rubber. We also have two huge LCD screens that we can clean with InnerClean as well. The leather is a light color, kind of in between light gray and tan, so I’ll use Leather Cleaner to clean up the dirty seats since the car was pre-owned. Then to protect the leather, I’ll use Leather Protectant Serum. Leather Serum protects the leather and prevents cracking and fading, and maintains a fresh leather look. That completes our mini detail! You can see this Tesla looks amazing! The silver is really shining, and I can’t wait to show it off to the guys with all their Teslas! So to recap on the products we used today: I chose Mr. Pink and used it with a TORQ Foam Cannon; I used Clay Luber for the Clay Block; I used White Light and applied it with the TORQ 22D polisher; I also used the White Wax; and for the quick finishes I used Signature Series Glass Cleaner and Natural Shine. On the interior, I used InnerClean on the LCD screens; and on the leather I used Leather Cleaner and Leather Protectant Serum. Click the links below so you can find out more information on these products! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you liked it, give it a thumbs up! We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Wow I need to change careers, if you can afford even a used Telsa P85D on a detailing wage, so much for a career in IT.

  2. Hey CG! I'm a full-time student and my job doesn't pay me enough but I'm really interested in the car detailing business and I don't know where to start. I was wondering if you guys offered any starter kits or any special discounts for beginners. Thank you.

  3. +chemical guys I was searching for the music in the min 2.33 can you guys give me the name of it or the soundtrack if u guys don't mind . thanks:)

  4. I nominate Jenn to do all Chemical Guys videos from here on in. A bikini wouldn't hurt either and watch the sales hit the roof. You know i'm right.

  5. Hi, regarding with the interior cleaning – my Tesla seats have both leather and suede – can I still use the leather serum? Also, I was putting on make up in the car and I accidentally put it on the roof interior of my car… what can I use to clean that with? (also suede like material)

  6. 6000 miles on a MODEL that old (TESLA years are like dog years they reinvent the car every few months) very low mileage !!

  7. chemical car guys, PLEASE detail a dirty car, for the love of god, detail what looks like a clean car does not convince me on your products, and I REALLLLLLYYY want to be sold on them.

  8. You should see what comes through my shop.
    Filthy as bad as it gets.
    If I only did clean cars as this one my life would be much better but make less money.

  9. Nice video but it would be good to find the most dirtest car you can find or dirty it yourself and then clean it if your products are that good then it will be no problem but nice video like the comedy in it

  10. Man alive, I applaud you for doing that whole thing with your hair down. I've tried washing cars like that and it is SO ANNOYING!

  11. So to CLAY BAR the Car You need to Keep it as Lubed up as Possible….. But you have a Big FAN BLOWING at her Right that Makes Loads of SENCE I wouldn't let her no where near my CAR she hasn't a Clue!!!!

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